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How to get a rangoli stamp in Google pay

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Google pay’s Diwali stamps were the entire buzz during the festive season where the google pay users got the gift of rs 251 on collecting all the 5 stamps. How to get a rangoli stamp in Google pay ? Still looking for this answer, Lets go and find the answer.

Google pay has a very interesting offer that plays around the Diwali festival of India. It has 5 different types of the stamp:

  1. Jhumka
  2. Lantern
  3. Rangoli
  4. Flower 
  5. Diya

In this, we are mainly going to focus on our topic ‘Rangoli stamp’ and get more information regarding it. But along with it let’s get to know what is google pay?

Google pay is an online transaction application in which you have to add your working bank account and you can easily transfer the payment to anyone in any contact. This is very useful as is this contactless. You can use google pay for credit debit purposes as you use your atm card.

What exactly do you mean when you say “rangoli sticker” in Google Pay?

Google pay has an interesting offer for Google pay users for the Deepawali festive season. According to the offer, the user can scan any Deepawali item like Diya, flower lantern, etc, and collect the stamps to win a cash prize.

How can you get a google pay Diwali stamp?

  • All you need is a Business QR code/phone pay or google pay or Paytm
  • The QR code must be saved to your smartphone.
  • Using Google Pay or a QR code reader, go to Google Pay and capture the QR image.
  • Pay any amount eg.40 rs and get a chance to win the rangoli stamp.

How can you get a flower or Rangoli stamp on gpay?

  • Go to the PayTM app and select the ‘add money’ choice. Then, in your wallet, insert any value, such as Rs 50. You can pay the amount using Google pay or UPI and there can be greater chances of getting a flower or rangoli stamp using this method.
  • Another method to get a rangoli stamp: Go to the Flipkart application on your mobile phone and adds products of rs. 100 or more in your cart. You have to place the order using UPI or gpay there is a chance that you will get a Rangoli or a flower stamp. Also if you cancel the order you will get a quick refund.

The hype about Google pay’s Diwali stamp:

A monetary award is being offered by Google Pay of Rs 251 to the users who tend to grab all the 5 stamps. All you have to do is scan these stickers, purchase festival things, or send cash over Rs 33. A large number of customers are monitoring the trends and giving their thoughts on them.

Methods for obtaining a rangoli stamp in Google Pay:

Are you interested to know how to get a rangoli stamp in Google pay / Google pay Diwali offer / how to get a flower stamp in Google pay: then you have arrived at the perfect place.

In this, you will get to know how to simply get a rangoli stamp on Google play.

Users who un succeed to get a rangoli stamp should use this trick. To obtain free flower and rangoli tips in google pay.

Some of the best tricks to get rangoli and flower stamp:

  • The user should firstly have a Paytm account.
  • Go to Paytm ‘Add money section.
  • Add from rs.35 to Rs.50.
  • Continue with the payment page
  • Choose custom UPI
  • Enter google pay UPI
  • Finally, proceed to make the payment from the Google pay account
  • You will get a stamp immediately 
  • This way make 5 add money
  • Get 5 stamps per add money.

#Method 1.

To acquire a Google rangoli sticker for Deepawali, scan:

This method is suggested by Google itself,

  1. Firstly, Simply open the application google play and Click on order ‘Pizza’.
  2. Next step Click and select the ‘oven story pizza’ option from the food menu bar.
  3. Now, any pizza of your choice and apply the code ‘ GPSTORY’ to get a flat 50% discount.
  4. Complete the procedure of the payment and enjoy your pizza
  5. You will assuredly get rangoli or flower stamps from this method.

#Method 2.

This method is known as the google eat fit method, suggested by Google itself,

  1. Firstly, start with the Google pay application and look on to the food option from it.
  2. Now search on for the ‘eat fit ‘option
  3. Order any amount of food (min 35rs)
  4. According to google’s statement, you will get a flower or rangoli stamp immediately.

#Method 3.

Try at your own risk (google pay doesn’t refund if you don’t get the rangoli.

  1. Firstly, Update your google pay application if it is not updated to the latest version, open the google pay application and tap on ‘ new button.
  2. Search and click on TATA SKY and after that click and select tatasky DTH.
  3. Click on the getting started button and enter your TATA SKY DTH no.
  4. Enter amount rs.35 and pay using Google pay.
  5. When your payment is successful, you will get a rangoli stamp immediately.

#Method 4.

Booking red bus:

This method is known as the Redbus method.

  1. To begin, open the Google Pay app and look for the redbus choice.
  2. Next, book the minimum amount bus ticket.
  3. Choose a date After 15 days.
  4. Proceed with the payment using google pay and complete the transaction.
  5. You will either get a flower or rangoli.
  6. Now apply the trick, open the red bus application and go to my trips and cancel the ticket you will get a refund in 5-7 days in your registered bank account.

#Method 5.

Have a rangoli sticker by adding money.

  1. You need to add Rs 35 or ways to get the Diwali promotion stamp from Google Pay.
  2. Your recharge and bill payments worth should be minimum 35rs.
  3. One will be entered to receive a floral or rangoli stamp if you spend using the Google Pay app.

#Method 6.

  1. Add any product from Amazon or Flipkart with a minimum amount of 55rs or more.
  2. Make the payment using BHIM Or UPI and in the address bar add your google pay address and pay it with google pay.
  3. Making use of this method will surely give you a stamp of rangoli instantly.

#Method 7.

Rangoli sticker in Google Pay with a Unique code for a business:

  1. You need a business QR code(Paytm, phone pay, or google pay)
  2. Download it and save the QR code 
  3. Now go to the Google pay application and scan QR code using google pay or scanner.
  4. Pay any amount worth Rs 35 or more 5 times and get a great chance to win a rangoli stamp.

#Method 8.

  1. Go to the Paytm Application and go to the ‘add money’ option.
  2. Enter any amount like rs.55 or more
  3. Now, on the payment page, pay using gpay.
  4. There can be greater chances of getting a flower or rangoli stamp using this method.

Pros of Google pay:

Google pay has been a very important thing in every working person life it drives a person to be cashless and use more technology –

  • More secure than card or cash
  • Travel friendly without carrying a physical wallet
  • You can use it or ordering anything online
  • Can use it on a large no of android device.

Cons of google pay :

  • Anything with advantages comes along with disadvantages being using a lot of Google pay in a day continuously can stop the application due to technical reasons to save the account from being getting hacked and so when you start using it you may tend to get rid of swiping or paying cash.


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