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Role of blockchain in web development


Now almost everyone is trading tokens: first, the blockchain company Injective Protocol burns a picture of Banksy live to convert the created performance into a digital object, then Edward Snowden sells his token for $ 5.5 million, and the singer The Weeknd even announces his new song in NFT format. Thanks to tokens, it’s easy to make a fortune in a matter of seconds: singer Grimes received almost $ 6 million in 20 minutes, and artist Beeple received 69 million in just one painting.

On the one hand, the boom in the nft marketplace developer is a natural event both in terms of technical progress and in terms of coronavirus restrictions. In addition, the nft marketplace development services makes life easier for artists: to make thousands of varieties in their collections they use an NFT Generator and to sell their works, they no longer need to work through intermediaries, they just need to have an account on a special resource and pay a small service commission, this is especially beneficial for beginners.

First of all, a blockchain cannot be controlled by one side and collapse when any part of it collapses. Secondly, these networks are publicly available and are available to absolutely everyone who requests it. Third, it is almost impossible to hack the blockchain. To do this, a hacker will have to change data on millions of computers. Thus, blockchain is the epitome of complete decentralization. There is no hierarchy in the blockchain, which makes all parties to transactions equal. Blockchain technology will gain momentum and become one of the governing web development trends in 2020. Blockchains allow you to create supply chains, provide decentralized file storage and automatic protection of intellectual property. Moreover, they open up new avenues for online commerce and crowdfunding. Watch the growth of blockchain technology and you may be one of the first in your niche to benefit from it.

Blockchain is a rapidly evolving technology that is transforming the essence of business. The idea itself belongs to a person or by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Initially, this technology supported the digital currency Bitcoin, but now many other uses have been found for it, and it has become truly revolutionary.

The essence of blockchain technology is to use a common database that is constantly being reconciled. Millions of computers contain database records that are updated every ten minutes. Since data is scattered across a large number of computers and there is no team in control, it is literally impossible to screw up or disrupt the functioning of the system. To destroy the blockchain, you will have to destroy every possible PC that can store data or turn off the Internet on planet Earth. Invincible, blockchain is superior to other technologies.

If blockchain development still seems to you something mysterious and incomprehensible, we can give examples of areas in which the technology is used:

  • Elections. The use of blockchain technologies in elections excludes the possibility of vote rigging and any interference in the process.
  • Management. You have the opportunity to transparently and reliably maintain a general register of any contracts and transactions, as well as eliminate misunderstandings between the parties.
  • Logistics. Blockchain in logistics allows you to avoid financial costs associated with bureaucratic procedures. The system will be able to independently control the stages of tasks and payment for services.
  • Lending. Clients will be able to get a loan as soon as possible, and you will not need to worry about payments – the system will regulate everything on its own.
  • Accounting.

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