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Top 10 party dresses of all time

Top 10 party dresses

Whether you need inspiration for another big night out or just want to enjoy a fashion story, these iconic party dresses will definitely make you feel a little more festive.

’80s girls crushed Molly Ringwaldo do-it-yourself prom dress

pretty pink? Yes she was Like Andy Walsh, actress Molly Ringwald has proved that you don’t need money to have great style. Homemade Andy’s pink graduation gown not only graced her high school crush by Blaine McDonough, but also won the hearts of a million teens.

bright colored rihanna exclusive dress

It can be hard for most people to take their personal style into the realm of evening two piece dress, but again, Rihanna is everything but average. Rocker and Style Rebel appeared in 2008. At the Grammy Awards, where she brought back a gold figurine for her hit song “Umbrella,” a sporty hairstyle and an absolutely stunning Zac Posen knee-length blue dress (and orange nails)!

Inspired by Animal House Toga-Covered Situations

Can You Say “One-Shoulder Trend”? Proof that one man’s beer-stained bed could be another woman’s Emmy dress, with lots of dry cleaning and a few optional accessories, is part of this iconic 1978. Thanks for the movie.

J Lo’s Totally Nude (Well, Almost) Dress

The 2000 all-green palm-printed Versace — and the songstress who wore it — stole it at the Grammys. Since then, we haven’t stopped being obsessed with Lopez and wondering how the outfit turned out for her.

Gisele Bündchen is a smoking hot slave

If in doubt that Gisele Bündchen is the sexiest woman, look at this 2008 photo. A dress similar to her dazzling nude Versace number is a great option if you want all eyes to be on you.

Michelle Obama’s Iconic Goddess Dress

Nation President Barack Obama and the First Lady, who wore a custom-made Jason Wu one-shoulder style, were seen stepping onto the stage on the opening night in 2009. Month of January.

Dancing Princess Diana Dress

All eyes were on the beautiful Princess Di when she was born in 1985. He used to hang out on the White House dance floor with young John Travolta. Timeless and utterly elegant.

Diana Ross and the Supreme, 1967

While a group of girls holds an important place in the Music Hall of Fame, we give these sirens basic props for teaching them an important lesson on how to steal a spotlight: that dazzling sparkle is always a gift. And if you hang out with friends all night, you’ll all look even more adorable if you mix up your outfits.

Marilyn Monroe Rodeo Savo Vingius

When Marilyn in 1955. In the classic “Seven Years of Itching,” the Subway Grill’s “grid” has cooled, and its handsome body has been replaced by more than a few gentlemen. The High Vest Undershirt fits and caresses everyone—even those who don’t have Monroe measurements 37-23-36.

Audrey Hepburn A powerful LBD .

Hepburn and her Holly Golightly character from Breakfast at Tiffany’s are there to thank for the fact that the party dresses weren’t so tense and stylish. A little black dress like the sleek Givenchy number she wore in the movie is as chic as it is easy to wear. And it will never be out of fashion.

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