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United States Start-Up Claims to Invest in India: Paul Harmaan Shares His View

US Start-Up Claims to Invest in India

According to Paul Harmaan, the COVID-19 pandemic has devastatingly impacted the whole world economy. Since it started its way in 2019 and grew enormously across the entire world in the year 2020, many countries are still not free from its clutches. Till now, only some countries have been covid free,which are now on a humanitarian mission to help out in curbing the problem of a COVID-19 pandemic. However, as a developing country, India is still struggling when it comes to the second wave of Coronavirus, which had a devastating impact on the country. 

After studying India’s situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in the second phase, one of the US start-ups has planned to invest $500 Billion to make India free of the Covid Pandemic. 

The full story of the start-up and the investment it wants to make

The United States start-up, Landomus Realty, started its journey five years ago with the paid-up capital of only Rs. One Lakh made, and now it has made its way up to the top in mere five years. Currently, the start-up has planned to invest $500 Billion in India for the COVID-19 relief, which could immensely help the country eradicate the pandemic situation, which has created a feeling of worry and distress in the minds of the people. 

Paul Harmaan states that the company’s first set of investments of $500 Billion in equity will enter as the first phase of investment, which will be aimed at the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) and the Non-NIP projects. However, despite such generous investment, there are suspicions in the minds of several people that how the proposal for the investment was made as the proposal of this magnitude with a $500 Billion investment in protection for the COVID-19 pandemic was created through a newspaper advertisement. 

Through the newspaper advertisement, Landomus Realty urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take up their offer by conveying their message, ‘We have a concrete plan to make India Pandemic Free and request you to provide us an opportunity to present our plan.’ 

Important details about the company

Landomus Realty, the company is registered with the Registrar of Companies (RoC), Bangalore, which made its investment request, having an authorized share capital of Rs. 10 Lakh with only 19 employees a revenue of $5 million. Through the newspaper article, the company aimed at investing $500 Billion in equity as the first phase of investment for the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) and the Non-NIP projects, which are further listed under India investment Grid by the Government of India for Invest India initiative. 

As per the records of RoC, the investment firm is responsible for real estate activities with leased properties and its properties. Moreover, it is also responsible for developing apartment hotels, residential mobile home sites, land sales, and many more. 

Despite having such developments in place, this company owns a single-page website with no information on its past projects or previous investments. So the primary question arising from all of this in the people’s minds is how the company will raise $500 Billion to invest in India?


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