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IRFC IPO Allotment Status :Click here to Check

Irfc ipo allotment status
Irfc ipo allotment status

Irfc ipo allotment status will be available from January 25th 2021. If you want to check if IRFC shares allotted to you or not. Follow this simple steps to check your irfc ipo allotment status here.

IRFC IPO Allotment Status : How to check?

Have you applied for IRFC IPO? If Yes, then you are definitely looking to check if the shares are allotted to you or not. To check irfc ipo allotment status one should follow this simple steps to check your status.

There are two ways you can check your irfc ipo allotment status :

  • You can visit the registrar of this ipo/ Lead manager for this ipo.
  • You can visit this BSE website page where they show allotment status of ipo’s.

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Steps to Check your IPO Allotment Status in Linkintime :-

  • Click here to visit the registrar Website Linkintime.
  • Once You Show IPO Allotment Status page Select IRFC Company.
  • Enter your Pan card and application number.
  • Click on search Tab.
  • If shares allotted to you it will display the allotted shares to your Pan / DP ID.

IRFC IPO Allotment Status in BSE IPO Page: How to Check?

Irfc ipo allotment status can be checked in BSE IPO Allotment page. Follow this simple steps to check your ipo allotted shares.

  • Click here to visit BSE Website.
  • Choose IRFC company in the company menu.
  • Enter the Details like Pan card, Application number, DP ID.
  • Press Search tap to show your results.
  • If you got allotment, It will display the total allotted shares in the display bar.

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Hey friends! You might have heard about a lot of models of NBFC. But today I am going to tell you about an interesting NBFC model. In an NBFC the company lends money further and it gets a net interest margin on the same i.e. it earns interest.

This is directly linked to risk. The risk of non-recoverability of money from the party is there. But have you heard about a model where an NBFC lends money and the party that returns it? it is Indian railways. The associated risk with the recoverability of money is zero. It does risk-free lending. We are going to talk about it today. If you want to check irfc ipo allotment status follow this steps.

The name of this company is Indian Railway Finance Corporation. This company is going to bring its IPO in the coming days. We are going to discuss this in detail. We will tell you about the business model and the pros and cons of investment. After this, we will talk about the financials of the company. At the end of the article, we will discuss in detail the important dates associated with the IPO.


If we talk about IRFC in detail, then let me tell you that it is called a dedicated borrowing arm of Indian Railways. Railways need containers, bogies, and new trains for expansion. For this, they will incur capital expenditure. For this expense, some railways have a budget while they have to lend the remaining amount. The lending requirement over here is fulfilled by Indian Railways Finance Corporation whose IPO is coming recently.

This company gives its money to Indian Railways for its Capex requirement i.e. for expenses. The money given to them is returned by the government. So the lending risk is almost zero. Here we will talk about net interest margin i.e. the difference between its expense and money lent. This profit is called net interest margin.

Big NBFCs have a high net interest margin as they give their loan in risky assets. The net interest margin of this company is around 1.5% as there is no risk associated with their lending. IRFC also lends money to other railway entities. An interesting thing over here is that in the entire NBFC sector this is the first public sector NBFC company that is going to get listed in the stock market in the coming days.

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IRFC IPO Financials :-

Now let’s talk about the financials of the company. Let’s discuss the revenue/profit (and trend) in recent times. Here we will talk about two parameters. First, we will talk about revenue. Alongside we will talk about Profit After Tax (PAT) i.e. company’s income. In 2017 (As on 31 march 2017) the company had total revenue of Rs.. 8,000 cr. While in 2018 the company’s revenue increased to Rs.9,268 cr. In 2019 the revenue of the company rose from Rs.9,000 cr to Rs.11,000 cr.

While on 31 March 2020 the company reported a revenue of Rs.13,421 cr. The revenue of the company in recent times has seen consistent growth. Year on year the revenue of the company has increased consistently. The profit of the company as on 31 March 2017 was Rs.921 cr. In FY 2018, 2019, and 2020 the company made a profit of Rs.2,049, Rs.2,254, and Rs.3,000 cr respectively.

From here you can understand that both company’s revenue and profit are continuously increasing in recent times. While we see the company is making a consistent revenue and profit till 30 Sep 2020 i.e. half year. We can see this trend continuing in FY 2021.

IRFC IPO Financial Ratios :

Now I will talk about the P/E ratio of IRFC. Its P/E ratio is 6.6. The normal P/E ratio of the NBFC sector is 17. (As compared to) This means that this company’s P/E ratio is not too high.


Now let’s talk about Return on Equity. In the last few years, this company has maintained a Return on Equity at 13%. This can be considered a great number. The net profit margin of the company is 25%. Whenever we talk about the NBFC sector then NPAs are really important. You would want to know the NPAs of this company. As I told you that this company lends money to the Ministry of Railways entities. Following this, the company has zero NPA i.e. no NPA.

Now I will tell you another interesting number. In the last three years, the company’s revenue has seen more than 15% CAGR growth. While the profit CAGR growth (last three years) is more than 50%. These numbers tell that the company has given an outstanding performance in recent years to its investors. IRFC IPO Allotment Status

IRFC IPO Strengths

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of investing in this company.

  • The first pro is the company’s remarkable financial performance in recent years. Besides this, the margins of the company are also quite decent and can be considered healthy.
  • The second pointer in the pros section is that this company is Government’s NBFC company with zero NPAs. Also, the company’s credit rating is quite good. If we combine all these points then we see that the cost of capital of the company can be really low. The company will have to incur fewer expenses for raising the money.
  • Here let’s discuss the government’s policies. The third pointer emerges from here. In recent times high-speed corridors are in talks (that will be made in the future). Following this Ministry of Railways needs financing. Over here if the Ministry of Railways needs financing then this company will receive a direct benefit. Whenever we talk about expansion then besides new corridors there is expansion possibility in existing railway routes. Besides this, the business of the company has a complete monopoly i.e. if the Ministry of Railways needs funds then they will come to only IRFC.
  • This company is heavily supported by the Ministry of Railways. Assume that some asset of this company is damaged which leads to a loss. In this case Ministry of Railways takes ownership of the loss and saves this company from it. Hence the risk of this company decreases.

Risks for IRFC IPO :

  • Now let’s discuss the cons of this company. The first con is the dependency on the Ministry of Railways. They have only one client on which they are entirely dependent. Government policies affect them. In recent times if there is any change in the government policies like privatization then we can’t predict the impact on this company. We can see that the whole dependency of this company is on the Ministry of railways.
  • The second con is the recent adverse impact of covid on Railways (just like on other Transport facilities). Because of this growth in this sector stopped for a brief period. In emerging time we will have to see how growth will be there. Because if there will be growth in Ministry of Railways then opportunities of this company will increase. How these opportunities will increase and this sector grows after Covid will be known in near future.

IRFC IPO Tentative Dates :

Now, let’s move to the third part of the article where we will talk about the important dates of the IPO i.e. the important figures that are worth your knowledge if you are planning to bid. First, I will talk about IPO bidding dates. The bidding will remain open from 18 January to 20 January 2020. You can bid for the IPO in this time frame. Irfc ipo allotment status


The IRFC IPO Allotment date is 25th January 2021. Investors can check the ipo allotment sttaus on this date by visiting our site.

The total IPO size is Rs.4,633 cr. Out of the total IPO of Rs.4,633 cr, there are two components- Fresh issue (new funds for its business) and offer for sale. The quantum of fresh equity in the entire IPO is Rs.3,088 cr. While offer for sale is Rs.1,544 cr. The lot size of this company is 575 shares. You can do bidding between Rs.25-26 per equity share. For bidding for a single lot you will have to block an amount of Rs.14,950. One can check your irfc ipo allotment status here

In the retail category, you can bid on a maximum of 13 lots. The promoter’s holding i.e. Government of India ownership is100%. But after this IPO their ownership will fall from 100% to 86%.

So this was our article on the entire IPO where we discussed the company’s business. Here I will again want to tell you that this company is an NBFC and it lends risk-free money. There is no risk undertaken by the company. The net interest margin of the company is 1.5%. As there is no risk hence its return is 1.5%. Recently the company has given a great overall performance. I hope that you liked the article. IRFC IPO Allotment Status


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