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Top Games for Android 2020 Games|Top 10 Games

top games in android

Are you looking for some Top games for Android or Best Mobile Games whose graphic quality is absolutely console level? if yes then in this article, I have brought Top 10 games for you. whose graphic quality is just excellent.

List contains Top games for android in india from different categories like, open world games, rpg games, fps multiplayer games and battle royale games, so according to your interest you can try those games, and most important thing is that all these games are completely free, you can download them from play store.

No.1 Game Dragon Raja- Top games for android

So, first on our list is dragon raja Which is in top games of india. game is completely online, and the size is about 7GB. It is story based open world game. In this game you play as a student and your college’s enemies are dragons. so all the amazing missions are based on that story. and just like other open world games, you can do a lot of cool stuff like, that you can do in your free time like hosting a party at your house and invite your in game friends, you can make new friends, and u can also play basketball in your free time and considered to be the best games in 2020.

So, it has a lot of cool additional activities the map is also very huge, and it has lot of weird places, but they look amazing. Not just that, you can get a lot of different vehicles to fly, but to actually  fly them you first have to get a pilot license, which is very rare is such games. and by the way you can fly like superman as well and if that’s not enough the game has some amazing RPG action. Click here to download Dragon Raja Game.

To be honest when i played it for the first time i was surprise that how developers have made such an amazing game for mobile devices, it’s a mixture of so many categories like rpg, open world and graphic quality is just amazing and the best part is its completely free. i will strongly recommend this game, if your phone has at least these specs than you should try it and can be included in top 10 games in the world 2020.

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Number 2-Shadow Gun

So, guys if you are enjoying the article so far make sure with friends. Second number on our list is shadow gun wargames. guys this is a pvp fps shooter game. it is completely online, and the size is about 770mb, the graphic quality is just amazing. the game has four different types of modes, like

  • First Team deathmatch in which two teams fights and whoever gets most points within 3 minutes wins.
  • Second is zone control which is kind of domination mode.
  • Third is capture the flag in which you have get flag from enemy’s base and bring it to your base.
  • Fourth is ranked matches.

There are different characters to choose from and each character has their unique abilities like my character’s abilities are grenades and med kits, the player is front has shields as abilities. overall, the game is very interesting, and you should try it. Clich Here to Download Shadowgun Game Online

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Number 3 Battle PrimeBest Game to Download

Next on our list is battle prime. this game is very similar to call of duty. it’s completely online and the size is about 1.7Gb, but the graphic quality is on next level right now the game is running is very high settings and on ultra-setting it looks nothing less than a console game. but i haven’t recorded the game is ultra-settings, because on ultra-settings recordings lags i have recorded it in very high only.

The game has some really cool details to it. and there are tons of different game modes and on the bottom side you can see these are all available maps. only thing this game lacks is a battle royal mode, if it had one it could cause pubg and cod to run for their money,  because its graphics, mechanism, controls all are just amazing.

Overall, the game is very enjoyable, you should try this game. Click here ro download Battle Prime

Number 4 Darkness Rises

Darkness rises comes at Top 3 games in the world and 4th on our list is darkness rises, it’s a fantastic action RPG game. it’s completely online and takes about 800mb of your storage. the graphics quality is just mind-blowing, it has a story mode where you complete missions’ chapter wise.

Here you get to fight a lot of different bosses, you also get a lot of different characters. you also get to do some magic here, like right now i am controlling this dragon’s body after killing it. because of its amazing graphics and interesting fights, the game is very fun to play. If you love rpg action games than you should try this one and consider to be the best game for android. Clich here to download Darkness Rises

Number 5 Sky Combat- Top 5 games in android

Next on our list is sky combat, guys this is a pvp combat game. its an online game and the size is about 430mb, here in normal mode there are 2 teams against each other and whoever scores the most points within 5 minutes wins.

The game is very enjoyable, there are some real-life weapons in this game like, automatic tracking missiles, and automatic firing guns. There are some real-life planes as well like the 5th gen American F-35 and Russian su-57. and the graphic quality is just amazing, so overall the game is very interesting, if you love plane related games you should give it a try as its best android games. Click Here to Download Sky Combat

Number 6th Shadow Gun Legends- Top Games In play Store

6th on our list is shadow gun legends. it’s a story-based shooter game. it’s an online game and takes 1.14gb of storage space. here you can play 4v4 multiplayer mode or you can just enjoy the story mode. The story is something like aliens have attacked humans and the remain alive are living in this camp.

Here you get all sorts of missions. the game has a lot of things to do, like there’s a food shop you can buy food, there’s a bar where you first have to confirm your age to enter and it also requires a minimum amount of xp. and there’s also a casino where can gamble but it also requires some xp to enter, which you can earn by completing missions and increasing your experience at the game and its top games for android.

Now if we talk about the controls, they are super simple. you just have to control the joystick and aim; the firing is automatic. overall, the game is very enjoyable. you should try it. Click Here to Download Shadow Gun Legends

Number 7th Call OFF Duty- Best Andorid Game of the year

Moving on to number 7 we have call of duty. Now i don’t think this game needs any introduction. most of you might have played this game, but in case you haven’t played it. let me explain, it is an online game and size is about 2.3gb.

Along with a battle royal mode you get several team battle modes with 12 different types of map and in battle royale mode you can choose from different character abilities, like scout, clown, ninja medic and more. also, the graphics are just insane right now the game is running on max settings. You can see it looks beautiful in my opinion after pubg ban this game is best battle royale game. Click Here to Download Call Off Duty

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Number 8th Warhammer 40k- Top Games in India

So, 8th on our list is Warhammer 40k: fire blade. this game can be played offline, and the size is about 660mb here you play as a robot and you have to complete all story-based missions where you have to kill these little zombies. and some big robots as well. and if we talk about controls than you just have to control its guns and rocket launcher and it moves by itself. and the graphic quality is also decent. You can try it as well. Click Here to Download warhammer

Number 9 Infinity Ops Which Is Top games of Android

Next on our list is infinity ops. this one is also a player vs player online game, it about take 700mb of storage. here you get multiple maps to play and 4 different game modes, like team death match, point capture, another deathmatch, and custom matches where you can make your own custom match and play with friends. Special thing is you can also get a robot during a match. and they are just overpowered.

Overall, the graphic quality is amazing, and you should try this one as well. Click Here to Download Infinity Ops

Number 10. Elder Scrolls Which Is Top games in Android

So finally, on number 10 we have the elder scrolls comes at top to games: Blade, it’s an online game and its size is about 1.6gb. this game has something very special; you can play it in both landscape and portrait mode. which i don’t think i have seen in any other high graphic game like this. and as you can see graphic quality is just amazing, and you do a lot of story based missions, but one thing that i didn’t liked about this game is the fights, your character just keeps on swinging the sword one way. Click Here to Download

Otherwise the graphic quality is amazing and one more problem is that the game keeps on crashing. these are the only problems because of which i have kept it on number 10 if these things get fixed the game is very good otherwise i really loved the graphic and the concept of portrait and landscape. this sums up our todays article off 10 top games in the world.

I hope it helped.


  1. I don’t really play games on my mobile games. I rather like to play them on my PC and I mostly I like playing role playing games. At the moment I am playing recently released Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and waiting to play cyberpunk 2077 which is releasing in just over a week.


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