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What are the several tips for choosing a reliable pdf converter?

Pdf converter refers to the tool or softwares used to convert pdf to any other editable form of document. You can use these tools easily just by searching for them on an online platform. Internet is offering plenty of online converting tools, which are available for free. Using an online converter for converting any document into pdf is the most convenient way.

If you are willing to use these free online tools for converting your document into pdf, then you should find a reliable converter which is offering a legit service. Numerous factors are present on the basis of which you can easily find a reliable converter.

You can get millions of different tips on the internet, but in this article, we will discuss some of the most prominent tips. You should follow these tips for acquiring the best service of converting doc to pdf. Let’s take a look at some fantastic tips which can make your work easy.

Why need a pdf converter?

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Portable document format is commonly known by the name of pdf, which was developed in 1993. This format of the document is standardized as ISO 32000. It is the most popular and used document for sharing information regarding anything.

There are numerous benefits that are offered by this format of the document, but the sole complication which you will face is that you are not allowed to edit the information in pdf. If you want to make any changes in pdf, then you must have to convert it into any other form of document. For converting pdf into any other format of the document, you should use only reliable tools and softwares. You can also use these tools for converting docx to pdf.  

Multiple formats of document

It is also an important factor that you should consider while searching for a legit platform. There are many web-based tools and softwares available on the internet, but some of them are not offering all formats of document for converting into pdf or vice versa. So, you should check for all the formats of document which they are offering to their users. Below mentioned are some of the popular formats of documents that are offered by the majority of websites.

  • Word
  • TXT
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PPT
  • EPUB   

If the website you had chosen is not offering all formats of documents, then you should go for another platform.

Conversion time

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You can also choose the web-based software for converting docx into pdf on the basis of this factor. You might be familiar with the fact, conversion time of these softwares are also depends on the system and connection which are being used by you. There is numerous factor which leads to leaving an impact the on conversion time. It is a fact; conversion time doesn’t remain constant in every platform or software. Conversion time in these tools also depends on the size of the file which you are uploading to convert.

If the website or web-based tool is developed by any popular developer, then you can show your trust in it. According to some experts, every reliable platform takes few seconds to convert any document. On the other hand, if you use any of the random platforms, then it would take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to convert the file with the size in kilobytes. If you consider this factor, then it can leave a negative impact on your time management.    

Preserved layout

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It is a prominent concern while using any pdf converter because the format is the most critical factor regarding the document. If you had any experience regarding these online tools, then you might know about thousands of platform which are able to convert word or any other format of the document into pdf but change the entire format of pdf which is also known as pdf layout.

If you want to save your time, then you should go for those websites which are offering the same layout after conversion. This is the major obstacle that can be faced by you while converting any document with the help of a random tool. Pdf layout is necessary while converting any document into the form of pdf because factors like image or text must remain intact. Reliable platforms keep the format of documents constant, which is one of the most prominent benefits of using these softwares.     

Optical character recognition support

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Optical character recognition support refers to the latest technology which is necessary for converting any handwritten text or pdf into word or any other format of the document. As mentioned earlier, the internet I offering millions of converting websites, but the majority of these websites are not using this technology which is one of the vital drawbacks of these websites. This technology is commonly known by the name OCR.

If you confront any website which is using the latest OCR technology for conversion, then it will be the ideal choice for you. So, if you are searching for a reliable converter, then considering this factor can make your work easy.


The majority of people face this complication while using numerous offline tools and softwares for converting docx to pdf. You might be familiar with the fact, majority of offline tools are not compatible with every device which is being used by you. On the other hand, if you will use online or web-based softwares for conversion, it will be easy for you on every device.

These online softwares are compatible with each device like mobile, personal computer, tablet, iOS, and many more. This is a prominent indication that the website is reliable or not. The Internet also offers many websites which are only compatible with high-end computers and laptops, but it is recommended that you should not waste your time on these websites.

Here is another tool called PDFBeat, check out this link to learn about 4 surprising features of PDFBear.

User interface

Besides of factors which are mentioned above, the user interface is also an important factor that can help you in selecting a legitimate platform for conversion. The user interface is proof that the website is developed by an experienced developer or not. So, you can also consider these factors.


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