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Quality control manager in Uss-Express.com: vacancy reviews by employees and experts

Quality control manager

Finding a good job near me is a challenging task during the pandemic. That is the reason why many ambitious people start searching for jobs from home. If you are trying to find a remote job, you should read this description of the quality control manager job offer by experts of urbansplatter.com. We’ve studied testimonials on Indeed and uss express reviews on other online platforms, and here is what we’ve managed to find out.

Description of the company

Almost a decade has passed since Uss Express emerged in the logistics industry. This is a worldwide provider of shipping and dropshipping services. Except for this, Uss-Express specializes in eCommerce consulting and warehousing.

The company provides services not only to European clients, but to ones who aim to develop their eCommerce businesses in Asian countries as well. The organization also works on maintaining its reputation as a legit work-giver.

The quality manager vacancy requirements

Actually, there are not many vacancies in the logistics industry that can satisfy the requirements of the “job near me” requests. In most cases, employees have to travel long distances to warehouses, but Uss-Express offers a different route. In accepts resumes for a vacancy of a remote quality control manager. To send an application and sample the offer, a candidate doesn’t need specific qualifications or skills. Those candidates who can meet the requirements of this low entry-level will be interviewed:

  • Age: 18+
  • Necessary equipment: PC/laptop, smartphone, printer
  • Location: any physical address where the goods might be stored

Job description: salary and “job near me” prospects

Candidates who manage to complete a job interview will be introduced to job instructions. From these instructions, they will learn their responsibilities:

  1. to process orders;
  2. to check the quality of goods and materials;
  3. to track deliveries;
  4. to keep in touch with customers and suppliers;
  5. to communicate with other managers
  6. to provide reports.

Uss-Express doesn’t have the popularity of Amazon, but its employees receive the same or even higher amounts. As for remote part-timers, on average, they can count on the salary starting as low as $1,500-1,700.

What people on Indeed say

We paid a lot of attention to  uss-express.com reviews published by real former or current workers of the organization. Here is what we’ve discovered on Indeed:

  1. A current quality manager from NC: “I had no qualifications for working in the logistics business, I didn’t count on this job, but still decided to apply. I was genuinely surprised when they asked me for a job interview. It went perfectly. Now I work there from my home, get a nice salary, and can spend a lot of time with my family!”
  2. A former manager from New Jersey: “This was my first experience of working from home, working in the company for a little over one year. My responsibilities included receiving goods, checking their condition, packing them in branded boxes and sending them to customers. Recommended for those who want to work from home.”

Let’s compare these testimonials to ones, written by users of the Trustpilot platform:

  1. Joe Wilson Martinez from Canada: “The work is not complicated, but responsible, since none of the buyers wants to receive goods of inconsistent quality. The salary suits me, the working time is regulated, a bonus is provided for processing, the leadership is loyal to me, always help if I have difficulties. I work and am very satisfied with your work, I recommend this work to all your friends.”
  2. Alex Gibson from the French Southern Territories: “It’s a pleasure to work for this company. The staff are friendly, the conditions are good, and there are plenty of points for additional remuneration. During my 6 months of work I was never late with my salary.”

Finally, here we have simple figures to show you how much employees appreciate this employer, as it is highly rated on both Indeed and Trustpilot.



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