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Top 5 Social Media Sites for Businesses to Use in 2021

“Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers.” 

-Bryan Weiner, CEO, ComScore

If you have made the choice of investing in social media marketing, then you are on the right path to success. Social media marketing is the most feasible (cheapest) way of promoting a business. However, when it comes to Return on Investments, it gives the highest amount back out of all other applied marketing strategies. 

The reach of businesses is not limited to any single platform. There are thousands of fishes in the sea to choose from. Nonetheless, the question arises, which social sites should a business use to gain the highest profits. To guide you to achieve big results, here are the top five social media sites for businesses to use in 2021. 

  1. Facebook to Face the World at Once 

Facebook has been the number one since day one. It holds a huge number of 2.41 billion active users from around the globe. This site has been in the top rankings because of its versatile and diverse user base. As a business, you can everything from brand awareness to lead generation smoothly. 

You can target your audience on the basis of demographics such as age, region, employment, interest, relationship status, etc. You can put on filters and directly hit the news feed of your designated audience or niche. 

  • Wikipedia to Add Credibility to the Business 

Wikipedia is a name of authentication for people. This platform provides services in more than 315 languages of the world. This means, your business can cover each market of the world by staying in one place. Moreover, a Wikipedia page adds credibility to a business and gives people the confidence to trust the brand on other social sites. 

However, it is important to keep the page updated with unique content to generate audience attention. For that businesses connect to Wikipedia page editors who monitor and maintain the page. 

  • Instagram to Capture Each Moment 

Instagram has become an essential part of staying active online. This platform has a vast audience of more than 500 million active users. The effectiveness of the results of this site is as same as Facebook’s after the acquisition of it by Mark Zuckerberg. 

There are multiple campaigns running on Instagram to boost sales and ROI ratio. You can do lead generation, brand awareness, online conversions, and traffic generation, etc. On Instagram. Other than these, you can do get organic benefits through hashtags and collaborations. 

  • Snapchat: Snap it and Grab Attention 

Around a decade ago, Snapchat has launched this unique feature of sharing a moment through a picture for a few seconds. This feature has shaken the world and people went crazy after it. Today, it holds a user base of more than 350 million users. More than 50% of the users it has are youngsters from the age of 18-24. 

This creates a huge opportunity for companies to do business and promote themselves in the millennial style. Businesses use ads and discovery section to showcase their products and their usability. 

  • TikTok: The Fastest Growing Network 

TikTok has created history as the fastest-growing followers for a social site. This platform was launched in 2018 and it has 1.2 billion total users already. It has crossed the followers limit of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat and is on the way to become number one. Try using buy TikTok likes to skyrocket success on the fierce TikTok platform.

However, it has the highest number of generation Z, which are still not the proper target audience for the business, but in just a few years, the tables are going to turn and it will be on in top three lists. 



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