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Tips to Tightly Coupled MC4 Connectors with Accessories

MC4 Connector

Do not feel bad if you do not know how to use MC4 connectors and extension cables. If you have never worked with solar panels, it could be quite challenging to handle. First of all, they are quite costly. No one wants to invest in expensive cables and later find out that the length is too short after it has been cut. And, one cannot return cut cables, so you should understand how to choose the actual length and how to use them in order to connect your solar panels together.

MC4 connectors are types of connectors that are suitable for all types of new solar panels. They provide an IP67 waterproof as well as dustproof safe electrical connection. They will not connect with older MC3 type connectors. They work best with 4mm solar cables. When you purchase any new solar panels, it will be fitted with two 4 sq. mm wire along with MC4 connectors attached for you to get the power in a safe manner out of the solar panel. You can also purchase pre-cut wires from 2 Meters to 10 Meters.

However, the best way is to purchase the cable that you can cut to the exact length you are looking for and then attach MC4 connectors. If you ask where to buy mc4 connectors, there is no shortage of online options. There are a number of online sources that offer a custom cut length cable along with connector fitted service if you do not know how to tackle it yourself. All you need is the cable, a male and female connector wire strippers, and wire crimps.

MC4 Male Connector Fitting

You will know the wire is exposed shorter than the metal crimp connector. A mark on the metal shows how far the other connector will enter into this; if cable wire is extended this mark in the connector, you won’t be able to connect the MC4 connector together.

Crimp the cable

MC4 4mm crimp connector provides a great connection all time and connects all the bits in the place when you crimp. The crimp tool as well as MC4 connector disconnector tool is easily available on at great prices.

Nut the first

The plastic housing comes with a non-return clip inside. If you do not want to put the nut on the cable first, you will not get the plastic housing off without damaging it, rendering it unsafe to use.

Insert the cable

 When you push the cable into the MC4 connector, you will get the sound of a CLICK. It is a non-return clip that locks the crimp into the plastic housing.

Rubber washer

The rubber seal washer is flush that has the plastic fingers around the cable. It provides an excellent grip on 4mm cable when the nut is tightened onto the plastic housing. If not, the connector will be able to spin around the cable as well as over time; it may damage the connection.

Female crimp

 There is a little bend in the cable that allows smooth surface contact inside the crimp. The cable insulation can be stripped by 15mm in order to expose the wire for crimping.

Insert the cable

Push the crimped cable into the female connector until you get the sound of CLICK. Tighten the nut onto the female plastic connector. Onto testing…

Take a test

Before connecting, it is highly suggested to test the continuity of your cable with the new MC4 connector.


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