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Why we’re seeing more self-made teenagers

self-made teenagers

The 21st century is a period when a lot of unexpected things happened. The living conditions and daily agendas of people have dramatically changed and the rhythm of life has significantly increased. In this competitive world, people became work-oriented and start to take care of their finances at a very young age, this is why we have a lot of young people who are actually having significant funds on their accounts. Industrial changes have influenced our lives and people were given different opportunities to become more successful. It is not necessary anymore to have a law degree or become an architect to start working and collect important profits. Teens now are given the opportunity to earn their own money without even going to work or even school. New industries that have affected the ways of earning money are Entrepreneurship, trading, or even social media. The article will review some of the examples in order to make the trend more understandable and to find the key characteristics.

Teenagers Who Became Self-made Entrepreneurs

Braigo – This company, founded by Shubham Banerjee when he was only 12 years old, makes Braille printers to assist the visually disabled in accessing expensive technologies. His innovation combines LEGO and robotics to create a device that costs less than half as much as similar products on the market. Banerjee is the first and only woman to earn Venture Capital funding.

Sneaker DonAs a hobby, American Benjamin “Kickz” Kapelushnik developed a rare trainer reselling website when he was just 16 years old. Along with an ever-growing customer list, he started to attract celebrity clients such as DJ Khaled and Odell Beckham as his company expanded. He was able to bulk purchase sought-after products as he developed more connections. His earnings have now surpassed $1 million in value.

Nannies by Noa – Noa Mintz found a niche in the demand for a convenient way to find the best nannies available in the region while growing up in New York. When she was just 12 years old, she created Nannies by Noa, based on her firsthand experience as a city girl. The corporation offers a variety of programs, including comprehensive background checks, nanny classes, and continuing customer care.

Pura Cosmetics – Rose Dyson was 15 when she agreed to pursue a competition while training for her GCSEs. Pura Cosmetics is a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly lip balm company she created. She also crafts all of her items by hand at the age of 19, and they are sold in supermarkets and department stores throughout the United Kingdom. She launched her company with a $33 contribution.

HoopSwag – Since the age of seven, Brennan Agranoff has been an aspiring entrepreneur. His first brand, HoopSwagg, which he founded at the age of 19, is a customized sports clothing company that debuted in 2013. With his company rising year after year and a current turnover of $1 million, he plans to devote his full attention to HoopSwagg when he graduates from college.

Forex Young Millionaires

Forex trading is widely regarded as one of the quickest ways to amass financial resources in a short period of time. The foreign exchange market’s profit-generating capacity is virtually limitless. Due to the boom of social media and the ability to share the experience very easy, people are given the possibility to learn trading for free which will be quite useful for the future trading process. Traders who can reliably forecast the potential trajectory of the exchange rate, or merely grasp the effect of a transition in monetary policy, can receive thousands of dollars every day.

Sandile Shezi- is a South African In the dusty streets of Umlazi, one of South Africa’s poorest projects, the self-taught South African Forex millionaire was born in 1993. At the age of 12, he was forced to sell muffins and used clothes on the street due to his precarious living situation. He has a net worth of more than 2.3 million dollars at the age of 24. Without any structured financial or economic experience, this young forex trader was able to make all of his money from Forex market investments. Reading articles by Zandile Zugu, an influential South African media and mining tycoon, and attending George Van der Riet seminars helped him learn the market.

Ref Wayne – Although some people just think of their goals, others, including Ref Wayne, a South African Forex dealer, work hard to make them a reality. Ref was born in Meadowlands to a middle-class family. He was just a regular kid who did well in school and volunteered to support his family in his spare time. He made a living selling SIM cards in high school, but he quickly found it wasn’t the right fit for him. Around that time, he met David Schwarz, who taught him the nuts and bolts of both Forex and cryptocurrency trading. Raf was a fast study, but he jumped right into the trading market. At the age of 16, he followed in his mentor’s footsteps and began trading. At that age, most ados have no idea what they want to do with their lives.

Jabulani Ngcobo – Jabulani Ngcobo, who was born in Durban in 1985, is one of South Africa’s wealthiest forex young millionaires. He has a lot of admiration and he is a self-made man. He’s also the author of the book Cashflow Naked. It is much more than a biography; it also provides important financial education to people from underserved areas. He comes from a hardscrabble family. Jabulani is the founder of Cash Flow Assets, an international trade company. In 2019, Jabulani Ngcobo’s net worth is projected to be about $ 2 million. There’s an old adage that says “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and Jabulani’s career may be a living testament to that maxim.

Louis TshakoaneLouis Tshakoane, a 30-year-old young entrepreneur, has made a name for himself by investing in the Forex market and with cryptocurrencies. He was born into a wealthy family, but he worked tirelessly to maintain his luxurious lifestyle. As the owner of Botho Gym, Louis began to make money. Richard Branson, a British investor and business magnate who founded the Virgin Group, aided him in starting the company. Botho Gym was established to draw young people away from street violence and drug trafficking, which were prevalent in his neighborhood. Tshakoane is the author of the best-selling novel Forex Millionaire in 365 Days, which has now sold over two million copies. He has never revealed his net worth to the media.

Summing It Up

Finally, to sum, there are a lot of new opportunities that were given to people due to technological advancement and innovations. Appeared that the young generation was more ready to adapt to the reality that helped them to advance in this field. Other than the opportunities that those above-mentioned teenagers were using, we should also mention the role of social media, Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok that help them to generate their profits only for creating content and making the platform more eye-catching for the younger generation. It is obvious, that the energy put in trading or entrepreneurship is way more than during creating the content for the social media, but they are admitted to be a valid source of income.


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