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Managing IBM i Is an Opportunity for a CIO (Arcad Software)

The responsibilities of any Chief Information Officer are far-reaching, from maintaining product and service continuity to extracting

the highest value from one’s current system portfolio, to being forward-facing and ready for change. And in the case of managing

a legacy system, the unique challenge of working between the lines of extensibility and cost-to-maintain adds additional layers of

complexity to the task. Add to that the sudden rise in remote work due to COVID-19 and other transformations in the workforce,

the CIO of any legacy system has their hands full.

With the right strategy however, managing an IBM i system can offer excellent opportunities–opportunities that allow you to make

the most of the current value of your system while modernizing your investments and securing a competitive position in the new economy. ARCAD Software is dedicated to building end-to-end resources to supercharge your IBM i system and transform it into a modern development environment.

The risks of running a legacy system out of step with industry standard languages and open-source compatibility are too high.

Modernization, however, can bring your codebase into the present. ARCAD has an array of tools at the ready. Transformer RPG

and Transformer Synon takes heritage code and automatically compiles it into RPG-Free format code, a modern language easily

readable by developers. Transformer DB likewise can take care of your database, converting DDS files into a modern SQL

format. Developers often take up to 50% of their time just trying to understand the system they’re working with before making a

code change. These improvements alone will make a positive impact on developer productivity, as well as your ability to acquire

new development resources.

But that’s just the beginning. ARCAD’s Modernization for IBM i suite offers a wide variety of specialized tooling, adaptable to any

layer of your application. We focus on automation, developer ease-of-use, parallel workflows so as not to keep the modernization

process from impacting day-to-day business, and guaranteed non-regression. Our modernization suite also extends your system

to be web and cloud-based architecture compatible.

It has been found that total replacement of legacy systems is actually costlier than modernization. ARCAD’s modernization

technologies allow you to retain the value in your current system while adding new capabilities. With this strategy you can ensure

that your codebase is ready to meet the needs of your developers and the demands of your customers today, tomorrow, and into

the future.


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