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Things You Must Consider Before Applying For Visitor Visa 600


Travelling is more than just visiting places, it’s a complete journey to touch down new areas and experience the unexplored side of the world. Watching and experiencing a completely different side of the world and understanding how life functions give more than just memories to a person. When it comes to travelling, no traveller can miss out Australia from his/her list as it’s simply amazing from every direction. No matter if you are 18 or 70, the country of kangaroos and beaches has a lot to offer for its guests. If you are also planning to visit Australia for a longer duration as you want to smell, breathe and experience Australia from every inch, having visitor visa 600 can make everything possible for you. This visa allows you to travel to Australia for less than one year or one year. Another feature of this visa is that it is created for people who want to visit friends and relatives who are settled in Australia without any legal trouble. With this visa, you can also study any course for a three-month interval. There are particularly four streams of visitor visa which are divided into:

  • Tourist visa 600 for tourists who want to come to Australia for fun and sightseeing i.e vacation or short-duration study or to visit friends or family
  • Sponsored Family visitors, who want to come to Australia for a short period of time to visit their family members . In this stream, the family member will finance the visitor’s stay and take care of him/her.
  • Business personnel who want to visit Australia for the sake of short meetings, conferences or seminars.
  • Approved Destination Visitors are for those who want to arrive with Chinese tour groups with fixed itineraries.

 Just like any other visa, the Tourist Visa 600 also comes along with its own set of conditions which are required to be performed by the visitors for getting into Australia. Below are some eligibility criteria which are needed to be fulfilled by the visitor who wants to explore the country which amazes everyone with true beauty and natural landscapes.

Sufficient resources

The person who is travelling to Australia for either business purpose or any other reason must be having sufficient resources to cover up all sorts of expenses. Australia is counted among the fastest developed nations therefore staying here and enjoying the beauty requires hefty expenses. If you are planning to visit Australia on this visa then you must need to have sufficient resources during your stay. The person should also satisfy the condition that he/she doesn’t require the support of the Australian Government in any manner for which showing the bank statement of last six months 

Personal And Physical Requirements

Safety and health always come first and Australia is no exception, the Australian Government also seeks for individuals’ health. Visitors are requested to fulfil the medical and health criteria which are as per the terms and conditions led by the Migration department. A person should not have any criminal record on his/her name and must comply with all Australian rules and regulations.

Visit Purpose

The travellers need to provide all the necessary information to the Australian department regarding their purpose of travelling. The authority has the right to question you anything which is related to travelling and it is the moral duty of the traveller to answer them in the best way possible.

 How many people are travelling with you, what will be the date of journey, staying period and anything else related to your visit.


The traveller needs to convince the visa department that they will return to their country before the visa expires. The best way for doing this confirmed return air tickets which showcase the genuine intentions of the visitor.

Outstanding Amount

If there are any dues you had in the past with the Australian Government, they are needed to be cleared as soon as possible.You need to clear the amount before applying for the visa or you need to make a provision for it.

Age Criteria 

There is no age bar for this visa.

No work allowed

 This visa is purely meant for people who want to travel to Australia for sake of fun or for performing small business tasks. This visa does not allow the person to work and get involved in the job of any matter. 

Looking at the above conditions might make anyone nervous and stressed as it takes a lot of paperwork and skills to send the best file to the department which gets converted easily. For which, taking help from a registered migration agent Perth will be the best resort. The immigration service providers can help visitors with gathering and preparing information and managing everything which is required for getting the visitor visa subclass 600.


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