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Three Easy Ways to Background Check Someone You Met Online

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A person or business may conduct a background check on someone for a variety of reasons. For starters, it could be for a simple security check, to see if the person in question is a suitable fit for the firm, or to simply verify basic facts about them. Why stay in the dark when the information is readily available from a reliable source?

Businesses are pursuing online checking more aggressively these days. Apart from the good old recommendation letter, companies look into interviewees’ social media accounts and other publicly available data to see how well they will fit into the firm. NumLooker has a convenient function to investigate the aspirants’ details to avoid workplace difficulties for people who want to run a full background check on their job applications.

Because of the capabilities of NumLooker, this free background checker may be able to assist you to avoid future problems. The service is quick to spill the beans, taking only a few minutes to sift through a variety of web data and produce relevant findings.

Let’s speak about the quickest approach to screen someone with NumLooker without further ado.

What is the purpose of a background check?

A background check is essentially a search of accessible information about a person’s past, as the phrase implies. Most people can benefit from premium background searches that provide useful and accurate information.

You can learn about an individual’s employment history, criminal history, licenses held, traffic citations, phone number lookup, and address depending on the service you choose.

The following are some of the most compelling reasons to use free background checks:

  • To find out more about your neighbors,
  • to double-check the prerequisites for a job
  • to discover your/your loved one’s ancestors
  • to determine if a person’s credit score is reliable
  • To view what others see when they conduct a background check on you

1: How to Use the NumLooker Background Check Platform

Users can search up themselves on NumLooker to discover what a background check on them will reveal. On NumLooker, employers can look into anyone’s work history.

Running a background check the old-fashioned manner could take weeks or months. The simple ease with which NumLooker may be used to examine background information is what makes it so appealing.

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Are you unsure what a background check entails or a people search? NumLooker’s ‘people search engine’ is powered by official government public records free people search here. It can look up a person’s pictures, address, criminal history, property holdings, family, and other information.

What are the many types of background checks available?

NumLooker allows you to run many types of background checks online. This list can also assist you in reconnecting with old acquaintances with whom you may have lost contact.

Using a telephone number

A reverse phone lookup service is a background check that involves entering in a person’s phone number. It comes in handy when dealing with con artists and harassers.

By typing in the name

You can conduct a search by typing the entire name of the person you want to verify into the search box.

By email address

NumLooker also has a reverse email lookup tool that may be used to track down the source of any nagging emails.

By way of an address

The reverse address lookup service is another name for the background check with the address feature. It reveals vital information on a property’s current and prior owners and tenants.

What exactly should you be looking for in a background search directory like NumLooker?

  • It must have an easy-to-use interface, be inexpensive, and provide excellent customer service.
  • It should be linked to reputable directories that are updated on a regular basis.
  • It should be able to offer information related to basic safety checks, such as an individual’s criminal background.

How to use NumLooker to run a background check

Traditional background checks take a long time and need a lot of resources. Technology has progressed to the point where programs like NumLooker can do a smooth background search on your behalf.

You can do a search using this browser-based directory by entering information such as a phone number, name, or email address. To understand more about someone using NumLooker, you don’t need a lot of knowledge about them.

1st step

To begin your background search, go to the NumLooker official website.

2nd Step 

In the search box, type a person’s first name, last name, city, and state. For a more accurate lookup, NumLooker allows you to include relevant information such as email ID and phone number.

3rd step

Simply press ‘Start Search’ for the final step. NumLooker will begin searching its databases. When you’re finished, you’ll get a thorough report about the person you’re looking for, as well as the option to download the information for future use.

2: FastPeopleSearch.io

FastPeopleSearch is an average background check service that may be used to conduct a self-search.

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While the service is entirely real, it has received varied reviews on the internet. While many people applaud the fact that the service genuinely works rather than relying on gimmicks, there is still the issue of the glitches in its operation.

When you visit FastPeopleSearch.com, for example, there is a lot of downtimes. Not only that, but several users have expressed dissatisfaction with the platform’s user care personnel. If you want your personal information erased from this site, they aren’t very good at it.

3: PeopleFinderFree 

All of PeopleFinderFree ‘s features are rolled into a single search option called Public Record Search. There is no way to search for information, such as a person’s phone number lookup or address. PeopleFinderFree ‘s report will include all of the information found on their website. 

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This means that even if you’re looking for anything as simple as a person’s phone number, your background check will take a long time. This may appear to be a bit excessive given that the other items on the list offer various search options. 

Furthermore, the databases of PeopleFinderFree are extremely limited, so there’s a good chance you won’t find the individual you’re looking for. If this occurs, you will be extremely dissatisfied, especially given the amount of time you spent on the service.


NumLooker is a fantastic online directory that allows you to quickly and easily screen someone. It’s incredible to see how far technology has progressed to save you time and effort whether conducting a background check or reuniting with a long-lost acquaintance.


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