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Nom Nom Pet Food Review 2022 – Updated Guide

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Nom Nom Pet Food Review – Hardly any things make you smile more than staring at the face of a canine that loves you, particularly when you feed them tasty food. Nom Nom Pet Food provides for dogs and cats, gaining practical experience in fresh pet food containing added dietary elements.

Nom Nom offers one-time pet food purchases and an advantageous meal membership that conveys pet food to your door. No more outings to the pet store or purchasing shoddy food at the general store. By basically taking a gander at the organization’s item photographs, their meals are a long ways from customary kibble.

Nom Nom has been highlighted in various distributions like BuzzFeed, People magazine, Business Insider, and NBC News. The pet food organization has plainly collected a great deal of consideration, yet would they say they merit the promotion?

While searching for better food alternatives for your adored puppy or kitty, this Nom Nom pet food review might be the last stop. In this review, we take an inside and out look at the brand, its famous pet meals, customer appraisals, advancements, and more, to assist you with choosing if this chow membership merits the purchase.

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Outline of Nom Nom (Nom Nom Pet Food Review)

The quest for quality pet food began with authors Alex Jarrell and Nate Phillips. All the more explicitly, for their canines, Harlee and Mim. As youthful Australian shepherds, one pup had an undermined immune system and must be taken to her nearby veterinarian for additional consideration.

Harlee’s vet prescribed a new and healthy eating routine to help with her medical problems. Yet, the Alex’s and Nate’s hunt yielded no appropriate pet food available. They tried to cure this issue by making a totally new brand.

Nom Nom organizers partnered with a leading board-confirmed veterinary nutritionist to help launch the organization. Alex and Nate before long started delivering healthfully balanced meals for dogs and cats. Each request is newly arranged only days before it shows up at your door.

Nom Nom has developed dramatically since its foundation in 2015. With base camp situated in Nashville, they as of now utilize 177 staff. This incorporates a group of canines and felines answerable for testing the food too!

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Nom Nom Pet Food Reviews – How Does Nom Nom Work?

Everything begins with understanding what your pet wants. Nom Nom gives dog proprietors two alternatives: make a one-time Variety Pack buy or subscribe in to their delivery service.

The Variety Pack is just accessible for dogs and includes four recipes for 150-gram meal sacks with free jerky treat samples. This choice costs $30 with no commitment.

For the membership, clients should pick the meal alternative most appropriate for their pet. Purchasers fill out a pet profile, at that point Nom Nom submits appropriate suggestions for your furry companion.

In the wake of finishing the short questionnaire, you’ll be delivered meal samples for your pet to try out. This gives you time to perceive how your dog or cat responds to the food.

Subsequent to choosing a flavor, clients modify their conveyance recurrence, choosing between shipments consistently, fourteen days, or a month. Costs differ contingent upon your pet’s age, weight, and activity level.

Nom Nom likewise gives cost investment funds to less continuous deliveries and offers a multi-pet discount. In the event that you have any inquiries relating to pricing, pet dietary necessities, or different themes, Nom Nom urges clients to connect with their customer care group.

Furthermore, we’ll go over the menu decisions for canines and felines. Advertised as a better and more heavenly option in contrast to customary pet food, this Nom Nom pet food review might just uncover the ideal chow for (at least one) of your furry buddies.

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Nom Nom Dog Food Subscription Review

Nom Nom dog food contains the vital supplements and nutrients to keep your buddy fit and energized. Every formula is made as per nourishing levels set up by the AAFCO Food Nutrient Profiles. The entirety of the ingredients are economically sourced and grown in the USA.

Anyway, what sort of protein does your dog float towards? The Dog Food Subscription has four unique meals to look over including Beef Mash, Chicken Chow, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare:

  • Nom Nom Beef Mash contains beef, potatoes, eggs, carrots, peas, and fish oil as the main ingredients. There are likewise an additional wholesome components of vitamin E supplements, vitamin B1, and vitamin B12, to guarantee your dog gets the necessary nutrients of their meals.
  • The Chicken Chow meal is normally the most ideal alternative for poultry-loving little guys, containing the fundamental nutrients to keep your canine fit as a fiddle. The Nom Nom dog food ingredients incorporate diced chicken, sweet potato lumps, yellow squash, spinach, and fish oil.
  • If your canine loves pork more, pick the Pork Potluck meal, which contains a rich mix of pork, potatoes, green beans, yellow beans, mushrooms, kale, and fish oil.
  • If your pooch is extra vivacious on Thanksgiving and stays stuck to the dinner table, treat them to Turkey Fare. It contains good fixings like turkey, eggs, brown rice, carrots, spinach, fish oil, and added nutrients.  

Nom Nom dog food calories are sensible. Most meals contain under 1250 calories except for Turkey Fare, (1479 calories). With doggy fueled meals like these, your dog will bark for extra.

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Nom Nom Cat Food Subscription Review

Canines aren’t the ones in particular that merit Nom Nom’s love. The brand as of now offers one meal plan for your cat. The ensured veterinary nutritionist behind this formula, Dr. Justin Smalberg, guarantees every meal submits to AAFO Food Nutrient Profiles.

This Nom Nom membership gives kitties delicious Chicken Cuisine. The meals incorporate protein-rich chicken thighs, breasts, and liver with vegetables like carrots and spinach. This high-moisture meal is intended to convey the vital nourishments for your cats wellbeing, including vitamins B, B12, and D3.

Adding up to only 1194 calories, all meals are helpfully pre-divided for simple feeding. The Chicken Cuisine meals were made to oblige even the pickiest eaters with ingredients shown to be delicious for felines-so feed your kitty tasty, highly-nutritious meals through Nom Nom’s Cat Food Subscription.

Nom Nom Treats Review

For showing your canine a stunt or basically showing how special they are, think about Nom’s Beef Jerky or Chicken Jerky. These meaty pleasures contain no added substances or unsafe ingredients, just what’s useful for your little guy.

  • The Beef Jerky is made out of 100% USDA-guaranteed top sirloin. It’s high in protein and restaurant grade. Both a very extravagant treat and a healthy decision, basically like carrying your canine to a first rate steakhouse. Now this is just pampering your puppy!
  • The Chicken Jerky is additionally high in protein, containing 100% USDA affirmed chicken breast. This affirmation adds up to eatery grade quality. Your canine will sway its tail intensely after being rewarded with these treats.

We were frustrated to discover that there are no Nom Nom treats accessible for felines right now. The canine treats are just accessible as individual buys, not by membership.

Nom Nom Pet Food Reviews

What pricing is Nom Nom? (Nom Nom Pet Food Reviews)

This Nom Nom pet food review presents estimates for every one of their meals and treats:

For Dogs

Nom Nom’s Variety Pack costs $30 and incorporates samples of their Beef Mash, Chicken Chow, Pork Potluck, and Turkey Fare. Pricing for each canine food plan relies upon your pet’s weight, age, and energy levels. Nom Nom gives normal costs to the membership to give you a thought:

Nom Nom Dog Food Subscription Cost

The Beef Jerky and Chicken Jerky treats each cost $13 for a 2oz sack and $20 for a 4oz pack.

For Cats

Right now, Nom Nom just offers the Chicken Cuisine meal membership. We tracked down these estimated costs on WildernessCat: Nom Nom Cat Food Subscription

Pros of the Nom Nom Pet Food

  • Healthy, nutritious pet nourishment for dogs and cats.
  • Meals are arranged fresh just a day before delivery.
  • All ingredients are economically sourced in the USA.
  • Meals are pre-administered, so no estimating or mess.
  • Commitment to zero waste in its facilities.
  • Savings for low-recurrence and multi-pet families.
  • Shelter organizations permit clients to embrace pets to get discounts.
  • Free delivering for clients in the contiguous US.  

Cons of the Nom Nom Pet Food

  • No global delivery.
  • Only one meal plan and no treats available for cats.
Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Is Nom Pet Food Worth It? (Nom Nom Pet Food Reviews)

This Nom Nom pet food review favors of their great and nutritious pet food. Their food incorporates fundamental supplements and nutrients to support your pet’s general wellbeing, and with the vast majority giving Nom Nom positive reviews, unmistakably the advantages are genuine.

The entirety of Nom Nom meals are made with just regular and economically sourced ingredients without any additives, not at all like standard brands supplied at the supermarket. Pet stores have better quality food in comparison, however those jars may sit on the racks for quite a long time and are absolutely not fresh.

Pet proprietors, and buyers all in all, are inclining toward more helpful home conveyance choices. Nom Nom can save you excursions to the store, including conveying the additional load of jars and packs of pet food alongside goods.

If you need more motivating force, recollect that Nom Nom gives clients the alternative to take part in their selection program to help lost puppies and cats discover cherishing home. This truly gives us the warm and fuzzies.

Any vet would suggest changing out the normal kibble brands with more healthy and balanced meals. Without a doubt, you’ll face more costs, however isn’t your pet great? Besides, giving healthier meals will build their life expectancy, so they’ll be around to illuminate your life for much more.

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Customers Review on the Nom Nom Pet Food

This Nom Nom pet food review discovered a by and large positive customer reaction dependent on its examination. On their website, a review page records many positive customer encounters. Purchasers report that their pet’s wellbeing has improved since acquainting them with Nom Nom meals.

We were particularly intrigued by certain remarks identifying with pets who had been determined to have genuine medical issues like colitis, IBS, parasites, and diabetes. Let’s take a look at the testimonials from users who have already tried Nom Nom Pet Food, and see what they’ve been saying:

“I embraced two rescue cats who had parasites, dull coats, and coarse, dreadful stool. Presently they eat their Nom Nom and have lovely, luxurious coats.”

“Nala gets so energized when it’s mealtime. She no longer has skin issues, her coat looks brilliant and her stools are the best they’ve at any point been. I can’t really think of feeding her anything besides Nom Nom!”

“Shelby has experienced colitis and IBS for a long time, and she’s likewise the pickiest with food. Since being on Nom Nom, she is eating much better and has amazing poop!!!”

Frequently Asked Questions about the Nom Nom Pet Food

Is Nom Nom human grade?

In light of its exploration, this Nom Nom pet food review tracked down that the organization utilizes only decent, human-grade ingredients.

Is Nom Nom Now AAFCO affirmed?

Indeed, both Nom Nom dog food and cat food comply with certain nutritional levels set by the AAFO.

Is Nom Nom Now cooked?

This Nom Nom pet food survey found that their food is completely cooked. Moreover, all ingredients basically amount to Nom Nom Paleo dinners.

How would I drop my Nom Nom membership?

In the event that you’d prefer to drop your Nom Nom membership, sign in on the website and select the option ‘reschedule or cancel your delivery.’ You can likewise call the Nom Now office number if you like to cancel via telephone.

What is Nom Nom’s Shipping Policy?

Nom Nom deliveries are restricted to the US. All delivery all through the 48 adjacent states is free. Clients get an email with tracking information once it leaves Nom Nom’s office, and you can utilize this connection for the most exceptional data on delivery.

We were unable to track down additional subtleties on Nom Nom dispatching; their website FAQ section just gives this information.

How to Reach Nom Nom

In the event that you have requests that are not identified with this Nom Nom pet food review, you can contact the organization through:

  • Email: care@nomnomnow.com
  • Nom Nom telephone number: 415-991-0669
Nom Nom Pet Food Review

Conclusion on the Nom Nom Pet Food Review

If you are looking for a healthy meal for your dog and cat, we suggest you give them Nom Nom Pet Food. It is a fresh, balanced nutritious meal, that’s loaded with essential vitamins for the overall health benefit of your pets.


Since we first wrote this, many people have asked us where to get the best deal on Nom Nom Pet Food. The brand is actually running a promotion right now: Free Shipping on ALL orders and a 100% money-back guarantee with a 50% discount offer with free shipping, so you can try Nom Nom Pet Food risk-free. They’re also running some special deals if you buy more than one. Click the button below to get your special deal –


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