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MilesWeb Review:A Detailed Review About thier DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

Milesweb review

Milesweb review , In today’s day and age, remote access is a vital point to consider. Especially when it comes to the use of websites and web apps, and after the worldwide unlock the concept of WFH(work from home) has become a part of the new normal which has rather intensified the importance of easy and remote access. All this has raised the demand for cloud-based apps and storage. The additional reason is its cost-effective nature which has made it an attractive package for web owners, organizations, or individuals alike.

With big names like Google and Amazon in the cloud periphery, one company that provides almost all the essentials of cloud hosting is DigitalOcean.

A Brief on DigitalOcean:

DigitalOcean has been making the life of web developers and business owners a lot easier since its inception in 2011. What they offer is a user-friendly and reliable virtual server. 

The company proudly states that their products will continue to work smoothly even if you operate just one or even thousands of virtual machines on the server. So, whatever may be the size of your business, your employees can start to work on the essential, quick and efficient cloud applications hosted on DigitalOcean’s cloud servers. We have done a detailed milesweb review here to understand it’s competence.

Benefits of Managed DigitalOcean Cloud Servers:

  • Saves your cost and time

With a technical expert to take care of the critical tasks like managing the server will let you canalize your time and money in the growth of your business. 

  • Resource cost is reduced

Letting a proper and skillful team of experts handle all the tedious tasks of your website  

  • Security is Improved

There are very few chances of threats affecting your server as the managed cloud servers provide real-time monitoring. It offers complete peace of mind for you as the servers are properly taken care of.

Why MilesWeb’s DigitalOcean cloud hosting?

MilesWeb is one of India’s leading web hosting providers right from 2012, the year MilesWeb was founded. The company has been providing all sorts of hosting variants. Let it be basic shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, or advanced and hi-tech cloud hosting like AWS hosting or DigitalOcean hosting or WordPress hosting, they have it all. Accompanying this is their prompt and well-experienced support team, which has catered to 20000+ customers till date.

When it comes to managed DigitalOcean cloud plans, let us see what exactly they have in store for us. Milesweb review

MilesWeb managed DigitalOcean Cloud Plans:

Milesweb review

What does MilesWeb offer?

  • Completely managed DigitalOcean

MilesWeb’s system administrators will proactively take charge of your cloud server in order to provide timely safeguarding measures which will eventually save your time and let you focus on boosting and running your business. In milesweb review you can understand the uptime and speed by using there services.

  • Zero Management charges for DigitalOcean

All the backend management which they provide doesn’t come with any extra cost.

  • Suggest a suitable cloud plan for your website

Their cloud experts will assist you in selecting the best cloud plan for your website as per its requirements.

  • Total assistance for hassle-free migration

Their team has experience in migrating thousands of websites without any downtime. They do ensure flawless working of your website on their DigitalOcean server.

  • Uptime, Security and Network of your website is actively managed.

MilesWeb will take care of the server vulnerability. They do make sure that your website is kept aloof from malware, spyware or any other mode of unwanted traffic.

  • Regular updates of OS and servers to keep it safe and secure.

Updates of OS and servers are regularly and timely installed so that you need not worry about this tedious process.

  • Well equipped team to solve all your queries round the clock.

MilesWeb’s customer support team is one of the best in the hosting business. Let it be any time for any query related to your website and its hosting, with their 24/7 email and chat support you’ll get a complete solution.

  • Select server location as per your convenience

Server location is important when it comes to the performance of your website, as the distance of the server from the visitor’s browser is directly proportional to the time taken to load your web page. That means the more the distance, the longer the loading time of your web page. Milesweb review has been given to you I hope it helps in decision making.

  • Optimizing and Enhancing

They optimize and enhance your cloud servers to bring out the best performance of your website.


With a proper balance between quality and affordability and the benefits of DigitalOcean cloud, you get a dedicated team of technically sound people to take proper care of your cloud server. It allows you to focus just on your website to let it prosper as per your pre-set goals related to the same. For this MilesWeb states, “You manage your website while MilesWeb review manages your cloud.” So why worry when a trusted and one of the most reputed brands in the hosting periphery is assuring you to give what is best for you.


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