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Manchester of India- History, About, Places to Explore.

Manchester of India

Imagine if you’ve told someone at your home or school or at work that India has its own Manchester. Would someone believe? Hardly people will believe it because it is a very massive thing for a country to have its own Manchester. Moreover, Indian should feel proud to say that India has its own Manchester. Yes, this is true. You didn’t misunderstand it. You heard it correctly. One of India’s City which has a great history, a beautiful location, which have centuries of great tradition and culture and the City is none other than Ahmedabad a beautiful city located on Gujarat. It is the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi. This beautiful City, Ahmedabad, is located on the River Sabarmati banks consider holy as the river Ganga and sometimes called by people as ‘Sabarmati maa’, which means mother.

Nowadays the City would be known for its business and industry. But the most interesting fact to know about the City is the birth place of the country’s brave heart and freedom fighter. Most Popular Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi put up at this place.

The City is a blended mixture of traditional and contemporary culture, the peaceful environment near the river, the holy experience in the City. These are some of the unique features that you will hardly find anywhere else, and this is just the beginning of this City. So, now you might be confuse why this City called the Manchester of India, so here we have complete justification for your question. Read the complete article for this information.

manchester city of india

Ahmedabad is called Manchester of India; why?

There are many reasons for this City to be given the title. It could be difficult for you to believe it, but there are numerous factors which make this City favourite for being called the country’s Manchester and the factors are given below;

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1.) Its Location-Manchester of India

Its location is very unique. It is located at the banks of the River Sabarmati, which makes it unique and beautiful. Ahmedabad can attract thousands of tourists every year due to this factor. It is also know for its mills and industries. Ahmedabad is the most preferred City for the cultivation and the business of cotton because the cultivation of cotton is done in abundance in this place. It provides the raw material very easily to the factories abundantly. This thing able to attract most of the businessman to invest in this City. Thus, providing raw materials to the mills easily. To work, the City also has abundant skilled labour for technical and skilled needed work and has unskilled labourers for unskilled work types. The labourers reside in the nearby villages and City.

manchester city of india is ahmedabad

2.) Transportation

Not only location advantage Ahmedabad has also the advantage of the transportation factor. This City is connected to major cities in the county which make it favourable to transport. Many big State like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan etc is touching the border with its state which work in its favour.

3.) It’s Culture

Culture plays an important and major role in up-gradation as well as degradation of a city and even a country. Ahmedabad culture is a blending mix of traditional which is ancient and present-day culture which makes it unique and interesting. Because of its culture and diversity, Ahmedabad can attract tourists around the globe. India is a land of festivals and in Ahmedabad each festival and the festive season is celebrated by the people by joyously and enthusiasm which Unites everyone. The famous festival in Ahmedabad is Navratri in which people especially girls play India (a famous dance in Gujrat) at nights.

Ahmedabad is called manchester city of india

The local people and their simplicity will make everyone love this beautiful City. Ahmedabad teaches us how to respect its culture and elders because in this City you will find everyone to be very decent, well behaved and their language shows their respect towards each other. They treat everyone with a great gesture. The dresses show their culture. Mostly elder people wear a turban on their head which they called as ‘pardi’ and women could be seen as wearing saree or ghagra( a regional dress of Gujarat). Moreover, we can say that the culture is very much secured in Ahmedabad, making it deserve the Manchester of India.

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4.) It’s First Mill– Manchester of India

Shahpur Mill was the first mill in Ahmedabad that was built in 1861. It was Ahmedabad first textile mill and this mill is very popular and historical. This mill is also a very big reason for Ahmedabad to become the Manchester of the country. Making this mill was a huge achievement for Gujrat because the textile industry was booming and there were not that many textile mill and industries at that time.

manchester of india

The business runs very well in Ahmedabad and soon after, many businessmen opened many textile mills around thirty-three in the late ’20s. Ahmedabad mill industry runs very well and was able to transport the textile all over the country and export the textiles. Hence, it was able to get its tag name which is most prestigious for a city. That is ‘Manchester of India’ Ahmedabad got its name by the two businesses man’s namely Ambalal Sarabhai and Kasturba Lal bhai.

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The History of Ahmedabad (The Manchester of India)

The history of Ahmedabad is very interesting as it involves many dynasties and the rule of the British. So here is the history of Ahmedabad.

1.     The Dynasty of Chalukya

Ahmedabad which is the Manchester of India has a deep history of pride. It has a place called ‘Ashapalli’ dated around the 11th century. Ahmedabad had seen many great rulers in past. Karna was one of the great rulers in Ahmedabad who ruled Ahmedabad which comes from the dynasty of Chalukyas. Karna itself laid down the roots of Karnavati near the Sabarmati river. The foundation exists today too and it is a great place to be visited. After that, the ‘Vaghela Dynasty’ took over the Karna dynasty.

ahmedabad manchester

2.     The Dynasty of Mughal

The second dynasty was the Mughal dynasty that ruled the Manchester of India. In the year 1411, the name of the City Karnavati was changed to Ahmedabad. The Name which was given by the great emperor Karna was changed by the kind Sultan Ahmed shah. The City of Ahmedabad was the capital of the complete river. In the year 1573, the dynasty of Mughal ruled the county and later king Akbar ruled it. Akbar makes the City a Major area of trade which was commercial. Moreover, the main focus of king Akbar to make trade grow for textile industries.

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3.     The rule of the British

The Marathas were the next rulers of the City Ahmedabad which ruled the City till 1818. Next were the Britishers who took the City after the Maratha. The City gained importance and popularity due to its railway system and its connection with the City of Bombay. Cotton textile became the epicentre in Ahmedabad. The production of cotton is very massive in Ahmedabad. Even Today also Ahmedabad is the hub of cotton.

Earlier in the British rule, the City Ahmedabad had shown many struggle movements of freedom that become popular and able to unite people and the City has two very home-like beautiful rivers namely Kochrab and Sabarmati. The City had also seen bad times too like industrial accidents, communal riots, freedom struggle. However, apart from that, the City is standing still on its feet as the main hub of some great powers like education, textile, chemicals and cotton hub.

Reason of Ahmedabad being the Manchester of India

Firstly, the City is connected to big States like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka etc which help in easy transportation of goods from one City to another. The diversity in this City and the culture is very old, making it unique from any other city. The language, the food, the dresses. All these things make it very suitable to be the Manchester of the country. Ahmedabad is compared to the Manchester of England because of its exclusivity.

Secondly, Ahmedabad city is located on the bank of the River Sabarmati which helps to cultivate cotton. The Manchester of England also sits on the banks of the river. Having been near the river make it suitable for Ahmedabad to export their textiles and cotton from one City to another via sea route.

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The Temperature of the City also makes it feasible to become Manchester of the country. The temperature is suitable for the growth of cotton in Ahmedabad. Also, it helps in the cultivation of cotton and transportation.

In the present day to the City is renowned for its cotton textiles. It is the main hub for cotton production. Many businesses show a great interest in the textile business in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is the house of great and historical textile in the county and due to this, the City got the title of India’s Manchester. Also, the City provides great quantity and quality of the goods and textile.

When to visit this beautiful place?

Due to its climatic conditions and weather, every season and even every month of Ahmedabad is completely different. Isn’t it a great diversity of climatic condition? You will get this type of diversity nowhere except the Manchester of India. Every month has its benefit to visiting and its speciality. So, you can choose months according to your taste and travel moods.

1.     March – May

The favourite season that is considered to attract and welcome many tourists and travellers is March to May month, the Summers in the Manchester of India. At this time the prices of commodities become less as compared to other months because the demand becomes high due to heavy crowd and the shopkeeper have to lessen the prices. So, for the people who take care of the budget, it’s the best place to visit at this time. The minimum and the maximum temperature is 20°C and 40°C. 40 degrees can be high and humid. Make sure you pack your cotton clothes for the trip duration because there are chances of tanning in India’s Manchester.

2. June – October

The second-best time to visit Manchester in India in June to October time. This is the autumn season in Ahmedabad as the winds are very ferocious at this time. The climate is also not too hot at this time. Also, you can expect rains that quench the thirst for deserts. The clouds are also very noisy at this time. The rainy season is at a peak at that time and you can experience the wetness on the roads and trees. You can say it is the monsoon period of the Manchester of India

Generally, the temperature at this time is around 28 to 30 degrees on average because there is not so much heat but you can experience humidity. And sometimes the humidity could be a reason of problem to some hot allergic people. Still, overall, the temperature and climate are very decent at this particular time, which attracts many tours and travellers. Do not forget to get your umbrella with you if you are planning to visit Ahmedabad, the Manchester of India, as it will help you save from the heavy rains.

3.     New Year’s Eve

And the third most wanted and beautiful time to visit Ahmedabad is from November to February. You can celebrate your New Year’s Eve, the Christmas party, your valentine week etc in the Manchester of India as the weather is very pleasant at this time.

do you know which city is manchester of india

The temperature in winters generally will be lowered to 12 degrees. Over that, the temp can go to higher up to 34 degree Celsius in summers. But the evening could be colder than morning and afternoon so do not forget to pack your winter clothes and jackets with inner warm wears if you are planning to visit Ahmedabad in winters


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