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Top 5 Reasons to Move to Toronto

Move to Toronto

Toronto is the most heavily populated city in Canada and is so popular internationally that many people mistakenly think that it’s the capital of Canada. So whether you’re moving to Canada from another country or you’re a Canadian looking for a fresh start, there are dozens of reasons to move to this slice of paradise.

Here are the top five reasons to move to Toronto.

Awesome Art Everywhere

Toronto is known as the country’s art capital because of how many artists live in this city.  Art is on the side of buildings, galleries, pop-up shops, and television everywhere you look.  This allows everyone to feel inspired and is why many animation firms call this city home.  You don’t have to be an artist to live here; it just makes it more interesting!

Hot Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Canada is pretty wild right now, and nowhere is this truer than in Toronto!  If you want to get in and make an investment before house prices soar even higher: now’s the time.

Second only to Vancouver, real estate in Toronto is incredibly expensive and doesn’t stay on the market long, which means it’s a fast and huge investment for anyone who understands how to work the market.  If you’re looking to buy a house for your family and want something affordable, it might be a better choice to live a little way out of the city.

Gorgeous Nearby Beaches

If you’re surprised that Toronto has beaches, you’re not alone! So many people can’t imagine how a city this far inland has thriving beaches, but these gorgeous islands are hot vacation spots.  White sand, rolling waves, and loud gulls ensure that you feel like you’re on one of Canada’s coastlines, but it’s just another fantastic surprise Toronto has up its sleeve.

Fantastic Music Scene

If you love music, you’re going to love Toronto.  The home of Drake and dozens of other famous musicians, this city is known for huge concerts that put on a ton of fanfare.  Music festivals year-round, awesome local music stations, and live music on almost every street corner, make sure you’ll get the chance to broaden your music tastes while you live here.

Incredible Job Market

The job market in Toronto is wild right now.  Employers are desperate to hire, and employees are holding out for the best benefits possible, which has led to a stalemate.  

If you want to work for your company of choice for a high salary, you can consider yourself hired as long as you’re qualified!  Please make sure that you negotiate your pay and benefits to get what you deserve instead of the bare minimum they’re willing to pay: this is an expensive city to live in.

Toronto Is the Best City to Move to in Canada

Whether you’re interested in the arts or you’re more into the great job market, Toronto has something for everyone.  Get to know this amazing city, from beautiful beaches to amazing modern art, and you’ll fall in love just like everyone who lives here!  


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