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How to Unfollow on Facebook : Easy Ways

Facebook is a platform that allows us to connect with friends, family, and organizations worldwide. However, our News Feed can sometimes become cluttered with posts that we may find less relevant or interesting. Unfollowing people or pages on Facebook is a useful feature that helps users customize their News Feed without unfriending or unliking.

Understanding Unfollowing vs. Unfriending

Unfollowing and unfriending are two different actions on Facebook. When you unfollow someone, you remain friends with them, but their posts will no longer appear in your News Feed. Unfriending, on the other hand, completely removes the connection between you and the other person.

How to Unfollow on Facebook

Unfollowing Directly from Your News Feed

  • If you come across a post in your News Feed from someone you no longer wish to follow, click on the three dots (‘…’) in the top right corner of the post.
  • A menu will appear with several options, including “Unfollow [friend’s name].” Select this to stop seeing their posts in your News Feed.

Unfollowing from a Profile or Page

  • Navigate to the profile or page of the person or entity you want to unfollow.
  • Hover over or click on the ‘Following’ button, which is usually near their profile picture.
  • In the drop-down menu, select ‘Unfollow’. This will remove their posts from your News Feed but you will remain friends or continue liking the page.

Using the News Feed Preferences Tool

  • Click on the downward arrow in the top right of Facebook and select ‘Settings & Privacy’, then ‘News Feed Preferences’.
  • Here, you can access a comprehensive list of people, Pages, and groups you follow.
  • Use this tool to unfollow multiple entities at once. Just click the ‘Unfollow’ button next to the names of the people, Pages, or groups you want to unfollow.

Unfollowing Through the Facebook App

  • Similar to the desktop version, you can unfollow someone directly from a post in your News Feed or from their profile in the Facebook app.
  • Tap on the three dots on the top right of a post or tap ‘Following’ on their profile and select ‘Unfollow’.

Temporarily Mute Posts (Snooze)

  • If you want a break from someone’s posts without unfollowing them permanently, you can snooze their posts for 30 days.
  • Click on the three dots on the top right of a post and select ‘Snooze [name] for 30 days’.

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Benefits of Unfollowing on Facebook

  1. Improved News Feed Relevance: By unfollowing individuals or pages that no longer interest you, your News Feed becomes more relevant to your current interests and preferences. This ensures that the content you see is more aligned with what you find engaging or important.
  2. Reduces Overwhelm and Clutter: Social media can often be overwhelming with the sheer volume of content. Unfollowing reduces the clutter in your News Feed, making your time on Facebook more enjoyable and less stressful.
  3. Maintains Online Relationships: Unfollowing is different from unfriending. You can stop seeing someone’s posts without severing the connection entirely, which is beneficial for maintaining relationships that are important in other ways, such as professional contacts or family members.
  4. Enhanced Privacy and Control: Unfollowing allows you to have greater control over your online environment. It can also be a step towards enhancing your privacy, as you can limit the amount of potentially unwanted content or interactions.
  5. Mental Health Benefits: Continuously being exposed to negative or uninteresting content can take a toll on mental health. Unfollowing pages or individuals that contribute to a negative online experience can help in creating a healthier and more positive social media environment.
  6. Focus on High-Quality Content: By curating your News Feed, you can focus more on high-quality content from friends, family, and pages that genuinely interest you, enhancing your overall experience on the platform.
  7. Reduced Exposure to Misinformation: Unfollowing sources that frequently share unverified or false information can help in reducing your exposure to misinformation, which is increasingly important in the digital age.
  8. Time Management: A less cluttered News Feed means you spend less time scrolling through content that doesn’t add value to your life, allowing for better time management and potentially reducing the time spent on social media.

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Managing Follow Preferences

  1. Regularly Review Who You Follow:
    • Take time periodically to go through your list of friends and pages you follow. Unfollow those who no longer align with your interests or values.
  2. Utilize the ‘Snooze’ Feature:
    • If you find a friend’s or page’s posts overwhelming or irrelevant, but you don’t want to unfollow them permanently, use Facebook’s ‘Snooze’ feature. This allows you to temporarily stop seeing their posts for 30 days.
  3. Customize News Feed Preferences:
    • Use the News Feed Preferences tool to prioritize who to see first, unfollow people to hide their posts, reconnect with people you’ve unfollowed, and manage the pages and groups you follow.
  4. Prioritize Important Contacts:
    • You can select certain friends or pages to ‘See First’ in your News Feed. This ensures that you don’t miss posts from your closest contacts, favorite creators, or most followed pages.
  5. Adjust Privacy Settings:
    • Regularly review and adjust your privacy settings to control who can see your posts, who can follow you, and how people can find and contact you on Facebook.
  6. Explore Interest Lists:
    • Create and follow interest lists to organize the content you want to see into categories. This can help in segregating content based on your various interests, like technology, sports, or cooking.
  7. Engagement-Based Curation:
    • Your interaction with posts (likes, comments, shares) influences your News Feed. Engaging more with the posts you like will prompt Facebook’s algorithm to show more of such content.
  8. Be Mindful of Group Memberships:
    • Groups can significantly contribute to your News Feed content. Be selective about which groups you join and consider leaving groups that no longer serve your interests.
  9. Use Facebook’s ‘Discover’ Feature:
    • This feature recommends pages and groups based on your interests and previous interactions, helping you find new and relevant content to follow.
  10. Regular Feedback:
    • Give feedback on posts you don’t like or find irrelevant. This helps Facebook’s algorithm understand your preferences better.


Unfollowing on Facebook is a straightforward process that significantly enhances your social media experience. By curating your News Feed, you can enjoy a more personalized and relevant stream of content, contributing to a healthier and more satisfying online environment.


  1. Does someone know if I unfollow them?
    • No, Facebook does not notify users when they are unfollowed.
  2. Can I refollow someone after unfollowing?
    • Yes, you can always go back to their profile and follow them again.
  3. Does unfollowing affect my friend count?
    • No, unfollowing someone does not affect your friend count as it does not unfriend them.

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