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Top 3 Reasons to Create a Magento Store

When it comes to creating an online store, the key question is what platform you need to develop it on. Today there is a huge number of CMS that allow you to create both sites and online stores of absolutely any complexity using a wide variety of technologies and strategies. However, in order to choose the most convenient and modern platform for yourself, you need to know the advantages of each of the existing ones. For example, it will be very difficult for an unprepared person to understand the difference between such CMS as MODX Revolution, WordPress or Magento. That is why, in this article I would like to describe the advantages and strategy of working with such a platform as Magento and magento custom development services by Elogic can help you understand why. 

7 BIG Reasons to Choose Magento for eCommerce

Why Magento?

This CMS has established itself as one of the best platforms for creating online stores, due to a number of advantages that it has over the rest of the existing ones. For example, the main advantages of this platform include such aspects as:

  • Reinforced SEO targeting. Thanks to this feature, indexing is carried out at a high level and allows you to promote your online store much faster and more efficiently than in the absence of a built-in SEO orientation.
  • Enhanced security. This function, you would say, is inherent in every CMS platform. However, in the case of Magento, it works much more efficiently. Your users and customers can be absolutely calm about the secrecy of their information, associated, for example, with the data on the credit card through which payments are made.
  • Enhanced virus resistance. Thanks to this, hackers will simply not be able to inject worms into your site and leak information, since any site made in Magento uses a multi-level encoding system for all information.
  • E-commerce orientation. This feature allows you to implement new strategies for marketing and promoting the site and products posted on it. Providing a multifunctional marketing system, you can implement even your most daring ideas.

How to create an online store in Magento

The very process of creating an online store on the Magento platform is particularly simple. Of course, if you doubt your abilities, you can entrust the development to professionals. However, even a confident PC user will be able to create a pretty good resource using this CMS. And all this thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, the presence of a huge number of plugins and templates. It should also be noted that writing code on this platform is carried out to a minimum, and most of the settings are carried out using simple and understandable blocks, as in any other program, for example, in Adobe Photoshop. As mentioned above, you can choose plugins and presets for yourself that allow you to create a site not from scratch, but from an already laid foundation.

Orientation to e-commerce

Magento is the perfect solution for those who do online commerce. After all, the capabilities of this engine can satisfy almost any desires of the owner of an online store. The development of an online store on Magento will be an excellent solution, because this CMS initially contains an extensive list of functions that programmers will not have to “tweak” – everything is already ready. This means that the costs are minimal here. Product catalog management is automated. Among the functions available by default, there are useful options such as: step-by-step filtering, grouping into bundles, last viewed and added products, delivery modules, cart, payment, reviews and recommendations. Turn to magento ecommerce development services by Elogic to learn more. 

Search optimization

Magento will help you to quickly bring your online store to the leaders in search engines, thanks to the friendly attitude of search engines to this platform. Automated settings independently create an XML sitemap required for search robots. Of course, this all has a positive effect on website traffic and sales.

Marketing tools

The Magento platform will become a faithful friend in the development and conduct of marketing activities. Discounts, coupons, bestsellers, new items and various promotion options – all this will help increase your average check and engage in repeat sales.


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