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Transform Your Event By Adding Those Must-Have Equipments


Events are one-of-a-kind occasions that provide the most memorable moments of one’s life. It not only fills our lives with unforgettable moments, but it also provides us with a platform for an engaging experience that will be the star of the show for a long time. Conferences, special events, and exhibitions can all be made to be very exhilarating by audiovisual rental shop with trending AV equipment.

So, let’s go through the few imperative elements to consider while planning for a prosperous event with must-have A/V equipment.

Set a conspicuous theme with accessories

To capture the attention of the audience, we must present a theme that appeals to people of all ages. At the centre of the stage, you can use curved, oversized, or busy screens. Add personality to an event by establishing a cheerful and vivacious theme that is appropriate for the guests, the banquet’s style, and the overall venue. A beautiful medley of coloured lights can be used to flatter. Even the table arrangement should be delightful. A games corner will add a fun element. Use centrepieces, as well as fun themes and customised menus. Try to be unique by selecting a venue with lush surroundings that enhance the charm. You can embellish with artistic cork embellishments and play with the natural elements. For green events, you can go for eco-friendly designs with flowers and glass jars with candles.

Have a backup to avoid power fluctuations

Provide a backup for sufficient power supply so that it doesn’t create havoc due to power cuts. By using UPS or generators, we can facilitate an uninterrupted power supply.

Fix up the lights

Play with the lights and make the event spectacular.

Create three-dimensional shapes and sculptures by employing the LED Pixel tube lights. Completely “wash” your wall with lights by LED batten or wall washer. Make use of Ellipsoidal lights by using them as a spotlight. We can blend the colors by using par lamps. Laser lights, kinetic lights, LED string lights can be used for lighting up the event.

LED display & Microphone 

It’s the flat panel display that uses an array of LED pixels for video display in the event. The light it produces is radiant that the images are visible even in the sunlight. To give a speech during a presentation and catch the audience’s attention, all you need to have a good quality microphone. Good quality mic plays a vital part as it extends clarity to the guests. It may be handheld or even you can use a collar mike or wireless microphone. It should be connected to good-quality speakers.


The projector is required for large events to show a presentation by projecting your computer screen on a large screen. It makes it easy for the audience to view the presentation without strain. Dazzle the guests with superior quality projectors like:

Tripod screens are apt for small gatherings they are convenient as they can be quickly rolled up and down and cost-effective. 

Fast-fold screens give customers huge size options to choose from. These work by positioning on the floor or easily blended into a drape, in addition, to flow down from the truss. They come in 4:3 or 16:9 variations in size.

Custom screens, for large live events to create an impression with amazing picture definition, these screens help with ‘ultra-wide screen.

The projector ensures your event is thriving due to the clarity. You need to keep in mind that the brightness must match the screen size as it amuses the audience. 

Below is the brightness that supports screen size

  • 5.5′ x 10′ Fast-fold screen: Min 4,000 lumens
  • 8′ Tripod screen: Min 2,000 lumens
  • 11.5′ x 20′ Fast-fold screen: Min 12,000 lumens
  • 9′ x 16′ Fast-fold screen: Min 8,000 lumens

Projector resolution cannot be overlooked at all because it defines the image quality. Although 1080p or 1920 x 1080 are the current resolutions today even 4k can be considered if it accommodates the budget and the event.

Types of projectors range from LED and DLP, yet the new age projector is the laser projector that offers intended sharpness and brightness with 16,000 to 20,000 hours lasting lamps.

Event Photography

To capture the photos during the event, a high-quality camera will work in a variety of conditions. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV., Canon EOS 6D Mark II, Canon EOS RP, Nikon Z50, Nikon D750 are few amazing cameras for event photography on the market.

Therefore, by keeping the trends abreast you can have immersive events. Presently, due to the Covid-situation, the hybrid and virtual events using augmented reality is a splendid ensemble with digital signage, proper sound mixing. It fosters premium collaboration and delivers engaging events. 


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