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Instagram Stories – the main way to advertise on the Internet

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All companies that sell their products or services buy ads. This can be a variety of advertisements, such as billboards in the city, pop-ups on websites, or flyers. All of this is designed to increase sales and build people’s interest in their product or service, but these methods do not always work. The most effective way of advertising today is Instagram Stories.

Those who work in the field of PR and marketing know how powerful this social network is now.¬†Instagram is not only used for advertising but it can also be a source of information for email marketing. That is why instagram scraper is also a very important tool in growing one’s business. In this article we will tell you why the Stories format is the best way to promote your product.

Social media as a platform for advertising

Today, almost all people in the world use social media on a daily basis. It is impossible to imagine the day of a modern person without scrolling through the news feed, watching videos and chatting in instant messengers. That is why everything related to profit is now concentrated in social networks.

In the context of the coronavirus crisis, many people were locked in their apartments, which further linked their lives with social networks. Bloggers point out that they are less likely to buy Instagram likes during lockdown. Consequently, advertising of all companies moved to social networks because there they can find the widest audience.

Now we can see a lot of ads on all social networks because users actually click on links and are interested in different products. Bloggers also like to place advertisements of companies on their profiles because it brings them a lot of income and if they have problems with account statistics, they can buy likes on Instagram and rise to the top.

Why Stories is the best format

Despite the fact that each user scrolls the news feed and views posts, not all posts are seen. Unfortunately, sometimes algorithms work against some accounts and they may not raise your post to the top of the feed. The only effective option in such a situation is the Stories format.

Of course, someone can object by saying that the main site in terms of popularity is now TikTok. However, there are many more teenagers and young people on this service than adults who are ready to make large purchases. In this regard, TikTok is not suitable for the role of the best platform for advertising. Probably in a few years, when the target audience of TikTok grows and receives a stable income, this social network will also become an ideal way to promote your business.

Now, as a rule, all users first of all look through all Stories and then move on to other publications. Therefore, if you place an advertisement for your product in this format, then most likely it will be seen by most of your subscribers.

Probably the most convenient way to place an advertisement is to write a large text post accompanied by a bright picture, and then post this post in Stories. Your subscribers will be able to see such a post, tap and go directly to a large advertising post. Also, if someone doesn’t watch Stories, you win too.


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