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How you Can Grow Your Money with Upcoming IPO

Upcoming IPO


The IPO market in India is currently reviving hopes for investors wanting to cash in on companies to grow their wealth. And rightly so. Financial experts believe that investing in IPOs can be an excellent opportunity to invest your money and let it accumulate for the long run. And regardless of what your long-term goals may be, the best reason to invest in an upcoming IPO is to partake in the company’s growth in the coming years that could skyrocket your initial investment and rest on the company’s growth laurels.

Let’s look at what you need to know about IPOs and how to grow your money with the tidal wave of upcoming IPOs your way.

  • Understand the mechanics. Before you invest in an upcoming IPO and commit your personal finance, you need to look under the hood and the psychology behind IPO events. 

For one, what does it mean when the company is going public? Typically, it shows that the company is transitioning from private ownership to public. So, suppose you hold a brokerage account with a well-reputed, full-service broker and have sufficient funds in your account. In that case, you can easily invest in the company and participate in its success. 

You may also want to note that every IPO has its own story, risks and rewards, and the opportunity of winning or losing. However, if you take the long-term view, returns from IPOs may spectacularly outperform the market, depending upon the company.

  • Be active and informed. Remember to conduct due diligence when researching IPOs to become a well-informed investor. If you believe that an upcoming IPO is priced reasonably and is likely to lead to growth forecasts, it can be a good idea to invest in it.

Several people who jump in on the IPO bandwagon merely react to the buzz around the company name and may not have done adequate study. But when it comes to investing your hard-earned money, you need to be sure that the upcoming IPO you plan to invest in has solid financials and excellent prospects. 

  • Know why the company is going public. A company goes public because it needs investors like you to purchase shares in the company and invest in new products and services. In some cases, it can get tricky to receive objective research on companies set to go public. That’s because they may not have analysts covering them nor enough data on them.

To find the right upcoming IPO to invest in, you will need to search online for information on the industry’s overall health, company, competitors, financing, press releases, and other relevant information.

  • Analyze the prospectus thoroughly. Never skip scouring through the prospectus of an upcoming IPO. It may not be an exciting read, but it holds critical information regarding its risks and opportunities and how the company will use the money raised from the IPO towards its endeavours.

Also, remember to go through the projected accounting figures thoroughly to understand the company’s future earnings outlook.


Investing in an upcoming IPO that has the potential of hitting big and becoming successful can work wonders for your investments. But, it is essential to sift through the rabble and find the right upcoming IPO with the most promise.

When dealing with the IPO market, you need in-depth information from an award-winning brokerage company. ICICI Direct offers you trusted and well-informed research and data that can allow you to have your finger on the pulse and execute the right investment decision.


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