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NEET : Tips to score good marks in physics

NEET: Tips to score good marks in physics

Questions from Class 11 and Class 12 are roughly equally weighted in the NEET physics syllabus. As a result, when studying for NEET Physics, applicants must pay equal attention to the complete syllabus. The physics part of the NEET has a total of 50 questions. Only 45 questions must be answered, for a total of 180 points in the exam. It is critical for aspirants to perform well in NEET Physics in order to achieve a higher overall score for admission to top medical institutes in India for MBBS and BDS programs. It is necessary to have a solid comprehension of each minor concept in order to apply it to numerical questions.

·         Begin by reading NCERT and answering the exercise questions. The NCERT books would be the greatest place to begin your practice. Read these novels from cover to cover and answer all of the questions in the Exercise section. After reading the entire material, one can create a Fact Sheet with a list of key terminology and formulae that came across. This hard copy reference will aid students in skimming through the material during revision.

·         After one is done studying the NCERT books, one can practice using a few relevant reference books. Start with a simple book that covers the majority of NCERT themes as well as previous year’s question papers. Once you’ve mastered practicing these books, you can move on to more difficult reference books.

·         Get any doubts resolved with a teacher and peers while one goes through NCERT and reference books. Understanding and solving issues on a regular basis are critical for a thorough understanding of the principles.

·         The key to success in NEET Physics, in particular, is practice. Examine at least the last five years’ exam papers to get a sense of the question pattern. The majority of this year’s questions are rewrites of prior years’ question papers.

·         Numerical calculations are among the most difficult aspects in NEET Physics for students. As a result, during practice, assign equal weight to concepts and solve numerical problems. In addition, because direct formula-based questions are no longer posed in exams, conceptual knowledge of the topic in question is required for numerical calculation.

·         It’s not enough to memorize important formulae and theorems to solve problems. It’s easy to become perplexed if one doesn’t understand how and where to apply a formula. As a result, as students read, jot down equations and theorems to help to remember where to apply what.

·         When you have finished a topic, read over all of the solved examples to make sure to understand the solution. If there are any other answers to difficulties, try to comprehend them. As many issues as feasible should be practiced. To comprehend a situation, one must envision it and connect it to the applicable topic already learned. It is much easier to solve sample questions accurately in less time if one has practiced solving them in each topic. Also, examine the exam pattern so that one can solve issues in a logical manner.

·         To do well on the NEET Physics exam, one must be able to manage time effectively. Start with easy questions and ascend to more challenging ones. It will improve the score since one will not miss any of the easy-level multiple-choice questions. In the preparation period, time management is also critical; make sure to create study strategies that help you balance learning the more difficult and easy topics.

·         Take as many mock tests as one can. Through practice questions, mock tests can help to identify your weak areas. When you practice the questions in a set amount of time, learn how to function well under the pressure of timed tests. In addition, one can grasp the answers to challenging problems in real-time. When one practice answering mock tests, one will also gain a better knowledge of the breadth, difficulty level, and format of the exam paper.

·         Add advanced methods to the preparation plan to help students succeed even more. One should never use a calculator to speed up your problem-solving process. Create his own superior problem-solving strategies. Don’t get stuck answering a question for an extended period of time; instead, return after completing problems of lesser difficulty. Keep a firm understanding of which formula to use in which case.

NCERT is very important, as it provides:-

Ø  Questions based on diagrams

NCERT Biology books are diagram-based, which aids applicants in gaining a better knowledge of everything covered in the syllabus. Candidates can recall a lot more information while taking the exam after seeing these elaborative and insightful graphics. Candidates should be aware that Biology is the most essential subject in the exam since it has 90 questions, more than the other two parts combined. As a result, candidates must use extreme caution when preparing for this subject.

Ø  Direct questions asked

While studying for the NEET, medical students should keep in mind that wasting time on difficult questions will be of little use if they do not address straight questions first. It is also critical that students use NCERT texts to answer direct queries. One advantage of this is that many of these topics are directly posed in the examination; numerical-based questions are an example of this.

Conclusion: Above all, keep a daily to-do list to keep track of what needs to be done. Maintain a relaxed and cheerful mood by getting enough rest in the midst of hectic commitments. Take advantage of this study as an opportunity to improve your skills beyond the usual criteria. Adopt a development attitude, which allows one to see failure as a stepping stone to achievement. No matter how far up the corporate ladder one climbs, there is always room for development. NEET Physics Important Questions with Solutions should be practiced by a student to score good marks.


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