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How to start a career in digital marketing

career in digital marketing

Starting a career in digital marketing can be a very lucrative decision as it is bound to explode in the coming time. As exciting as it sounds, a career in digital marketing may not be a walk in a garden. You must prepare yourself for an extensive academic/industrial grueling. However, if you want to stay ahead of your peers, read this article in its entirety.

There is no scripted path for starting a career in digital marketing. However, laying a foundation during your schooling/college days, you can find the best institute for digital marketing courses, during this time, you will have ample hours to explore this field inside-out through projects, internships, and lectures. You can also learn to implement your theoretical knowledge into a practical application.

During this time, you can use your end-semester for gaining work experience by working for a reputed marketing firm that will help you gain hands-on experience.

During your college time, you can start a blogging website, YouTube channel, or social media page to understand the digital market. Moreover, this will help you find your voice and demonstrate skills to a larger audience. In college, you should explore the various digital platforms and identify a platform that works for you.

Your next step should be a religious practice of using SEO in your content. If you start using SEO tools in your content, at some point, your content will get a push by the search engine, social media, or various channels. Importantly, you will create a back-tested pattern of using SEO tools for your content. The understanding of the SEO tool will help you get leverage in the field of digital marketing.

Once you understand the SEO tools, you can jump onto handling social media. With your expertise and knowledge of social media, you can render your service to your client. It will help you gain work experience and market knowledge.

For an individual, creating content for every social media is impossible. Therefore, one should focus and learn deeply about one digital marketing channel. You should create content according to your social media analytics. You need to understand which content works on your page and replicate it till you have fresh ideas.

Several people switch careers in their mid-twenties or thirties. At this point, several people hesitate to enrol in college. Therefore, you should find some of the best online digital marketing courses to gain academic knowledge in this field.

As you are a working aspirant, you may witness the implementation of your theoretical into a practical application. Moreover, this will help you in understanding various digital marketing terminology in your office. Moreover, a degree in digital marketing will help you grow within your company. Several people choose online learning for promotion and salary hikes.

After spending your initial years in the digital marketing industry, you can venture out into freelancing. With your knowledge of the industry and command of the language, you can reach out to people. An income from digital marketing can help you take off the burden from your salary amount.

Overall, there is no specific time to start a career in digital marketing. You can start your career in this field at any point in time. The demand for a digital marketeer is increasing as the market is expanding. This means you need to learn and evolve to survive within the market constantly

Frequently asked question

  1. Do I need to have immense knowledge of social media?

You need to have some knowledge of social media as it is a vital part of digital marketing. It helps an advertisement to reach a larger audience. Moreover, every social media platform demands a certain type of content. To create this content, you need to understand how social media performs.

  1. Is it advisable to make a career in digital marketing in current times?

It is beneficial for an individual to make a career in digital marketing. Since lockdown, several companies are operating through work from home protocol. It has given a boost to digital marketing thus, creating a demand for digital marketing employees. It is the right time to enter the digital marketing field.


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