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5 Ways to Use a Travel Pillow

Do you travel a lot? Are you going on a long trip soon? If so, you may want to be looking into ways to ensure that your travels are an overall comfortable and enjoyable experience. There’s not much worse than getting off of a plane and feeling drained. You want to walk off of that plane fully ready to be the most mentally keen person at the meeting, or having the energy to conquer a full itinerary the moment you arrive at your vacation spot. Read on to learn more about why a travel pillow is the perfect travel comfort necessity.

Whether you find it easy or hard to sleep on a plane, you can always find ways to improve comfortability. One of the most prominent and efficient ways to gain comfortability on a plane is with Everlasting Comfort’s travel pillow.

Read on to learn more about why a travel pillow is the perfect travel comfort necessity.

1. The Original

travel pillow

Pretty much everyone can recognize the original. If you have ever been on a plane you have probably seen a neck pillow being used in its most typical position. Placing the pillow around your neck with the opening to the front has become the most normalized way to utilize this comfortable travel feature. Using it this way provides support to the neck and ultimately promotes blood flow and good posture while ensuring that your travel nap time is not concluded with neck pain and oddly placed cramps.

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2. The Nodder

The Nodder

The nodder is brought out by the age-old problem of dropping your head as you drift off into sleep. This way is the inverse of the original way. Instead of placing it around your neck with the opening in the front, you make sure the opening is in the back. If you are the type of person that finds yourself nodding with your head a little too far forward for comfort. Using the pillow with the thickest part in the front and the opening in the back is going to be perfect for you.

3. The Lumbar

 The Lumbar

The lumbar is simple and essential when it comes to travel. Even though it can be referred to as a neck pillow, it does not have to be exclusively used for that purpose. Plenty of people spend their flights dealing with unnecessary lower back pain. A simple and easy solution to this problem is tucking the travel pillow between your lower back and the seat and letting the sweet relief sink in.

4. The Tray Table Sleeper

travel pillow

The tray table sleeper may be pretty self-explanatory from the title. We’ve all seen or been that one person who is completely leaned over on the tray table and fast asleep. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get some sleep on a plane. A travel pillow is the perfect sized thing to take that tray and turn it into the perfect place to rest your head when you’re in need of a change from the typical reclined position.

5. The Innovator

The Innovator

Last but not least, the innovator is for the person who’s really in need of a change on their long flight. You’ve exhausted all other positions and you’re ready for something a little bit different. The innovator typically manifests itself by taking the travel pillow and sliding the opening down both sides of one of your shoulders. This allows you to lean your head in one specific direction while keeping it propped up higher than it would be if the travel pillow was in the original position. Giving it the perfect amount of support in a slightly different way.

This is just one form of innovator. Ultimately the innovator is an open way to use the pillow because it is incredibly versatile. All you need to do is purchase one, bring it with you on your trip, and think of creative and enjoyable ways to get more comfortable.


Although there are plenty of different and great ways to use this travel pillow, the main and most secure way would be the original. It’s simple, elegant, and ultimately the best for your body. Sitting in the upright position with the pillow placed around your neck will give your head the support it needs and take the strain off of your neck, shoulders, and back. Ultimately encouraging blood flow throughout the body and giving you probably the most comfortable plane ride of your life. If you need to travel, and you want to sleep or feel more comfortable than you have in the past. This is the pillow for you.