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LG TV Remote Features Must Know

lg tv remote

An LG TV remote can be extremely useful. There are many features that can make your life easier. Here is a list of some of them. Learning, Voice Mate, Activity Keys, and SimpleSet are just a few of them. You can even use your smartwatch to control multiple LG TVs.

SimpleSet feature

The SimpleSet feature on LG tv remote enables you to configure the SimpleSet feature according to your region. To do this, you need to press and hold the corresponding key for three seconds. When successful, the LED on the TV will blink twice. There are five regions: GB/Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and all other countries.

If the SimpleSet feature on your LG TV does not work, try the hard reset method. This requires the remote control and TV panel. The hard reset method is not recommended by LG as it will not work on all models. The soft reset method is also not as reliable as the hard reset option.

To use the LG ThinQ app, first launch the app. You can find it at the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. Click on the icon that looks like a house. Then, choose the option that corresponds to your LG TV’s input. Alternatively, you can also use the LG TV remote to change the input.

The LG TV remote has buttons to turn it on, change channels, access the menu, and change the display source. If the remote is lost, you can still switch on your TV by pressing the power button and holding down the channel and volume buttons. However, it may take some time before you’re able to change the input.

LG TV Remote

The LG TV remote has an Activity Keys feature to enable you to control multiple devices with the remote. This feature allows you to assign different buttons for different activities, and it can even copy functions from other remotes.

Activity Keys

If you have an LG television, then you’ll want to look into the Activity Keys feature on your TV remote control. The feature allows you to program the remote to control different devices, such as your Blu-ray player and set-top box. You can also copy functions from other remotes and assign them to different buttons on your LG remote control.

With the Activity Keys feature, you can use gesture control to adjust volume or change the channels on your LG Smart TV. You can also use your voice to control the volume and enter text messages. If you don’t want to use a remote control, you can also use your phone’s microphone to control the TV.

Another useful feature is the parental lock, which helps you block certain television programs. This prevents your children from watching shows or movies that have inappropriate content. However, it can be turned off by entering a four-digit password, which is set by default. The default password is “0000”. Using this code, you can easily remove the parental lock on your LG television.

Voice Mate feature

The LG TV remote includes a feature called Voice Mate, which allows you to operate your webOS TV by using your voice. To use this feature, you need to connect your Magic Remote to the LG webOS TV and speak the operation. When you’re done, you can press the Voice Mate button on the Magic Remote to see the results. This feature is only available in some countries.

To turn off the Voice Mate feature, go to the LG TV remote’s settings menu. Choose the General option. Then, click the “User Agreements” tab. If you’re not comfortable with this feature, select the “Disable” option. Then, turn off the Voice Mate feature and restart the TV. This feature will no longer be available to you.

Another voice guide feature on the LG TV remote lets you speak the instructions to your television. This feature works with Google Assistant and Alexa. If you’re blind or visually impaired, you can use this feature to ask the voice assistant what you want to watch. It also works with streaming services. It works on both Android and iOS devices.

The Voice Mate feature is convenient for switching channels, but it can be a nuisance if it interferes with your viewing experience. If you don’t want to hear instructions and commands, you can disable the Voice Guide feature on the LG TV remote. You can do this by pressing the Settings button on the remote. This will take you to the LG TV settings menu. Here, you’ll find the Accessibility settings.

There are several features that make using the Voice Mate feature on the LG TV remote even easier. For example, you can ask the Voice Assistant to change channels by speaking the search term while pressing the button. However, this feature is not entirely convenient as it requires you to memorize a few commands.

Learning feature

The Learning feature of LG TV remote allows you to customize your remote control to do more than one activity. For example, if you use a DVD player, you can designate a different button for this purpose. You can also copy functions from other remote controls to the LG TV remote. The learning feature of LG TV remote will keep you from having to switch remotes all the time.

The remote works with all models of LG TVs. It is guaranteed to work with most of them, and the Learning feature lets you use your mobile device as a remote control. It also has all of the common functions of LG televisions, so you won’t have to worry about figuring out which button controls which function.

The One For All universal remote is not only compatible with LG televisions, but also works with other electronics, such as a Blu-ray player and DVD player. It can also control gaming consoles, home theaters, and streaming devices. It has the capability to control up to eight devices at once.

After setting up your LG device, you can connect it to the LG remote using its universal interface. In order to make this happen, you need to know the product codes of your LG devices. You can find this information on LG’s support pages. Once you have the code, you can connect your remote to the device.

Using the LG TV Plus app to control the TV

Using the LG TV Plus app to control your TV is simple and free. It can be downloaded to your Android or iOS phone. The app is designed to replace the traditional remote control for your television. It offers all the functionality of a hand-held remote, with the added benefit of being compatible with most Android and iOS devices.

Once installed, the LG TV Plus app pairs with your smart device and lets you control the TV remotely. The app works with the television’s built-in touch screen and allows you to move the pointer around the screen to select different options. However, the app’s functionality may be limited when you are using it in external input mode. Also, the app may have different features based on your region or operating system.

When using the LG TV Plus app, you can browse channels, view schedules, and more. The app lets you personalize your viewing experience by letting you access channels and settings on your phone. The main screen of the app offers controls for volume and channel selection. Other features of the app include a search bar and the ability to share content with friends.

Download the LG TV Plus app to your Android or iOS device. Make sure your device is powered on before using the app. Once installed, the app will begin scanning for compatible devices and your Smart TV should automatically be detected. Once it finds your LG TV, you should be prompted to complete the pairing process.


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