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Oppo A50 2020: A best Review Before u buy Oppo A50

Oppo A50 2020
Oppo A50 2020

Oppo A50 2020
Mobile phones have become a major part of our lives. The world has become more advanced and more technological.

Mobile phones are the best solutions to stay updated. From ordering food to find a location, mobile phone and the applications in the mobile phone has become a part of our routines. From a small kid, to elder people, everyone knows how to operate a mobile phone. This is called the technology growth. Mobile phones and their brands are also staying updated, to fulfill people’s needs.

In today’s world, every phase in life requires a mobile phone. From online classes, to business meetings, mobile phones help us in every situation.

There are many brands that compete, to release a more productive and useful mobile phone.

All of us would have heard about Oppo! Oppo is one of the leading brands giving the best brands of mobile phones and many other digital devices. Let us see about oppo a50 model.

Oppo a50 2020 model has many alluring features. It is a popular model, liked by many people. Let us see some of the features of

Oppo a50 2020 and also the problems faced in Oppo a50 2020 mobile. We will also see how the problems can be solved in many methods.

General information about Oppo a5 2020:

• Oppo a5 2020 was first launched on September 21, 2019.
• The total weight of the Oppo a50 2020 model is 195 grams.
• Face unlocking option is present

• Color available: mirror black and dazzling white

• It is a Li-polymeric mobile

Design of the model:

Oppo mobiles are always known for their great designs. Oppo A5 2020 model mobile phone has a sleek design with rounded corners for better ergonomics.

The waterdrop notch to hold a selfie camera is one of the top-notch features the mobile has.

Also, the phone comes in white and black paint jobs.

Display settings:

Oppo A5 2020 model mobile phone has a 6.5-inch HD display. It is an In-Plane Switching panel, popular for the wide view angles.

The screen brightness has up to 480 nits. Ohhh!

If you are a gaming addict, grab your luck!

Oppo a50 2020 model has a 1600* 720-pixel resolution.

To protect a mobile phone is always an important thing. Thank God, Oppo a50 2020 has a default Corning Gorilla Glass.

Performance of the mobile:

The Oppo A5 2020 mobile has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 665 chipset. The Adreno 610 GPU is responsible for all the gaming options available in Oppo A5 020 modes. The model is octo core.

The mobile has 3 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. If you want additional space on your mobile; you can always add a microSD card through the external slot.

The operating system of Oppo a50 2020 is Android v9.0 (Pie).

The custom UI is ColorOS.

Color temperature:

Oppo a50 2020 model has another interesting option called the color temperature option. Here, a slider is available to make the screen of the mobile either warmer or cooler! In an affordable mobile, this option is a great factor!

Digital well-being tools:

Screen timing has become more nowadays. To overcome this, Oppo a50 2020 mobile has many digital well-being tools. You can turn down the grayscale and on the ’Do not disturb’ option every day. The daily usage option is always helpful. Choose a time in daily usage time for different applications in your Oppo A5 2020 mobile.

Sound system:

Oppo a50 2020 model mobile phone is impressive in many ways. One such good factor is its sound system. They are loud and clear. They are robust-sounding and are low during distortions.

A podcast would be a cherry on top of a cake option!

Oppo a50 2020s stereo speakers are quite impressive too. One can be seen above the mobile’s display and the other can be spotted at the bottom.

Camera setting:

On the other side, the camera setup of the Oppo a50 2020 model is a bit disappointing. It has an 8-megapixel front camera and a quad-camera array at the back. There is a 12-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens, and two 2-megapixel depth lenses. But the unsolved question for having two cameras with not-so-good quality is still unanswered!

For selfies, Oppo has an 8 MP camera which also assists in the face unlocking option.

The Oppo a50 2020 mobile has an effective auto HDR mode.

This mode makes the camera less worried about the lighting.

During day times, any picture clicked looks rich and clear.

But on the other side, Oppo a50 2020 model has a challenge in the camera extremes. Night pictures are less detailed compared to the other models.

The camera sensors are of good quality. The sensor used is 1.25-micron sensor pixels to the pixel’s 1.4-micron ones.

Do you know that small photo sites result in lower sensitivity?

Also, you can find a vast difference between the primary and ultra-wide cameras. In ultra-wide angles, the pictures give a softer look at the result. The camera’s lens has an f/2.3 aperture.

The wide-angle camera takes great pictures during daylight with the best lighting.

The front camera of the mobile is also great to capture images. The 8-megapixel and f/2 aperture lens result in perfect facial detailed pictures. But, it also gives a grainy look than a smooth finished one.

Also, if you are a person who beautifies your picture, do not worry. The Oppo a50 2020 model has many ‘beauty’ features in the camera app.

Coming to videos, the focus may not be as you expect it to be. A video with 720p, 1080p of 4K, and 30 frames can be captured. But, unfortunately, the preview of the video will be shown as 1080p.

App’s drawer:

In Oppo a50 2020, you will find an interesting option called the app’s drawer option. Here, you can find a vertical scroll. If not, you can prefer a drawer-free experience more like an iPhone. Also, you can customize how many rows and columns of icons are to be seen on your mobile’s home screen.

Other options:

There are two unique features in Oppo a50 2020 model. They are the Smart Assistant home screen and the one-handed aid option.

First, the Smart assistant is extremely used for a scroll of curated widgets.

Next, Oppo a50 2020 model’s one-handed UI aid option is simply a little box that will appear when you flick from one side of the screen in a specific region.

This will help you reduce the scrolls.

Pros and cons of Oppo a50 2020 model:

After knowing about the features of the Oppo a50 2020 model, the next thing one would check is the advantages and disadvantages. Let us see some of the pros and cons of the Oppo a50 2020 model.

Pros of Oppo a50 2020:

Let us see some of the advantages of the Oppo 2020 model:

• It has a 5000mAh battery.
• It has an attractive design
• It is an ideal budget-range all-rounder mobile

Cons of Oppo a50 2020:

Let us see some of the disadvantages of the Oppo a50 2020 model:

• The screen of Oppo a50 2020 is a high-definition LCD panel.• There is no fast charging option. • ColorOS is present in the Oppo a50 2020 model, which is not the best of all Android operating systems. it feels blocky. The UI is also kind of old.

Problems faced in Oppo a50 2020 model:

Though the Oppo a50 2020 model has many reasons to get chosen, there are few challenges to be faced. Let us see what those challenges are:

  •  Battery drain is faster
  • Heating
  • Issues while connecting Bluetooth
  •  Unexpected Shutdown of the Opps a50 2020 device
  • Applications do not open instantly

Let us discuss in detail these problems and how to solve them.

  1. Battery drain is faster:

Though the model has a 5000mAh battery, there are many challenges against the battery.
Let us see some of the solutions that can be followed to overcome this challenge:


• Make sure your mobile does not have any third-party applications like battery saver mode or phone cleaner.
• Do not install large apps like Facebook or Instagram if not necessary. They end up in a lot of background services
• Oppo a50 2020 model’s built-in option will help you save the battery
• Don’t turn off location services when not necessary
• Prefer using Wi-Fi than the mobile data network
• Go to Settings and turn on the phone’s built-in Power Saving Option to overcome this issue
If none of the solutions are helpful, consult the mobile service place.

2. Heating problem:

Whatever your mobile model may be, heating is a common problem that all of us face.

Let us see some of the solutions that can be followed to overcome this challenge:

The more usage, more is the heat!

Unfortunately, Oppo mobiles face a lot of this issue. Mobile getting hot rarely is not even a problem. But, if it gets hotter even after using the mobile for a small amount of time, there is a problem.


• If you charge your mobile for too long, it gets hot. Make sure you turn off your charger after your battery is full
• Do not play games for too long.
• Do not use your mobile while it is charging
• Do not turn on your mobile data network if it is not necessary
• Make sure to turn off the GPS or location when not needed.
• When you are in a call, turn off the mobile data network, GPS, locations. If not, the mobile gets heated more.

If none of the solutions are helpful, consult the mobile service place.

  • Problem while connecting Bluetooth:

 Not all Oppo users will face this problem; some of the Oppo a50 2020 mobile models face this Bluetooth problem because of many problems.

Let us see some of the solutions that can be followed to overcome this challenge:

• First, make sure to update the mobile whenever notified
• Check the OTA updates and stay updated
• Check if your mobile is connected to other Bluetooth devices
• Turn off your Bluetooth option and turn it on after some time.

  • Unexpected Shutdown of the Oppo a50 2020 device:

Another most common that is being faced by most of us is an unexpected shutdown of the mobile. Not only Oppo mobiles, almost every brand, and model of the mobile faces this challenge.

Unfortunately, the Oppo a50 2020 model is also facing this issue.

Let us see some of the solutions that can be followed to overcome this challenge:


• The main reason for the unexpected shutdown of the mobile is because of heating
• Do not charge your mobiles now and then. Once your plugin, make sure you turn off the charger only after the charge is full. And only after the charge is drained, plug in the charger.
• Perform a Factory Reset on your Oppo A5 2020 mobile if no other solutions work out
• After Factory Reset, don’t restore backup automatically. Instead of that, choose to restore your data manually
If none of the solutions are helpful, consult the mobile service place.

5. Applications do not open instantly:

When you are in a hurry, and your applications do not open instantly, you might be annoyed.

Let us see some of the solutions that can be followed to overcome this challenge:


• YouTube and other graphic-enriched applications take up time to open
• Restart your mobile if this problem occurs

If none of the solutions are helpful, consult the mobile service place.


As a conclusion, the Oppo A5 (2020) is a good option for people who are in search of a budget phone. The model has a great battery performance; hence it is reliable for long-term usage. Pros and cons are common. Look at the bright side of the Oppo A50 200 model and take a wise decision.


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