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Serverwala VPS Review – The Best VPS Hosting Provider India

Best VPS Hosting in India

After the virtualization technology progression, most people are deploying the VPS Hosting services these days for their online business. The acronym VPS has been made for signifying virtual private servers. VPS Hosting India has come up with many benefits to help individuals acquire the advancement in their work under affordable, reliable, easy to manage, and secure services. Here, we will be discussing how VPS differentiates itself from other hosting services and how the Server Wala company has made a significant impact in the hosting industry and can be considered to have the Best VPS Hosting in India. Let us get started!

How is VPS Hosting India Different From Other Hosting Services? 

The VPS India serves the privileges that can acquire from the two popular hosting types – shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting. The VPS Hosting offers almost similar affordable costs provided by the shared server hosting. The users will get their separate independent resources allotted to their private virtual servers in the VPS India service. However, in the shared hosting, all the users of the same physical server share the server resources such as CPU, RAM, etc. 

Comparing the VPS Server India with the dedicated server hosting, the virtual private server offers almost all the dedicated server’s benefits and services at affordable rates, such as root access, high security, private hosting environment, etc. Unlike in the dedicated server hosting, the India VPS users do not have to get bothered about the physical server performance and operations as the VPS hosting provider will take full responsibility for it. 

What Should You Examine Before Buying VPS Hosting Plans in India? 

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In this blog, we provide some important factors that you should consider before choosing the right VPS Hosting Plan in India. Since several hosting providers guarantee to offer the best VPS Hosting in India, you can get gobbled and choose the wrong one. It will be wise to filter out the hosting providers who can verify their credentials and provide the precise VPS plans that meet your business requirements.                                                                                                                                                                               

First of all, you will need to make a call about whether you want to pick managed VPS plans or unmanaged VPS plans. The unmanaged VPS plans come with less cost price comparatively, but you have to make sure to possess the technical expertise and time to manage the server on your own. On the other hand, in the managed VPS in India, your hosting provider will take charge of troubleshooting all your technical problems and server-related responsibilities. 

Secondly, whichever hosting you pick, ensure that your hosting provider gives round-the-clock customer support. Further, you must check if your web host renders the high-security for your website’s data or not. Suppose, if you are operating an e-commerce site, then your web host must possess and provide an SSL certificate to you. 

Finally, confirm that if the provider offers regular data backup services and systems to retrieve data in case something wrong happens with the site. 

Why Serverwala is the Best VPS Hosting Provider in India?

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The Server Wala company has been one of the most renowned VPS Hosting providers. It has achieved numerous awards that show the company’s professionals’ dedication and commitment towards its users. The Best VPS Hosting India service from this company ensures the following benefits to the users and the best VPS server in India. 

  • The Server Wala satisfies all the factors mentioned in the previous section and renders the transparent billing system for eliminating any chance of hidden fees. You will receive the upfront charges and acquire easy access to the complete billing through the dashboard showing complete and transparent costs of services.
  • The company guarantees to provide constant network efficiency while ensuring the hundred percent uptime and optimized outputs. Your money and effort for raising your business will find value in the company’s VPS In India services. 
  • The company also grants top-tier equipment and employs accelerated servers. You will have reliable components comprising colossal storage and Intel CPU for fast processing. 
  • The company professionals give prompt responses to the customer or user’s queries and issues. They are available 24/7 via phone call or e-mail contact. 

Further, jump to the following section to know how the company contributes to rendering India’s best hosting plans and packages. 

Best VPS Hosting Plans & Packages in India 

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The best VPS Hosting India plans and packages are those that can serve the ideal solutions to their users to develop their online business under their budget. The company Server Wala takes the lead in providing such plans and packages to its users. It offers customized VPS Hosting plans and packages that are highly scalable, affordable, and flexible. They have designed in a way such that the users can take complete advantage of resources and services to grow their online business under their budget. 

Browse the company’s website to get more information about the plans and services – https://serverwala.com/

Let us move on to the India VPS Hosting features that are easily accessible under the Server Wala Cloud Data Center company’s services. 

Top Most Features of VPS Hosting India 

Mentioned below are some of the most significant features of India Based VPS Hosting –

Operating System options

Under the India VPS server, you are permitted to pick the required operating system from the wide range of operating systems to host your website.

Management Panel alternatives

You have the possibility to choose any of the desired management panels for the virtual private server hosting purpose, such as Webuzo, cPanel/WHM, Plesk, etc.

Cloud technology association

With the VPS Hosting India plans, you can get the chance to experience a cloud server’s versatility and a dedicated server’s potential at the same time. The cloud-based virtual private server will let your website have the best performance and productivity under almost all conditions. 

SSH and Root Accessibility 

The VPS Hosting offers complete authority and control over the hosting environment through the option of SSH and root access. 

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

You will also enjoy the facility of the user-friendly and simple dashboard. This resource monitoring dashboard enables you to keep an eye over the resources such as memory usage, server status, reboot VPS. Moreover, it also assists in controlling and managing your other server configurations.

Unlimited sites hosting

Through VPS Hosting India, you get the opportunity to have your multiple websites hosted on the different VPS accounts of the same physical server. 


After comprehending VPS Hosting India’s features, you can have an idea of how strongly virtual private server hosting can impact the growth of your online business. Further, the Server Wala company makes it possible for you to purchase the cheap and best VPS Hosting in India, while getting strong support from its professionals and technical team. Therefore, you may consider deploying the virtual private server hosting right away for your business website while taking the company’s consultation and services.


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