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The Seven Elements Of A Good Online Course

7 elements of a good online course

With the rise in COVID-19 cases, the experts are thinking to make the online method their permanent mode of education. We have also talked to several experts who say that the online method of education is worthy of consideration. Whether it is an accounting course or any other, you should always care about these things. Here, we are going to talk about some essential elements of online education. 

There is no point in saying that the online mode of education is more effective than the offline mode. Several students don’t perform so well when they study using the online method of learning things. Some socioeconomic factors are also there that make the offline method more suited compared to the online method. 

The presence of many content creators online often confuses the users who want to choose a course. To help all the amateurs, we will discuss some points that you should look for when you are choosing a course. 

Seven Elements Of Good Online Course

Social And Economic Equality

Social And Economic Equality online learning

The course that you are going for should be in accordance with social and economic equality. This is a very important thing to look for. When someone offers a course, the course should be designed in such a way that to consider all the social and economic inequalities present around the world. All the content available in the online course should be such that it should not discriminate against people on any basis.


Expandable online course

The course should provide features that are extended up to the possible limit. When it comes to practical knowledge, there should be enough options. Suppose you are studying something, but the course offers the same example all the time. This is quite annoying and redundant. Various people get bored with such examples. 

Attention Grabbing

Attention Grabbing online course

The instructors of the course should be active enough to grab the attention of the users. An instructor should consider the life of trainees beyond that course. However, it depends on the design of course too. The design should be convenient for the students so that they have enough time to enjoy their life.

Easy And Effective

online learning

The course should be effective and easy-going. Every detail should be described in the beginning. It should mention the skills that the student is going to gain.

Scope For Revision


There should be enough scope for revising the content again and again. Suppose the class is for creative writing; students should be regularly asked to write short stories on random topics. The same kind of practical arrangements should be made in case of an accounting course. There should be an arrangement for personalized feedback based on each student. 



Any course can never be successful if it is not interactive. There should be proper support for every possible doubt that a student may face. The course should also include a debate between different student groups. All such things should be done that can create a community-like environment. 



The course must include programming language assignments and it should be such that students can find it challenging. At the same time, there should be enough motivation for students to learn and grow.

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All the features that we have mentioned so far are not about online courses only. Even if you are looking for a course in a conventional method, you should search for these qualities. 

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