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How to Increase Productivity of Remote Employees?

How to Increase Productivity of Remote Employees

Remote work is now on trend and it is offering a whole package of benefits. Less use of office space, more efficient work then at the office, less distractions during the work time- the list of benefits goes on. Remote workers waste less time chatting and spend more on the job by keeping the dead down and the fingers out.

A remote team works like an active machine that needs love, care and maintenance to perform well. In this discussion, we will show you how to increase productivity of remote employees so that you get more bang for your buck. Go through the compilation we have made to gain maximum productivity from your remote team.

Escort Team with Great Leadership

Just like you communicate and motivate your team in the office, you have to motivate the virtual team- remotely. Boosting motivation for the remote team may sound difficult, but it can easily be done by encouraging them to follow the company vision and get excited about it. When you will help the team to get excited and foresee the outcome by communicating the vision, your team projects will automatically accelerate and bring in best results in no time.

Catching up with the team via email and measuring their understanding with the tasks is cool, but to ensure real engagement and productivity from your team, you need to do something little extra. According to the findings by Gallup, trust, compassion, stability and hope are the 4 key qualities you need to establish.

Let Your Team Work Together

Whether your team members are in Brazil or in China, you can emphasize on remote employee monitoring software and other communication tools to maintain performance and collaborate their work, worldwide. The continuous innovation in the tech world has driven evolution for many industries and now we have the chance of working together on a global scale.

Remote team communication requires using platforms to discuss and clarify ideas back and forth. There are so many types of platforms available out there and you can utilize one of them. It is important to create a virtual space so that your remote team can form a community bond and communicate whenever they need.

Study by Harvard Business Review suggests that team members tend to collaborate organically when they find a likeness with each other. So, to help your team create a strong bond, utilize both video conferences and calls and let your team members identify each other. Keep in mind that too much communication can be detrimental, so make sure the communication is done only when it is urgent.

Establish Instant Feedback Culture

Just like a machine, your remote team has to be well-oiled so that they can grow and evolve to be a better performer at what they are assigned to do. When you help to increase productivity of remote employees, you help the business grow.

Employee feedback is the secret to maintaining employee happiness, motivation and retention. Feedback helps you to understand their strengths and weaknesses and allows you to find how they can be a better performer.

Interestingly, eighty percent of Millennials prefer to have on-the-spot recognition instead of a formal review. Do not create a bad situation by giving quarterly review, or worse, a yearly review. Instead, provide your team with day-to-day feedback, no matter if it is good or bad.

Use the Right Tools to Increase Productivity of Remote Employees

Human skill is not the only thing that will help you squeeze out the best results out of the team. Take advantage of modern technology like the remote employee monitoring software and make sure all the necessary equipment is within your teams’ reach.

An employee time tracking app will help you to know each employees’ total working time and allow you to analyze performance by showing their productive and idle times. You can also assure their engagement to work as it sends periodic pop-ups to the computers.

It keeps a tab on running apps and web usage, so that you can detect any malpractice and performance degradation, and take actions accordingly. It lets employees work flexible time by pausing the time clock- allowing them to be satisfied at work and increase productivity of remote employees.

Understand the Concept of Availability

People often carry a misconception that remote employees always have to be poised and ready, strictly sitting at the home desk during the work time. Working remotely from home with Wi-Fi does not mean your remote employees have to prove their dedication to the laptop.

You are a successful remote team and culture leader when the team is built around trust, and the workers get their downtime when needed. Remote employees cannot always be available to respond to your email, especially when the team is built around different time zones.

Maximizing remote team productivity does not have to be a costly attempt. Communication is the key to establishing an autonomous team that can produce quality work and hit the deadlines. So, communicate and monitor performance through a variety of channels to increase productivity of remote employees.

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