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Stay And Work In Australia Permanently With Visa Subclass 189

Do you wish to stay and work in Australia permanently? If your reply is yes, then to apply for Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 must be your choice. This visa has been designed for migrants who possess in-demand skills relevant to the employment sector of Australia. If you’re fortunate enough then your trade or professional skills might qualify you for a Permanent Residency as well. You don’t need to be sponsored by an employer to apply for this visa.

A Clear Understanding About The Points Based System

The visa subclass 189 is entirely based on points. Currently, the desired score is set at 65 points which every applicant must acquire to become eligible. Remember, the more points you can obtain the better it is for you. Once you acquire 65 points, you will be invited to apply for this visa. Subsequently, you need to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) through a valid SkillSelect. Your SkillSelect will give you an approximate idea about your scored points.

Invitation Evaluation

You will receive an invitation from the Australian immigration department after your evaluation is done. Through this invitation you will get a clear idea about the pertinent points of your application’s evaluation. Aside, your application should be lodged in assistance of substantial proofs. These documents will help you substantiate your claims in an effective manner.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Before applying for the skilled independent visa 189 there are certain eligibility requirements which you must meet unfailingly. A comprehensive checklist of these eligibility criteria can be considered below.

  • You must be aged between 18 and 45 years. Each age group is entitled to be awarded with certain levels of points.
  • You must qualify in the skills assessment test successfully by obtaining the minimum points. The 189 visa requires you to score 65 points at a minimum and not less.
  • You must possess minimum functional English. To prove this you will have to pass a particular English test successfully by acquiring the desired score. Some of the popular English exams which this visa requires you to crack are given in the bracket (Cambridge English: Advanced, PTE Academic, iBT, TOEFL, OET and IELTS). 
  • You should invited to apply for your visa subclass 189
  • You must meet the relevant character and health requirements properly
  • Your chosen occupation must comprise the skilled occupations list of Australia

Remember, that the points you will be awarded with will depend on a number of factors. These include your English proficiency, qualifications, age, overseas qualifications acquired in Australia and your work experience in Australia etc. Besides, to calculate your points, you can also use the points calculator provided on the official site of the DoHA.

Can Family Members Be Included?

While applying for your skilled independent subclass 189 visa you can include certain family members. They can be any of the following:

  • Dependent children who are up to 23 years old if they don’t financially depend on you. Besides, their dependence on you must due to any form of mental or physical impairment or
  • Your de facto partner or spouse (same sex partners are also inclusive)

So, do you think that any of the discussed family members are willing to accompany you to Australia? If yes, then include them in your 189 visa subclass application unhesitatingly.

How To Apply For The Skilled Independent 189 Visa?

So, are you all set and ready to apply for your visa subclass 189 to live and work in Australia permanently? If so, then execute each of the following steps back to back.

Submission of EOI

To get started submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through a valid SkillSelect for commencing your 189 visa application.

Wait for an invitation

Next, the Department of Home Affairs will send you an invitation concerning your 189 visa application.

Provide substantial documents

You must provide concrete documents to prove your eligibility and support your Expression of Interest (EOI). Some of the documents which you must provide imperatively are:

  • Documents which prove your Expression of Interest
  • Essential documents which prove that you’ve qualified in your skills assessment test successfully
  • Documents of your dependant and partner 
  • Documents through which you can prove the results of your English language test and
  • Pertinent documents which are related to your identity proof etc.

The Department of Home Affairs will only select those migrants who are eligible to fill the skilled labour shortages impeccably.

Time to apply for your 189 visa

After you receive an invitation, you need to apply for your visa subclass 189 in a proper way. Remember, that you must apply for your 189 visa within the next 60 days from the date of your application invitation. Once the DoHA receives your visa, they will inform you about it immediately. They will also inform you if you are granted a bridging visa meanwhile.

Await a decision

The Department of Home Affairs will inform you about the final verdict of your visa subclass 189. In case your visa is refused they will clarify you the potential reasons behind it. Conversely, if your visa is granted, you will be given a visa commencement date, number and the relevant visa conditions.

Advantages Of The Visa Subclass 189

The 189 Visa Australia is a permanent residency visa. With this visa you and your eligible family members can do the following things:

  • Apply for a citizenship in Australia only if you’re eligible
  • Travel to and from Australia as many times as you want for five years
  • Sponsor relatives who are eligible for an Australian PR
  • Enrol in Medicare, the most sought-after health care scheme in Australia
  • Work and study in Australia without any potential restrictions and
  • Live in Australia for an indefinite period

At present, the cost of the visa subclass 189 is AU$4,045

Apply For The 189 Visa With A Migration Agent Perth!

So, is it also your wish to join Australia’s workforce as a permanent resident? Then, apply for the visa subclass 189 in assistance of a Migration Agent Perth Australia. An Immigration Agents Perth is aware of the complex procedure of your visa application. So, your Visa Consultant in Perth will devise the most effective ideas and strategies accordingly. At the end, your visa agent will ensure the choicest visa application for you.


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