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Growth Marketing Strategies for B2B Lead Generation

Important Points to Consider Before You Start Investing

The corporate network where organizations help each other out in the procurement of products and services expands internationally at a global level.

This is where major establishment and small businesses sell and buy services or products to support their operations.

Marketing and promoting such transactions between one business to another is known as B2B or business to business marketing. Furthermore, you can also observe that B2B marketing is more direct and informational when compared to B2C (business to consumer). 

According to a recent study by 99Firms, around 50% of B2B companies invest 10% or more of their annual budget in marketing, with 47% putting personalization as their top priority.

Furthermore, 56% of B2B marketers in 2020 considered digital marketing as their top area for spending, while 73% of Millennials of the US are involved in purchase decision-making at their companies.

Moreover, 90% of top-performing B2B content marketers put the audience’s informational needs first, while 80% of all B2B leads originate on LinkedIn.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best growth marketing strategies for B2B lead generation in light of this information. 

1. Email Marketing


Email marketing to this day is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools for many B2B marketers out there.

The basic strategy is to develop a lasting relationship with clients who are, in fact, businesses themselves. When it comes to email marketing in B2B, the efforts and the zeal become even more relentless.

You have to deliver a favorable impression and keep pressing forwards with striking new information, deals, offers, latest product offerings, updates, newsletters, giveaways, loyalty bonuses, and much more.

Your email must inform more while selling can be carried out on your website. Your emails can include valuable information for your clients (other businesses), such as:

  • Market analysis, benchmarks, trends, research, case studies, seller-buyer calendars, etc.
  • How-to guides, tutorials, pitfall solutions, product comparisons, top-10 list, etc.

Make sure that you use catchy subject lines, write your emails concisely and precisely, customize them to match your recipient’s personality, and include powerful CTAs to encourage them to take action.


VWO, an A/B testing tool that helps fast-growing companies to experiment and gain higher conversion rates, utilize email marketing to broadcast improvements to their products through updates.

2. Content Marketing

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Working in an e-commerce store and dealing with over 200 apparel brands in the US, I have come to understand just how important Content Marketing is for B2B relationship building and communication.

Content marketing includes a wide array of content ranging from articles, blogs, catalogs, e-books, guest posts, infographics, press releases, white papers, videos, and much more. You can read more about the best place for content marketing & write for us at lifeyet

The essence lies in the consistent creation, publishing, and distribution of content on multiple channels to gain targeted audiences’ attention. Some important factors for your strategy include:

  • Targeting the right audience, demographics, sources of traffic, and understanding of buying patterns/behaviors. 
  • Branding Metrics such as SOV (share of voice), sentiment and feedback, and how many times your post was shared online across digital platforms.
  • Measurable & realistic goals, including the number of visitors to your online store, time spent by the user on-page, click through rates and number of leads generated.
  • Impact on sales, including conversion through the sales process, re-engagement (returning visitors), CTRs for product pages.


Lead Pages, a company that offers landing page builder for businesses to drive sales, delivers their own marketing podcast “Conversion Cast” with the help of Tim Paige.

They acquired 35,000 customers in less than three years and hit over $16 million in revenue several years back.

3. Niche Driven Strategies

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It is crucial over here to understand that, unlike mass marketing, niche marketing focuses primarily on a small segment existing within the market. This segment has its own demographics, particular needs, and lifestyle choices.

As a B2B marketing approach, your number one priority is to study, find, discover more, and ultimately target these niches. This is due to the fact that they offer you higher profit margins, lower competition, and much stronger demands.

For niche marketing, you can use various forms of media and platforms to target your audiences, including social media, user-generated content websites, content marketing, and email marketing, to name a few.

Dissertation writers today also utilize niche-driven strategies to capture young learners’ attention towards their offered services. There are some prominent aspects of niche driven strategies; however, that include:

  • Building credibility and authenticity through high quality and informational content for decision-makers.
  • Utilize targeted case studies to capture the attention of dream accounts and clients.
  • Partner with industry specialists and experts to build thought leadership.
  • Make use of customer journey maps and buyer personas to understand your audiences better.
  • Deliver personalized marketing appeal and provide them with viable solutions.


Wistia, a software company that offers video marketing software for businesses, started offering a free plan, resulting in their user base expanding from 3,000 to more than 110,000 in just two years. 

4. SEO – OnSite

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The major aspect of on-site SEO is basically focused on creating user-friendly experiences and making sure that your website performs well online. This includes optimizing your website for faster loading times and delivering superb navigation, as well as removing broken links and 404 errors.

For B2B, it includes providing businesses with the ease of use to buy and purchase desired products and offering them tremendous conveniences along the way. Pupils looking for thesis writing services UK also look for websites that offer them the greatest facilitations online for their needs and requirements. 


Shopify, an enterprise e-commerce platform, offers an incredibly robust platform that provides a variety of features and convenient functions to enable any business to setup their own shop. It also features a speedy website as well with terrific navigation and an overall great website structure.

5. Social Media Marketing

Businesses nowadays have found closure, knowing that millions of corporate entities are already using social media platforms to promote their products and services. This has led to businesses targeting other businesses on social platforms, hence the advent of B2B social media marketing.


Lucidpress, a software company that offers brand templates and builds for businesses, utilizes Twitter to gain the attention of other companies that are in need of their own brand template.   


It is essential to know that this is neither a complete nor an exhaustive live of B2B marketing strategies that you can deploy to grow and increase your lead generation. In present times many ventures online are focusing on video marketing strategies utilizing popular platforms.

This includes the likes of YouTube to create their own business channels as well as Instagram to promote their offered products and services for other businesses to see and increase their followership as well as visibility.

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