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What does a web developer do?Web Developer Jobs

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Tasks, skills, training, and earnings as a web developer

Today, web apps have to be platform-independent and work with all browsers. Content should be displayed optimally on the PC, tablet, or smartphone with different screen resolutions. These tasks belong to the professional field of a web developer (web developer), an expert whose work is in high demand and well rewarded in many companies. Those who love independence and prefer to choose their own projects also have good opportunities as a freelancer in the IT sector.

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  • Tasks of a web developer
  • What skills does a web developer need?
  • How do you become a web developer (training/studies)?
  • Where can I work as a web developer? What salary can I expect?
  • web developer salary in india
  • web developer jobs

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Tasks of a web developer

In contrast to web design, whose activities tend to focus on the graphical elements of an app, the web developer mainly focuses on programming. A web developer takes care of the development, further development, and maintenance of the numerous programs and apps on a website and ensures smooth interaction with users. In reality, however, it usually looks different, the tasks of a web designer and a web developer are often carried out by one person. As a freelancer, in particular, a web developer should be able to cover both areas.

The tasks of a web developer include the development, advancement, and implementation of websites using the latest web technologies. Responsive web design, i.e. the uniform presentation of content on different screen sizes, is also an important topic in web development.

Even without up-to-date knowledge from the fields of SEO, online marketing, or conversion, you cannot cope with this profession, because even the best websites are pointless if they are not found by the search engines and are not listed high in the ranking. As a rule, a prototype (dummy) is created for each project that already contains all the important elements of the site. This prototype is tested with regard to important functions such as navigation, database connection, user interface, and feasibility before the actual task is carried out.

What skills does a web developer need?

In hardly any other professional field is the number of lateral entrants as large as in the web developer. During the job, a high degree of further training is required, as the knowledge acquired in the training is usually not sufficient in the long term and technological progress here takes place very quickly. The Internet is characterized by rapid changes and daily innovations that one has to acquire in this profession. Therefore, the readiness for regular training belongs to the job description of a web developer like classes for object-oriented programming.

Web developers mostly work in teams and are in direct contact with customers. Therefore, of course, social skills are necessary.

The most important tool is the confident use of programming or scripting languages such as Java (Enterprise Edition), JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C #, Perl, and PHP as well as special frameworks. Frontend technologies such as HTML 5, XML, or CSS3 are often used in the projects. Knowledge of SQL databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Sybase, Adabas, and their client-server applications is also important.

So-called “No SQL” database systems are currently being particularly hyped, as they are particularly impressive in comparison to classic relational DBMS because of their great scalability. Because of the wide range of requirements that are often very high, some developers specialize in one or two areas such as programming web applications with XY technology or creating high-performance database structures.

In addition to technical skills, a web developer should have creativity and stamina and offer innovative solutions. Depending on the orientation, good to very good knowledge of the English language can also be very important.

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How do you become a web developer (training/studies)?

In most cases, applicants have a degree in computer science, specialist information technology, or media information technology. Lateral entrants come from technically oriented subjects or creative courses with subsequent further training.

Numerous institutes and educational institutions offer further training to become a web developer. The training measures can also be carried out part-time with distance learning and completed with a certificate. The training measures usually include an internship at agencies and other companies. It is not uncommon for interns to be taken on directly after further training.

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Where can I work as a web developer? What salary can I expect?

Website developers work as freelancers or as employees at startups, agencies, and medium-sized or large companies. While a freelancer chooses his customers largely independently, the web developer as an employee gets the customers, projects, and deadlines assigned by his superior. Many companies find it difficult to meet the need for web developers, so the job prospects are very good at the moment.

Regardless of the size of a company, job requirements are often very demanding and complex. The companies reward the high qualification with a starting salary of 32,000 to 40,000 euros. web developer jobs can see boom as the digital marketing field is booming everywhere.

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Big cities

In large cities and metropolitan areas, earnings tend to be at the upper limit. The future income largely depends on the professional career and on the experience and specializations. Experienced front-end developers earn up to 70,000 euros, specialists certainly a little more. If the performance is appropriate, there are prospects of being promoted to project manager (75,000 euros and more).

As a freelancer

The hourly rate for freelancers is agreed with by the respective client. Companies can currently be billed at around EUR 40-75 per hour. The competition among freelance web developers is tending to increase costs arising from self-employment, health insurance, which must be taken into account when considering the nominally high income.

Career paths

There are various professional development paths for web developers that can be followed depending on the individual inclination. Especially in this professional environment, there is a particularly high development dynamic due to the constantly changing requirements and technical progress. As in many other IT professions, practical experience is most important for professional advancement for web developers: the more projects with different requirements and framework conditions are successfully implemented and the better the relevant specialist knowledge is deepened, the better the opportunities for advancement. A typical path is a development from junior web developer to a senior web developer, which is usually only possible after five years (sometimes only after 7-8 years) of intensive project experience in development teams. Another opportunity for advancement is taking on areas of responsibility.


Technical project and / or team leader: Coordination and technical management of project-related development teams that are put together as required.

Development: there are many different terms here. This is based on a) leadership skills based on professional experience and b) assuming disciplinary and budgetary responsibility for the department. Both require senior status.

Focus and specialization on subject areas and tasks: e.g. B. Framework Specialist, PHP Laravel Specialist, Interface Expert, etc… The focus here is always on the extraordinary expertise and the very high level of professional security and efficiency, which justify a corresponding promotion and salary increase. A little above average knowledge is not enough. For this reason, these special skills are very often acquired through special extra-occupational seminars and certifications, which in many cases are also financed or at least partly financed by employers.

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