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Shershah Full Movie Download And Watch Online Free

Shershah Movie (2021) Download

On this 75th independence day, are you planning for watching something patriotic with your family? Such a movie that fills you with patriotism will meet your taste best. Should we reveal it? Alright, it’s a patriotic biography-based war film. The film shows the life journey of an Indian army captain Vikram Batra, from his first-ever posting in the army to his martyrdom in the Kargil war of 1999. Are you thinking about the actors playing the lead roles? Who are they? What is the storyline of this film? Is it worth watching? Everything we are going to cover here. Be patient, at the end, we will share a few tips about Shershah Full Movie Download and watch online.

Release Date Of Sheshah And Where You Can Watch This Movie Online?

Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, before the independence day, released Shershah on 12th August 2021. On 12 January 2020, the shooting was fully completed, and Dharma Production scheduled it for release on 3rd July 2020 but due to the COVID pandemic, they had to postpone it till 2 July 2021. But, because of some reasons, the filmmakers had to postpone it.

Currently, Amazon Prime Video has all the distribution rights related to Shershah. The trailer and poster had been released so far in which Siddharth Malhotra can be seen in army dress with a gun in his hands. Oh! Did we tell you the lead actor’s name? Yes, Siddharth Malhotra will be playing the role of Paramveer Chakra awardee caption Vikram Batra in the movie Shershah. Which actors are playing the other roles? Hold on! We will also discuss them.

For watching Shershah on Amazon Prime Video, you need to purchase a subscription. However, if your age is between 18-24 years, you can get a prime subscription at 50% off. But, this requires your photo ID and age verification. For others, there is another subscription package.

As of now, there is no such information that other OTT platforms like- ZEE5 will release Shershah.

Starting with the lead cast, Siddharth Malhotra is there in the role of Captain Vikram Batra, whereas everyone’s favorite Kiara Advani will be playing the role of Dimple Cheema, Vikram Batra’s girlfriend. Additionally, Krishnay Tuteja will act as young Vikram Batra; Kavay Tuteja will be displayed as Vikram’s twin brother Vishal Batra in flashback. And, Siddharth himself will be playing the role of Vishal Batra in present.

In other roles, Shiv Pandit is there as Batra’s CO Lieutenant Sanjeev Jamwal. Anil Charanjeett, Nikitin Dheer, Shataf Figar, Abhiroy Singh, Sahil Vaid, Pranay Sing, Raj Arjun, Atul Verma, Pranay Singh Pachauri, Pawan Chopra, Bijay Anand, Mir Sarwar, Rakesh Dubey, Himanshoo A. Malhotra, Ankur Sharma, and Jaykartik will be playing other secondary important roles.

Switching to the crew and production, Dharma Production and Kaash Entertainment have produced this movie. The crew processed all the production work under the production guidance of Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta, Ajay Shah, Shabbir Boxwala, and Himanshu Gandhi.

Vishnuvardhan has directed the Shershah Full Movie Download and Sandeep Srivastava has written the script of this movie.

Coming to the music, the score and background music of songs come under the label of Sony Music India. John Stewart Eduri has composed the score of the Shershah movie. Whereas, Tanishk Bagchi, Javed-Mohsin, Jasleen Royal, Vikram Montrose, and B Praak have given music for different songs in Shershah. Further, songs of this film are expected to be loved by every person as star lyricist Manoj Muntashir, Tanishk Bagchi, and Punjabi lyricist Jaani have written the lyrics. Moreover, Rashmi Virag and Anvita Dutta have written the lyrics of three songs.

In addition to them, several star singers have given their voice in the different songs of Shershah. Jubin Nautiyal, Darshan Raval, Palak Muchhal, B Praak, Jasleen Royal, Asees Kaur, and Vikram Montrose gave their voices in the songs of this movie. Music lovers have highly appreciated the songs “Raataan Lambiyan”, “Jai Hind Ki Sena”, “Kabhi Tumhein”, and “Mann Bharryaa 2.0” the most.

The Plot Of Shershah Movie

The movie begins with Captain Vikram’s brother Vishal (Siddharth Malhotra) who is delivering a speech about his martyred brother’s life (in reality it was a TEDx event) Shershah Full Movie Download. This is the only part in the present shown in the movie. The rest of the plot of the Shershah movie is narrated in flashbacks. Here starts the flashback.

Young Vikram Batra was playing cricket and he started fighting older teens for the ball, revealing his known brave nature. The television series “Param Vir Chakra” inspired him to join the Indian Army and serve the motherland. The montage shows his patriotism and his desire to join the military when he grows up. At the age of 23, he was ordered to join the 13th Battalion of the Jammu and Kashmir Rifle Team Delta Company (13 JAK RIF) and was sent to Sopore as a lieutenant. He established a cordial relationship with his men as well as the locals and participated in counterinsurgency operations. In one such action, he challenged his Lieutenant Colonel Sanjeev “Jimmy” Jamwal (Shiv Pandit), but eliminated the perpetrator and saved his life. Jimmy condemned her approach, but then approached him.

After returning to the military base, Batra received a letter from his girlfriend Dimple Cheema (Kiara Advani). The movie dates back to 1995 when Batra and Dimple started dating. They decided to marry, however, Dimple’s father refused to accept Batra because their castes were different and it was against their family rituals. To please her father, Batra decided to give up his military dreams and join the merchant fleet for higher pay. However, his friend Amit Sood nicknamed Sunny (Sahil Vaid) convinced him not to give up on his dream. As a result, Bartra and the dimple argued for a long.

At present, Delta has caught the confidence of a rebel group. In retaliation, the leader Heider ambuscades Delta, using the information in the arsenal to lure it in. Batra’s friend Naib Subedar Bansi Lal was also among the dead. Trauma and revenge, he found Haider and obtained permission to operate from the commander of the force, Lieutenant Colonel Yogesh Kumar Joshi (Shafat Figar). The Delta Company led by Batra raided Haider’s house and killed him. Later, he was preparing to take a vacation, unknowingly, the Kargil war was approaching.

In May 1999, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf violated the Geneva Conventions and the Simla Agreement and began to send troops to Kashmir to occupy the Kargil peak. With more and more news of a possible war, Batra decided to shorten his vacation and return. He made a famous promise to Sunny: “I will come back after the victory hoisting the Indian flag, or I will come back wrapped it. But I will come.”

The unit was transferred to Ghumri Army Base as a reserve force along with other regiments for adaptation and preparation. The base came under fire from artillery fire, resulting in heavy casualties, including Batra’s senior commander, Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia (played by Nikitin Dheer). Three weeks after the starting of the war, the 13th JAK RIF was transferred to active duty to rescue the 2nd Rajputana Rifle (2 RAJ RIF) and recover 5,140 points at an altitude of 17,000 feet. Senior military officers assigned Vikram Batra the code name “Shershaah” and the victory sign “Yeh Dil Maange More” for radio communication. Jimmy and Batra led their company and recovered 5,140 feet of altitude in Kargil peak without casualties, winning praise from the military and the public. Batra was promoted to captain and nominated for Maha Vir Chakra Award.

Shershah Full Movie Download : After an impressive victory, the Army Command ordered 13 JAK RIFs to occupy 4,875 points, which bypassed National Highway No. 1, symbolically ending the war. The next day, they began attacking point no. 4,875, but due to the rugged geographical conditions and multiple bunkers, they suffered several casualties. In the end, they destroyed all four bunkers that they knew about. They were not aware of the fifth camouflage bunker, adopted fierce firepower. Vikram Batra asked Rifleman Yashpal (Pranay Pachauri) to use Pakistan’s RPG7 at the bunker. However, a sniper struck him before he could fire. Batra ran through the open space to rescue him and succeeded but was hit by snipers and AK47 bullets multiple times. When he fell, he watched Subedar Raghunath Singh taking the command into the last bunker. When the men raised the Indian flag in victory, he stopped firing. Due to his vigilant behavior in point 4875, he was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra.

The ending of this movie shows his funeral in Palampur and a perturbed Dimple. Actual pictures, clips, and the fate of the men are revealed before the credits roll.

Is Shershah Worth Watching?

Shershaah is an engaging and inspirational take on the life and times of the courageous devotee of Bharat Mata. This film is filled with patriotic moments and each scene of this movie will get you goosebumps. If you watch this movie, you will feel that it is worths your 2 and a half hours very well. Not only this, Shershah is getting a lot of appreciation from viewers on Instagram and Twitter.

The dedication level of cast and crew reflects well in this movie. Moreover, the team has worked very well on execution of this great story. It is a film that makes every Indian feel proud! From its starting to the end, every scene of this movie is filled with patriotism. The shooting of this film is of different places in Kashmir, so you will get a realistic feel of Indo-Pak war in Kargil. If you have ever watched movies like- Border, LOC Kargil, etc., Shershah will remind yout a similar feeling.

Thus, one can conclude that Shershah Full Movie Download is undoubtedly worth watching.

Shershah Movie Download And Watch Online? Where To Watch And Download?

Generically, one can watch Shershah Full Movie Download online on Amazon Prime Video. Moreover, this subscription won’t cost you much if you are a person between the age from 18 to 24 years. But, if your budget does not allow you to spend money for Prime subscription, or you want to purchase subscription for this movie only, it won’t worth the price. So, it is better to download from a few free sites on Google.

Search ‘Shershah movie free download’ on Google, and you will find downloading feature in some sites shown in the search results. Similarly, if you have Telegram app, then it is easier to download Shershah movie or watch it online.

All you need is to follow these steps below-

  • Open Telegram app on your phone or any other deveice.
  • Search ‘Shershah movie download and watch online’ or ‘Shershah movie download Hindi Movies’.
  • Some Telegram channels will appear in the search results.
  • Check them out one by one, and you will get the download link in any of those channels.
  • Click on that download link and choose the quality among 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
  • After selecting the download pixel quality, download process will automatically start.
  • However, if you are unable to find any download link related to Shershah movie, be patient and wait for a few days. Witin a month of release of any hindi movie or web series, their Shershah Full Movie Download links become available on Telegram channels.

Still, if you are super excited to watch this movie and don’t want to wait more, download Amazone Prime Video and get the prime subscription. But, before that, make a list of some of your most favorite movies that you want to watch after Shershah. Now, you will have a long lists of movies and thus, your Prime subscription will worth your money.

There is one more alternative for the same. If your data plan is going to expire soon, we suggest you to get the data plan with one month of Amazon Prime Video subscription. Thus, without spending any extra money, you can now easily enjoy watching Shershah Full Movie Download online on Amazon Prime Video.


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