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The Pros and Cons of Air Bud Pro and Wired Headphones

Air Bud Pro and Wired Headphones
Air Bud Pro and Wired Headphones

Be it listening to music, watching a movie, or just talking on call, everyone ends up wanting the best kind of sound quality to make the experience better than what it is. And to make that experience great, wireless headphones are surely the way to go. Especially in current times where technological innovation not only allow one to have better usability, but also convenience and practicality when it comes to using new devices out there. And just for that, getting your hand on the air bud pro is surely a must. 

How are they different? 

The most basic difference when it comes to wireless and wired headphones is right in their names: a wire. Wireless headphones are separate ear buds that come with a charging port device and carrier in which they get recharged when needed. When in use, these headphones can simply be used, through Bluetooth, without the need of any active connection to neither the port, nor any wires. 

On the contrary, wired headphones simply come with a wire that is used to plug in the earphones in a suitable device after which they can be used. 

You get the freedom to move around with the air bud pro 

The greatest advantage of having airbuds is the freedom that the user gets when it comes to being able to move around, without being disconnected. With Bluetooth allowing for a wide range of motion between the earphones and connected device, it becomes extremely easy to not be restricted at one place when the headphones are in use. And that alone is something that wired headphones cannot provide with. 

The sound quality is better with wireless headphones 

Though at times Bluetooth headphones might seem as providing low sound quality, when it comes to low loaded files, airbuds pro are the best way to go. They not only provide extreme clarity when it comes to sound, but also allow to work with a well-functioning built in microphone that send through clear sound as well.

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However, with wired headphones, this can end up being an issue, especially when even the slightest of damage to the wire is done. 

Wired headphones are cost effective 

Better technology means more cost. And the same goes for wireless headphones. The extensive functions and mechanisms that they hold end up making them cost more as well. And this ends up making wired headphones way more affordable. However, that reduces their durability and long lastingness as well. So, if you are looking for something that stays on for a longer time, then investing in wireless headphones is surely the right choice, even if that means spending a bit more money than you intend to. 

Wireless headphones require charging

When it comes to wired earphones, all you need to do is plug them in the device that you are using and you are all set to go. However, airbuds pro require providing them with a charging time which might seem to be a bit inconvenient and time consuming in case they are needed urgently. Though once charged, they easily end up being functioning for a long time without creating any battery issue. 

Wired headphones are much more reliable 

When it comes to wireless headphones, the possibility that they would have a problem connecting over all kinds of networks might be there. Hence, their reliability remains under question when it comes to how well their usability is. However, this problem does not occur with wired headphones which can be connected through any devices and that too without the need of any extra connection or network. Hence, they turn out to be the better option in this regard. 


If you are looking for something that is durable, high in quality and easy to carry around, then the air pod pro is surely the right option. Specifically, when it is crucial to have the best audibility out there. However, if one is looking for an option that is not only reliable but also cost effective, then investing in wired headphones ends up being the wiser choice. It all depends on what each individual is looking for, however, both end up having their own pros and cons all while being perfectly good in their own ways. 

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