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Razer Keyboard Series Launch In this year 2021


Founded in Singapore, Razer Inc is a Multi National Company which designs and develop consumer products .The head quarters of the company is located in Singapore, and Irvine, California, U.S.They generally make many computer devices for its customers. They have the best razer keyboard series so far in the market.

They are into creating and developing many gaming devices like Keyboard, mice, Headsets and keypads which help the gamers in playing the game more smoothly. Razer is also into making Laptop for gamers which is in the brand name of Raazor Blade. If you are looking for the Best budget gaming keyboard then Razer Keyboard series of gaming keyboards will make you need :

They have developed various editions in Razer Keyboards series

  • Razer BlackWidow
  • Razer BlackWidow 2014
  • Razer BlackWidow Chroma
  • Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014
  • Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth 2014
  • Razer Ornata
  • Razer BlackWidow Stealth 2014
  • Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma
  • Razer BlackWidow Tournament Stealth Edition 2014
  • Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition 2014

About Razor Keyboard

razer gaming keyboard Black widow is one of the popular editions of razer keyboard and mouse. They are more popular because of its classic design, easy availability and they are available at affordable rates. The Black window keyboards series have a 1.5u- sized PC layout with Ctrl and Alt keys on the bottom row,. They also had 1u -Windows, Menu and Fn key sand also in addition they had a 6u Space bar.

They have 5 macro keys on the right side in the regular black window series. There is one unique feature in the regular black window series which is that the function keys can shift to the right slightly to give your more comfort. This feature is not available in the Black widow X and Black widow Chroma series are some of the new razer chroma keyboard in the market. In the black widow X series there is a feature of floating keys and exposed plate.


BlackWidow2010,2013 (late 2012),2014
BlackWidow Ultimate2010,2013 (late 2012),2014,2016
BlackWidow Stealth2014
BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth2011, 2013 (late 2012)
BlackWidow Chroma2015 (Dec 2014)
BlackWidow Chroma V22017
BlackWidow Tournament Edition2012, 2014
BlackWidow Tournament Stealth2014
BlackWidow Stealth2014
BlackWidow Tournament Chroma2015
Blackwidow X Ultimate2016
BlackWidow X Chroma2016
BlackWidow X Tournament Edition2016
BlackWidow X Tournament Chroma2016

Features of Black window Ultimate 2013 edition

  • Alpha numeric keycaps are been replaced in this one.
  • It has a mini USB port.
  • Stylish Keycaps and switches.
  • Its feet have a thick rubber coat.
  • The side view and the back angle for this series is also very eye catching.

Now we can look at the different variants of Razor Keyboard series.

●       Tournament Edition of Black widow

The USB cable is a detachable one and there is no chance for pass through for USB and audio. The functional keys are similar like the traditional ones with all the functions keys in same postion.F2 key are above 2.

●       Black widow X

In this Black widow edition, you may not find the micro keys on the left side of the keyboard.

Let’s have a look at the various price ranges for the Razer Keyboard Series.

Razer Black Widow -Tournament Chroma V2 edition of Mechanical USB keyboard.

Various Keyboards and their specialities

 Date of releaseInterfacePolling rate
l × w × h, mm)
ColorDetachable wristpadOnboard memory
Cable managementSpecial portsSpecial keysAudio portsUSB portsKey typeBacklit keys
Tarantula2006USB1000 Hz469 × 221 × 15BlackNo32NoBattledock10 Macro, media center, profileHeadphone, microphone2DomeMacro keys only – blue
Microsoft Reclusa2006USB1000 Hz551 × 236 × 61BlackYesN/AYesNo6 Macro, 4 bumper buttons, 2 – 360 deg. jog dialsNo2DomeAll – blue
LycosaLate 2007USB1000 Hz522 × 220 × 33BlackYesN/ANoNoMedia centerHeadphone, microphone1DomeAll / WASD / off – blue
BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth2011USB1000 Hz475 × 171 × 30BlackNoN/ANoNo5 Macro, Media, Gaming ModeYes1Mechanical (Cherry MX Brown)Green
AnansiLate 2010USB1000 Hz515 × 190 × 22BlackNoN/ANoNo7 thumb modifier, 5 Macro, Media, Gaming ModeNoNoDomeCustomizable
TRONLate 201 0USB1000 Hz577.5 × 168.25 × 31BlackNoN/ANoDetachable KeypadMedia, Gaming ModeHeadphone, microphoneNoChiclet[7]Blue
BlackWidow Ultimate Dragon Age II EditionEarly 2011USB1000 Hz475 × 171 × 30BlackNoN/ANoNo5 Macro, Media, Gaming ModeYes1Mechanical (Cherry MX Blue)Red
BlackWidow Ultimate 20132012USB1000 Hz475 × 171 × 30BlackNoN/ANoNo5 Macro, Media, Gaming ModeYes1Mechanical (Cherry MX Blue)Green
DeathStalker Ultimate2012USB1000 Hz475 × 171 × 30BlackNoN/ANoNo5 Macro, Media, Gaming ModeYes1ChicletFull Gamut
Blackwidow Chromamid-2012USB1000 Hz475 x 171 x 30BlackNoN/AYesNo5 Macro, Media, Gaming ModeYes1Mechanical (Razer Green)Full Gamut
Blackwidow Chroma V22017USB1000 Hz475 x 171 x 30BlackYesN/AYesNo5 Macro, Media, Gaming ModeYes1Mechanical (Razer Green, Razer Orange, Razer Yellow)Full Gamut
Huntsman Elite2018USB1000 Hz445 x 140 x 36BlackYesN/ANo      
Arctosa2009USB1000 Hz470 × 222 × 20Black on black or silver on blackYesN/ANoNoMedia centerNoNoDome 
Marauder2010USB1000 Hz400 × 182 × 32GreyNoN/ANoNoMedia, Gaming ModeNoNoDome 
BlackWidow Ultimate2010USB1000 Hz475 × 171 × 30BlackNoN/ANoNo5 Macro, Media, Gaming ModeYes1Mechanical (Cherry MX Blue) 
BlackWidowLate 2010USB1000 Hz475 × 171 × 30BlackNoN/ANoNo5 Macro, Media, Gaming ModeNoNoMechanical (Cherry MX Blue) 

Razer Blade Stealth

The first variant in the stealth series of razer chroma keyboard was launched in the early 2017.

Mechanical keyboards are very popular among the gamers specially and are a USP for Razer brand. The Mechanical keyboards come with the feature of Green Mechanical Switch. They are very durable as each switch as each switch has the ability to protect itself from dust and is protected by its sidewalls.

The Mechanical switch key is very much durable and can handle 80 million keyboard strokes which is great news for all the gamers. Isn’t it great news. Since the beginning itself, Razer Black window is special and iis popular because of its switches which are famous and is suitable for game lovers.

The gamers will have a very grand experience on playing the game with such clicky switches and also adding to the grace is the Razer Chroma lighting with the new Razer Black window.

About Razer Black window

Razer Black window was first launched in 2010.It was a path breaker as it started the popularity of mechanical keyboards. This was a big hit especially among the gaming category and saw a huge popularity among the gamers. The Model was so much in demand witin no time and there was very big increasing in the sales and thereby profitability of the business.

This helped the razer chroma keyboard brand to research and come up with new technologies. After the initial success, the brand has given utmost importance to its quality and they have come up with new additional features with switches made according to the requirement of the gamers. Now, the game has made its own name as one of the bets in the category for gaming keyboards.

Mini Hyper Speed V3 –Razer Black Window

The main specialty of Mini Hyper speed V3 is its compatibility and versatility as it can be used easily with ant setups. It is very easy to use. The Razer Keyboard series gamers can have a scintillating game with the use of 65% mechanical keyboards which is a dream usable material for all the gamers.

The main uniqueness in the all new Mini Hyper speed V3 is that it doesn’t have any number pad or functional keys. It just has the arrow keys which makes it somewhat similar to the traditional keyboards. This keyboard series from Razer brand is most suitable for setups which require less desk space.

Modes of Connection

  • Razer Hyper speed wireless-For fast and smooth game play.
  • USB-C-You have to connect it through detachable cable.
  • Bluetooth-connect it between 3 devices to enjoy multi player gaming and use it for different functionalities.

When we have said so much about the mechanical switches in the Razer keyboards, we have to know the different variants.

  • Yellow Razer Mechanical Switches– It has less actuation points which help in giving inputs quickly and it has sound dampener also to recue volume. It is also very helpful to the gamers.
  • Green Razer Mechanical Switches-It offers optimized reset points so that the gamers can get the correction precision which they need while gaming. That is why we have said that the mechanical switches are a vital part in the success of the Razer Keyboards Series.


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