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How To Pass The Security+ Exam: Tips To Get The Cert On Your First Attempt

The CompTIA Security+ Certification can help you stand out among other candidates applying for IT security jobs. It validates your skills and adds credibility specific to responding to security incidents and mitigating risks. But preparing for a professional certification can be a daunting task. So we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks so that you can create an effective study plan.

Knowledge base and experience.

To be prepared with technical skills such as configuring, managing and troubleshooting networks, CompTIA strongly recommends getting the A+ and Network+ certifications before moving on to the Security+.

Candidates are also advised to have two years of prior experience in IT administration in the domain of security. This ensures that you have real-life experience performing tasks such as identifying threats, detecting intrusions, penetration testing, and performing risk management & risk mitigation.

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Efficient Learning Plan

  • Tip #1: 

Chart a study plan to guide you through your preparation journey. Go over the CASP Certification Exam Objectives. This will be the first step in identifying the course and pit stops in your roadmap. 

  • Tip #2:

Invest in a useful study guide in addition to the official CompTIA study resources and textbooks. Keep checking your progress through the material as you prepare for the test.

  • Tip #3:

Join a Security+ online community to remain motivated and to feel accountable during the exam preparation. A group of like-minded people working towards the same objective as you can help you in getting answers to your questions and some guidance in the form of strategies. 

  • Tip #4:

Sign up for a Security+ training boot camp. It can help you get up to speed with the CompTIA Security plus exam topics and help you grasp the concepts in an easier manner. The training sessions generally include intensive, 3–5 day deep dives into the exam topics backed up by a variety of course materials.

  • Tip #5:

Practice makes perfect. Attempt several practice exams and review the answers to evaluate the concepts you need to improve on. The CompTIA Security+ Certification exam is for 90 minutes long and has 90 questions, so timing your practice exams will help you figure out a strategy and work on your time management.

Note: Beware of using “brain dump” websites that claim to provide actual exam questions. Although there are authorized practice materials that give you a sense of what to expect for the exam, there actual exam questions are not available on the internet.

  • Tip #6:

Learn everything there is to know about the exam. Make sure to review the test policies ahead of time. The key to passing the certification exam is to know as much as possible about the rules and policies. Don’t let any aspect of the examination catch you by surprise. 

Getting familiar with the exam environment beforehand can help you stay focused on what’s important and not waste time worrying about miniscule things. It also enables you to prepare and strategize better. 

Important time Management Strategies

The security+ certification is an A-plus certification to gauge an individual’s skills because it sets forward a set of questions regarding real-life problems within a stipulated time. To pass this exam with flying colours, you have to come up with a plan to manage your time efficiently while answering your questions. Here is a list of tips that you should remember when you attempt the exam:

  • Skip the questions you are not confident about. 
  • To avoid wasting a lot of time in one question, click the “Flag for review” option and come back to it later.
  • Be prepared to answer performance-based questions that involve a task or problem in a simulated environment. Since these are more complex than other standard questions, they tend to be intensively time-consuming. These questions are likely to appear at the beginning of the test, and the clock showing the time remaining is not visible while you are working on the problem. 

Preparing for this exam can take several weeks or months depending on your expertise. It is vital to remain patient and give yourself time to prepare by referring to the best study material & training courses available online. Try to work out a schedule that allows you to revise old topics and put extra effort into the areas that are less familiar to you. 


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