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Why Should International Students Take The Professional Year Program?

The career driven millennia is so focussed on breaking barriers and conquer worlds to make an establishment. As for migrating students, this competition becomes a tad tough as they have to make well adjustments and lifestyle changes, all while approaching academics in a new place. However, undertaking an academic course in Australia is a good choice as one of the top three places to pursue higher education. While you are planning your future, let us introduce the pros of doing a professional year course in Adelaide that will be of huge help in setting a cornerstone in your career path.

The career drive in Australia is pretty high given their excellent academic facilities. Amidst the rush, a professional training program encompasses all the activities it takes to nurture an individual for getting well established jobs. The Professional Year Adelaide come off as internship programs that provide the opportunity to fructify your well versed knowledge into practical fields and check how the impact turns out to be.

This training period is indispensable as it shapes you and grooms you properly to step into the big, demanding fact paced corporate world. This internship can be an opportunity to explore a whole expanded world view and makes you prepared before you expose yourself in the professional field.

What Are The Fields Open For This Training Period?

This internship is open to International students who studied Information Technology (IT), Accounting or Engineering for more than two years and have successfully got their Graduation degree.

This training program is formal and professional in its methods and approach and every field receive a different kind of training. Those who have a degree in Accounting will be trained in a Professional year accounting Adelaide that prepares the individual for his respective stream of jobs. There are many providers who conduct Accountant internship in Adelaide which have the joint approval of CPA Australia, Institute Of Public Accountants, and Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand. Their approval gives you extra credit in your firm jobs and your chance of landing a job that pays hefty is also in the affirmative.

What Is The Credibility Of This Training Program?

The professional year program in Adelaide is approved by the Department Of Immigration and Border Program (DIBP), a wing of The Ministry Of Home Affairs, Australia. So, there you go! These programs are validated by the government and is an important step in empowering students towards a brighter career.

What Does This Internship Program Give Us?

This is the most sought after query and let us clear your doubts on that. This internship program gives you the following –

  • Holistic Preparation For A Professional Approach In The Desired Field

You will be trained and prepared with enough technical and field knowledge in your specific area of study. This prepares you for your job. Holistic training involves sharpening on interview skills, practical lessons to experience the theory that you have studied so far. This prepares you for stepping into the industry with confident and pre given knowledge.

  • Exposure To Workplaces

The training is formal in its approach so you will start adjusting to it. This in turn, prepares you to adapt easily in Australian workplaces. International students often face this hurdle of taking time to fit in a different kind of workplace with different ethics. A 44 weeks training program shells you out of that uneasiness and makes you confident in your approach in work place through proper training. The trainees get to work under real life workspaces.

  • A Promising CV

Your CV or resume gets another special experience by your name which proves to be an advantage in the long run. That is because of your acquired experience and knowledge. It makes you more applicable to jobs of your choice.

  • Gaining The Professional Year Certificate

The professional year certificate, which can be proven to be a big landmark in your professional career is gained by participating in the professional year program.

  • Increases Your Networking

Through this program, you can come across many professionals and fellow trainees with whom you will find you share a similar interest. This increases your network and helps to move through social circles. This helps in expanding your circle professionally, which can turn out to be utilitarian.

  • 5 extra points for permanent residency

One major bonus that you get in taking up this training course is that it gives you 5 points in your Visa application. When you apply for a permanent residency, this extra points on the DIBP helps you move to your goal in settling here.

What Are The Documents Required To Enrol In The Program?

To enrol in this program, you must have –

  • Attested copy of your passport and VISA
  • Attested copy of your academic qualifications and other necessary documents
  • A IELTS certificate with a minimum 6 marks in all the bands
  • Assessed skills in relevant bodies

This training program is just another step towards your career establishment and you should consider this, given the benefits they offer.


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