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Mafia 2 Cheats review and guide for Gaming lovers

Mafia 2 Cheats

Mafia 2 Cheats -The sequel to the best-selling game in the Mafia also happened at a time when gangsters were cool, alcohol was something you could smuggle in and everyone was wearing cool hats.

Money and Guns

Gun Shop – For easy money and free guns rob a gun shop. Don’t pull the trigger as the owner of a fast-paced grocery store will kill you before you get a chance. Instead, push him into the box, and if you go to the back of the counter and push him into a corner, you can use the combo almost immediately Mafia 2 Cheats pc. You can then loot the register and take as many guns and ammo as you can. Exit the store before the police arrive and you will not get the required level. Registration is usually $ 600- $ 700 dollars.

Clothing Store – Run inside and push the clerk, and then rob the register, usually valued at $ 120. If you steal each type of clothing it will be stored in your closet later. After all before the police arrived to prevent the required level. If the police arrive before you go out, hide behind a counter and kill the police, when the police are no longer in the area, steal a new outfit to reduce your desired condition and leave the store.

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Bruski junkyard – Drive any car to Bruski’s dangerous area, use a crusher. There is another car parked nearby, you can use it to smash that car and even use it to find another car, when you come back the car will be reborn. Each car / truck you crash earns about $ 400. You can run to the police to get you out of the car. Get the cops out and smash their cars.

M1A1 Machine Gun Mafia 2 Cheats pc- Get the 4 star rating and police will have M1A1 Machine guns, kill police officers and take a gun.

Repairing a Lazy Car Any home garage

If a car stored in your garage is damaged by pressing the X you can repair it to perfect health there without driving to a mechanic Mafia 2 Cheats.

A Simple Pedal To The Trophy Of Steel

After being shot by Greasers in a built-up area

Start backwards the way you want and then PUT it down. Sit next to the bridge and that should protect you from being hit.

Hold the Car but Hold the Owner …

Wherever someone repairs a smoking car.

When you find a car parked by its owner trying to fix the engine, put the car in the police station (the car is locked and the police should not follow you) and as you start the car the owner will run and get you out, this will cause the police to come and arrest him! This can be done over and over again as the owner will spend unlimited money to bribe the police.

Make Money Without Police Interest.

Bruski’s scrapyard.

If you drive to Bruski’s scrapyard, you will see a car parked next to the crusher. Take that car and make a pumpkin scrapyard. When you return, there must be another car in its place. Crush your car and steal another car. Make another pumpkin scrapyard and there will also be another car in its place. Also, crush your car. Repeat this until you have the money you want.

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Awakening of Access to Calls

Chapter 11

In Chapter 11, you begin your home with an amazing visit from Henry. To prevent further retaliation, Henry asks to join your family. Later, he is ordered to kill Leo Galante. After rushing to his house and explaining the situation he is trying to escape unscathed. He starts at Leo’s office. Quickly head through the open door behind you and go to his bedroom directly across the hall. Open it and find the passage. Look to the right and you’ll see some of the sheets you can work with. Making it work will create cuts that indicate the two are skipping the second floor. After this, you will find the success, “Wake Up Call”, of escaping without being caught.

Easy $ 400 + Each time

Go to the junkyard there will always be a car there. Crush it and put it in the crusher. Get in it and go back to the yard and it will be another car. Keep doing it over and over again for quick cash.

Police are Dumb


Take out the gun where the police officer is, make him “run” behind you and find a non-police car and detonate it. When a police officer arrives, you run to a car that will die in flames, without giving you a ticket and a gun!

Mafia II: Jimmy’s Vendetta Success List

Carnapper (50): Complete all car dealerships in “Jimmy’s Vendetta.”

Explorer (10): Drive a total of 1,000 miles in cars in “Jimmy’s Vendetta.”

Firebug (10): Destroy 100 cars in “Jimmy’s Vendetta.”

Step 1 (10): Complete your first job in “Jimmy’s Vendetta Mafia 2 Cheats.”

Murder (20): Kill 1,000 enemies in “Jimmy’s Vendetta.”

Restored (100): Complete “Jimmy’s Vendetta” in any difficulty level.

Jimmy’s list of Vendetta DLC Trophy

Armament King (Bronze): Kill your enemies in ‘Jimmy’s Vendetta’ with all the weapons found in this game.

Carnapper (Bronze): Complete all car dealer equipment in Jimmy ‘Vimetta’. ‘

Explorer (Bronze) Mafia 2 Cheats: Drive a total of 1,000 miles in cars in ‘Jimmy’s Vendetta.’

Faster Than Light (Bronze): Earn a 10x point multiplier in ‘Jimmy’s Vendetta.’

Firebug (Bronze): Spend 100 cars in ‘Jimmy Vendetta.’

Step One (Bronze): Complete your first work in Jimmy ‘Vimetta. ‘

Murder (Bronze): Kill 1,000 enemies in ‘Jimmy’s Vendetta.’

Millionaire (silver): earn 1,000,000 points in ‘Jimmy’s Vendetta.’

Revenged (Silver): Complete Jimmy ‘Vimetta’ in any level of difficulty.

Sharpshooter (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies with heads in ‘Jimmy’s Vendetta.’

Lips List

Viva la Resistenza! (Bronze Cup):

Complete Chapter 1.

Sweet Home Home (Copper Cup):

Complete Chapter 2.

After Business (Bronze Cup):

Do your first job for Mike Bruski.

Big Brother:

Protect Francesca.

The Real Master (Bronze Cup):

Help the woman fix her car in the Beautiful Home.

Price of Oil (Bronze Cup):

Complete Chapter 3.

Experts (Bronze Cup):

Get assignment stamps without raising an alarm.

Mail Person (Copper Cup):

Sell ​​all gas stamps before the expiration date.

Night Shift (Bronze Cup):

Complete Chapter 4.

Good Spirits (Copper Cup):

Complete Chapter 5.

Time Spent (Bronze Cup):

Complete Chapter 6.

Final Honor (Bronze Cup):

Complete Chapter 7.

Wild (Bronze Cup):

Complete Chapter 8.

Distinguished Person (Bronze Cup):

Complete Chapter 9.

Test (Bronze Trophy):

Complete Chapter 10.

Our Best Friend (Copper Cup):

Complete Chapter 11. Mafia 2 Cheats

Chasing the Dragon (Bronze Cup):

Complete Chapter 12.

Chop Chop! (Bronze Cup):

Complete Chapter 13. Mafia 2 Cheats

Rise or Die Flyin ‘(Bronze Cup):

Put all the wheels of your car in the air for at least 20 meters and touch the ground again.

Wrap in Iron (Copper Cup):

Travel at 125 mph.

Caregiver Owner (Bronze Trophy):

Perfect ride for 50 miles in one car.

Appropriate Scapper (Bronze Trophy):

Sell ​​5 cars to Mike Bruski at scrapyard.

Exporter (Bronze Cup):

Sell ​​5 cars to Derek in the port.

Boat Control (Bronze Cup):

Keep any car at 30 mph or more for 5 minutes or more.

Hair Salon (Bronze Cup):

Kill 5 enemies in quick succession with headhot.

Stuck Up:

Rob 5 stores in under 5 minutes.

Enforcer (Bronze Cup):

Kill 50 enemies.

Sharp Suiter (Bronze Cup):

Buy your first luxury suit.

Tuned Ride (Bronze Cup):

Upgrade one of your cars to one level.

Dream Management (Bronze Cup):

Upgrade one of your cars to the next level.

Hard to Kill (Copper Cup):

The police want you dead. Survive 10 minutes!

Collector Object (Bronze Cup):

Get at least one collector in the game.

Fuel Head (Bronze Cup):

Drive at least 30 different vehicles.

Step 1 (Copper Cup):

Complete your first work on Jimmy’s’ Vendetta. ‘

Faster Than Light (Bronze Cup):

Earn a 10x point multiplier in Jimmy ‘Vendetta’. ‘

Explorer (Bronze Cup):

Drive a total of 1,000 miles on cars in ‘Jimmy’s Vendetta.’

Firebug (Bronze Cup):

Spend 100 cars in Jimmy’s Vimetta. ‘

Sharpshooter (Bronze Cup):

Kill 100 enemies with your heads in ‘Jimmy’s Vendetta.’

Carnapper (Bronze Cup):

Complete all car dealer activities in Jimmy ‘Vendetta. ‘

Murder (Bronze Cup):

Kill 1,000 enemies in Jimmy’s ‘Vendetta.’

Met at Work (Silver Trophy):

Complete Chapter 14.

Finish (Silver Trophy):

Finish what you started.

Ladies’ Man (Silver Trophy):

Get all the Playboy magazines Mafia 2 Cheats.

Card Sharp (Silver Cup):

Find all Wanted posters.

The One Who Pays the Haircut (Silver Cup):

Improve hair extensions for work.

Lesson in Practice (Silver Winning):

Show that you can handle a girlfriend.

Hello Joe (Silver Trophy):

Clean behind Joe.

The End of the Rainbow (Silver Trophy):

Adjust points with Irish permanently.

Mafia Forget (Silver Cup):

Visit an old friend.

Seeking Justice (Silver Trophy):

Learn what it means to be a Scalta.

Restored (Silver Trophy):

Complete Jimmy ‘Vendetta’ in any level of difficulty.

Person Made (Gold Cup):

End the story with moderate or severe difficulty.

Platinum Cup (Platinum Cup) Mafia 2 Cheats:

It opens when all the lips are collected.

Titanic Resemble

chapter 10 room service on the roof

If you look at the harbor there will be a Titanic-like ship

Super Mario Brothers Easter Egg

When Vito and Joe disguised themselves as members of a cleansing team they both wore a mustache. This refers to only Super Mario Brothers who are cleaners instead of water pipes.

All Your Basic Index

Chapter 6 – Time Well Spent

After a long annoying cutscene where you have to put up with a suspicious-looking repair officer like Hitler, and follow a guard in your cell, you have to look at another short cutscene while in the prison yard and get to your second prison job, contacting Leo Galante Mafia 2 Cheats. To the right “inside” of the wall are bleachers with a prisoner lying on the floor behind them and Playboy magazine. Continue through the yard past the basketball court and the prisoner and make pushups until you reach the binding bond near the light point. Stop here and here you have to have a prisoner who says something like “All your foundations .


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