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Questions to Ask In Your Attorney Case Management Software Demo

You took the first step and scheduled an attorney case management software demo to learn more about running a more effective practice. Congratulations to you! But now what?

Attorney Case Management Software

Choosing the best attorney case management software for your firm is a major decision, and sometimes hearing about all the bells and whistles in the software can be daunting. Here’s what you need to hear about:

How do you simplify the forms and documents that I use every day?

Too much of the day in the law office is spent looking for the correct forms and filling out the same fields again and again without mistake, only to discover that the form you used is out of date and no longer approved by the court. If you have a software that comes pre-loaded with automated legal forms across all areas of law, you might have up-to-date county, state, and federal forms on your fingertips.

How robust are your integrations with the tools I use every day in my company?

Let’s face it, the majority of the day is spent in Microsoft Outlook and Word – and there’s a good reason for that: you need to be able to connect with clients and draft papers. The program you select must provide a robust integration with these tools so that it strengthens your workflow rather than upsetting it.

Can I do all my daily activities directly from the program, no matter where I am?

Technology can feel daunting at times, and the last thing you want as a legal professional is to have a new tool or program to get through every activity of your day. When reviewing attorney case management software, be sure to check the list of features that come with your subscription and look out for expensive add-ons. Be assured that most software these days have a fully legal practice management program where all features come standard with your subscription. Ask how these software applications automate the management of your entire organization, with contacts, records, emails, time tracking, billing, activities, and tasks in one central location, available anywhere and at any time and use a hybrid cloud model that allows you access while you’re on and offline.

What should your training program and ongoing customer service look like?

Unmatched customer service provides a full account management and content team, many of which have previously been lawyers and paralegals. From the moment you sign up, the on-boarding team should be able to direct you through every move and provide you with customized training. But it doesn’t end there – during your entire subscription period, you should have a dedicated account manager to support you on a regular basis to make sure you get the most out of the app.

Modern case management tools will combine with the existing frameworks to allow you to develop business applications that streamline processes around the firm. Modernizing attorney case management would allow the law firm to save time and money (while optimizing your current systems). Legal attorney case management software incorporates a directory of contacts, a desktop calendar, timelines and to-do lists, time-tracking systems, paper files, and wraps them in a single bundle.

When you embrace modernization and select a lightweight, scalable legal case management system like LegalEdge, it’s up to the program to take care of those things and let you refocus on the main issues. So get in touch with them today!


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