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Little Things – New Characters Make This Series Better


Overview: Little Things Season 4

Little Things Season 4 Download is an exhilarating show on a number of levels. A happily cohabiting couple in their late twenties navigates the pitfalls and ups and downs of approaching adulthood, contemporary relationships and even finding themselves in modern Mumbai. This romantic drama features some of the best actors from Mumbai in some of their finest acting roles to date. A lot of the dialogues are beautifully written, adding a human element to what would otherwise have been quite a dry script.

Little Things Season 4

The first season

The first season of this crime thriller saw a number of twists and turns that many TV viewers were left wondering how the story would end. The second series of the little things season 4 picks up where the first left off with a twist that is both shocking and endearing. The lead character, Sameer, is thrown into the deep end and faced with a plethora of personal problems that are intertwined with a major corporate scandal in India. This leads to a number of high profile people falling out of love and the team trying to sort out a way to save themselves. It also leads to a number of romantic sequences which help the story to grow in pace and direction.

The third season

The third season of the little things series sees a new detective added to the cast. Ravi Teja is an engineer who solves crimes and also happens to be a friend of Sameer. This relationship blooms when Ravi realizes that he has feelings for Sameer. When a series of murder mysteries fall in the city, the team is called in to assist the cops with the case. They are asked to help Sameer solve the case while also saving Mumbai from any further attacks by terrorists or anyone from the mafia.

The new season (4th)

The new season of the little things series is no different than the first season in terms of quality. The premise of the show is still about solving cases but the team is now bigger and more well rounded with some supporting characters. The storyline moves quickly but each episode ends with a bang which makes it worth watching no matter how many times you watch it. The first october episode of the new season was just fantastic, focusing on the case at hand and the chemistry between the main characters.

The next few episodes are all directed towards the central characters and the story which was excellent in the first part of the show. The new season four cast is also great with Ajay and Sameer as well as Manish Malhotra. The story is not as adventurous as in the first season but it is just as thrilling and the fighting scenes are just as good. The eight episodes of the new season of Little Things is directed by Mahesh Babu who did a wonderful job directing the show in the first two seasons.

The story is centered on the rivalry between two brothers, Sehgal and Shahal, who run a jewelry shop. Shahal is the more aggressive of the two and wants to take control of Sehgal’s business but turns out to be too ambitious. He tries stealing from Sehgal’s store but is stopped by his friend Saleem. The two then get into a struggle over who will manage their business. In the final episode, the two finally decide to work together. It turns out that they have to share their profits in order to buy back the store but this leads to them falling in love with each other.

The story is a typical little things season four like in the first two seasons. There are new characters too which make this a great watch. The story is told through the point of view of the main characters who all behave in real life like they do on screen. The romantic relationship between the two main characters continues and the story is also about their personal lives. The romantic side of the story is probably one of the best parts of the third season as compared to seasons 1 and 2.

Closing Notes

This is also a great season to watch Little Motors as it picks up after the end of the first season where there were so many unanswered questions left. In this second season, we still do not know what happens to the mother of Sehgal as well as why Saleem is still working with his associate. The mystery behind the kidnappings is also not answered but this does not prevent the show from being hilarious every time it comes on. Each episode is just like the last episode and brings about laughter from everybody who watches it.

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