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Online business ideas for beginners|Start with zero penny

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We all dream of being independent and starting our own online business ideas, and for the same, we work hard. But even with the savings, network, contacts, and investments from outside, sometimes launching a business is not possible. The capital you have may not be enough, or there might be other obstacles.

But few business ideas don’t require even a single penny or may require less investment. These are best online business idea in india. Also, you can start your virtual business from a single room and by yourself, with no team or staff. It is great for those who want to be self-reliant and work on their own time.

If you are one of them, here are some online business ideas that don’t require a single penny or require investment which is not much. Let’s take a look.

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11.      The drop shipping business

It’s a simple business idea where you have to find customers and make sales. For this, you don’t require a warehouse or delivery boys. All you need to do is find manufacturers in a product or products that you want to sell, and buy a bulk order from them at a reasonable price. Now, your investment will be in sales and marketing, which you can do on social media or through a website, which is either free or negligible.

Once you get customers, you have to tie up with a delivery partner that picks the material from the manufacturer and drop it off the customer’s location.

No stock, no storage area, just a computer with a net connection. For promoting your business, make use of social media. Use quality images and edit them using Canva to make them appealing and share it.

22.      Blogging

Blogging is a great idea for an independent working with zero to less investment. To start a blog, use WordPress(free) to design it. Now, you can buy a domain name and hosting services or use the free ones which come with WordPress. We will encourage you to go for the former as it is beneficial in the long run.

With a blog up and running, you have to work hard to make it successful so that you can start earning from it. That can happen by pay per click advertising, affiliate marketing, and collaborating with brands. Getting approved from various ads network (PPC) is tough, but with high ranking and traffic, it will put up an advertisement on your blog relevant to it increasing your income.

To get monetary benefits from your blog, you do need to work on your content, SEO, and promoting it on social media.

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33.      YouTube

Most of us watch one to a gazillion videos on YouTube before ending our days. From funny to informative, there are every type of videos on YouTube. If you are an expert in a field and can create relevant and informative videos on it, YouTube can be a good business idea for you.

It is better to have a good camera and a tripod stand, but you can start creating videos with your smartphone as well.

Once you create a video and start uploading them, enable monetization option on Google. It will ensure that when you get enough views and subscribers, Google will put up ads on it.

The same rules apply here, promote it on Instagram or Facebook so that you get more exposure.

Create eye-catching thumbnails and banners using Canva as it will encourage people to click on it more.

Look for paid sponsorships as SME does work with YouTubers to get more customers. It can be a great way to make income or get some awesome free stuff your way.

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44.      Affiliate marketing– Online business ideas

In affiliate marketing, you partner up with a company who is selling physical or digital products. Find a niche and work on that product only. Then, all you need to do is offer that product on your blog or website or app for sale. As each product has a unique link, when a customer will click on it, they will be taken to the website of the customer for making the purchase. The cookies on the site will record this purchase. You will get a commission for making the sale, which can be anything from 5 to 25% or higher in case of digital products.

Your investment is again in sales and marketing, and it is a risky business as well. But if you can work out the hinges, it can be a great source of income.

Other online business ideas with zero investment include freelance and ghost writing. Podcasting is also an option, though it may require some investment on your behalf, like equipment.

The best part about all of these online businesses is that there are tools and software that can help you create your brand without investing. So, buck up and plan your online business now.



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