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The Pros And Cons of Local SEO Strategies

Local SEO Strategies

Brick-and-mortar businesses need local search engine optimization (SEO) so customers in their area can find their services and products online. Local SEO means using a targeted and strategic approach to ensure your business appears across every local search engine page. For instance, if your restaurant business is located in New York, local SEO helps your website appear when people search ‘restaurants in New York.’  

Appearing on these searches is important so that you can attract potential customers to visit your business instead of waiting for passers-by to recognize your existence. However, local SEO also has its pros and cons, and checking them below will help you weigh if the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa.

Pros Of Local SEO

While traditional marketing like letterbox drops and newspaper advertisements may help, you may also want to go digital with your marketing efforts. And one of the many ways to do this is through local SEO strategies. That way, you can enjoy some of the following benefits below: 

1. Increase Your Online Visibility

Online visibility refers to being on top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) when consumers search for products or services using the internet. And this is even more important for local businesses since many people now use the world wide web to search for services and information. 

Nowadays, consumers don’t need to physically scout their locality to find businesses because they rely on their search engines to do this for them. This means if you don’t appear on their SERPs, you’re decreasing your chances of being seen. 

Thus, you may need to employ effective local SEO strategies. For instance, if you hire local SEO in London, your London-based business can achieve more visibility since the agency is knowledgeable of the local SEO trends in this area. This means they know what techniques to use to reach local customers and boost your online visibility.

2. Generates Targeted Traffic

Unlike general SEO, local SEO aims for targeted traffic. As mentioned, you can appear on geological searches depending on where your business is located. Thus, it means your target is primarily the people who are located near you.

This also means that your target market is more likely going to visit your business since they’re just near you. This is great, especially if your business relies heavily on foot traffic. However, this could only be possible if you rank well on SERPs which is the result of using the right SEO strategies

3. Lets You Appear As An Authority In Your Niche

 Since you appear on the first pages of SERPs, people are more likely going to see you as credible and trustworthy. As mentioned, most people rely on what comes out from their searches. 

People will think that your business is a good one since you’re ranking high. Just make your website is user-friendly, informational, and compelling to further entice visitors to check your brick-and-mortar business. 

Cons Of Local SEO

Every strategy has its cons. However, these disadvantages are minimal, and you can easily resolve them. Knowing these cons is important so you can better weigh if local SEO strategies would be beneficial for your business.  

1. Local SEO Isn’t Free

Like other marketing efforts, local SEO comes with a fee that can add to your business expenses. Local SEO campaigns require constant updates and monitoring to keep up with search engines’ ranking factors. Thus, you may need to invest both time and money to make your local SEO strategies successful. Of course, you can delegate this task to an SEO agency but again, you also have to pay for such services.

Although implementing local SEO campaigns cannot be done for free, you can benefit from the results in the long run. And these results may even bring you twice or triple the costs you have spent on the campaigns. 

2. You Have To Deal With Changing Algorithms

As mentioned, you need to regularly update your strategies because search engines also update their algorithms. Since search engines focus more on giving accurate results to consumers, they regularly implement new ranking factors. These updates could make you land on the third page of SERPs if your current strategy doesn’t conform to the latest ones. 

Aside from that, you need to follow content quality guidelines religiously. Otherwise, you may be penalized and your site would be removed from the search results page completely. Surely, you don’t want that to happen for your website.


It’s only natural that local SEO strategies have disadvantages. However, you can resolve these by simply providing quality content and following the best practices in content and digital marketing. Moreover, knowing the pros and cons of local SEO is vital so you can weigh if it can truly help your business. If you think that the pros outweigh the cons, then add local SEO to your marketing efforts so your business can thrive!


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