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How to Manage Good Product Photos?

how to manage good product photos

Are you facing a hard time with your e-commerce business? Do you think you can’t manage your product photos properly as they won’t attract customers anymore?

If yes, then it is the reason for your online presence at the moment and you are definitely searching for some suggestions for managing good product photos for your e-commerce store.

Then you are in the right place here for sure. Not only you but also a lot of people are now in the same situation. They won’t gather any knowledge or recommendation when they are in the starting stage of their business.

More than 30% of people make the mistake of starting an e-commerce business. They think it’s just a process of taking product images and then getting sales on them.

But they don’t even give a matter to product photography, editing, SEO optimizing, conversion rate, and other important online business issues.

There are many online blogs, content, videos available to help e-commerce retailers to go through their covetable success. But the true fact is, not all those are helpful enough to give a priority. And most of them fail because of those fake suggestions.

Why you are here or what brings you here we don’t know, but we have analyzed a lot of articles on this topic and discussed it with experts.

They also agreed that most of the e-commerce retailers lack perfect e-commerce product photography and sharing.

In this article, our main discussing issue is how you can manage your e-commerce product photos and earn a huge profit.

Perfect capture comes first

When we are actually talking about product photos of the e-commerce product business, the first thing we have to give priority to is capturing. Capturing photographs is now very crucial when we have a sophisticated camera with many options in our hands.

Having good photography skills is amazing for an e-commerce product retailer but if you don’t have that, you can easily go to hire a professional product photographer.

Although, whether you have expertise in photography or not, there is some instruction that you should follow when you are going to take product photographs.

Having a good hand in regular photography doesn’t mean you can take impeccable product photographs. It is much more realizing and understanding an issue than a regular photograph.

In regular photography, you may use your friends, nature, or any other subject’s picture, but in product photography, you have to concentrate on a fixed object where your main goal is to reveal the realness of the product to lure customers.

Okay, we have planned a possible way that will help you to ensure a good photograph of your product. If you have ready with all the needed equipment like camera, tripod, lens, a perfect place where you put the products on to photograph, then you can follow these steps here below,

Position the product

Positioning in the right place is so crucial in product photography. Sometimes, there won’t come any good capture because of not fitting the product in a good position.

So, you have to sense the right position for the product. It is better to try all the possible sides testing once and then determine which one shoots better for the product.

Besides, customers would love to see the products on multiple sides. So, you can take product images on various sides and can upload them to your online store.

Pay attention to the background

Yes, the background is the most important issue in product photography to pay attention to. The present trend is to go to keeping white color in the background of the product image. White is a transparent color which helps to show its objects transparency.

When a product photograph with a white background is captured, customers will get the details of the product clearly and it is also precious for showing every single detail of the product.

This is why popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay used to recommend retailers to use the white color background in their product image.

Then, the white background really matters in the e-commerce business. You can add the white background in two different ways in your image. One is adjusting a physical white flat object like white foam, paper in the back of a product in photography time.

Another way is doing clipping paths in product photos. A clipping path is a post-processing editing technique that is used to add or remove background from images.

In other words, it is a Photoshop technique to remove background from images, and undoubtedly it is the most popular photo editing technique at present.

Because of its popularity and demand among product retailers, there are separately clipping path services is outsourced by experts. They deal with e-commerce retailers to make a perfect product image with a clear white background.

Align your artificial light

When you are doing it personally, you must use your own artificial lights to glow the product onto the image. Artificial lights help a lot to adjust the camera focus on the product image and it includes attraction on the product thousand percent more than without light.

You should rely only on natural light because that you won’t get perfectly on your object. Moreover, there are issues of necessary light in some specific direction. With artificial lights, you can do that easily.

Take pictures from multiple angles

product photos 2

It is a complex issue in product photography that sometimes you would fail to have good pictures of some specific product items because of not realizing the right angles.

So, when you are in the personal studio with a camera in your hand, you shouldn’t compromise on discovering the right angle for the product where it looks better than others. Also, you have to share photographs from different angles of the product because customers are always searching for a clear view when they are online to buy something.

You have to ensure that you are providing a full view of the product with high-quality images, if you do so, your customers also love to buy products from your store.

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We have already discussed one post-processing technique which is the clipping path. But there is not only one, product images require so many photo editing techniques to look gorgeous.

For an ideal product photograph with all the possible editing requirements, you have to ensure photo retouching, color correction, shadow effect, dust removal, and so on.

That’s why e-commerce retailers would be more likely to assign a professional editing agency to give the job of editing their bulk product photograph.

All of those points described above are proven to get successful results in e-commerce product photography. Feel free to use those steps when you are at the stage of managing product photographs for an e-commerce business.

Above all of these, you must have to own a camera which is able to capture images with good quality and offers all the camera functions like, micro settings and others. The camera is one of the most important issues in product photography.


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