Selling on marketplaces is an opportunity to boost sales in France and internationally. Between general marketplaces and specialized ones, e-merchants are spoiled for choice. However, selling its products on these platforms requires adopting an irreproachable behavior like the American giant Amazon. It is one of the strictest platforms and in particular requires a satisfaction rate of over 90% from its sellers.

To retain their privileges, Amazon sellers must respect the rules established by the marketplace, otherwise their Seller Account may be suspended temporarily or even permanently. Find out the reasons for suspending an Amazon Seller Account and how to reactivate it.

The reasons for the suspension of your Amazon Seller Account

When selling your products on Amazon you should ensure that you maintain a level of quality customer service that matches Amazon’s seller performance goals. If your customer metrics do not meet these goals, your account may be suspended due to poor performance.

What are Amazon’s seller performance goals?

Objective n ° 1: Have a defective order rate of less than 1%.
The rate of defective orders corresponds to the percentage of your orders which have obtained a negative note, a complaint according to the Guarantee A to Z, or an objection to the withdrawal of an e-shopper from his bank.

Objective n ° 2: To have an order cancellation rate before processing of less than 2.5%.
The pre-fulfillment order cancellation rate is all of the order cancellations you have made, divided by the number of total orders over a given period.

Objective n ° 3: Have a late shipments rate of less than 4%.
The late shipment rate is the number of orders for which shipment has been validated 3 or more days after the order was placed, divided by the total number of orders for the given period.

Note: If you do not meet the seller performance objectives required by Amazon, be aware that the marketplace usually contacts you to give you time to improve your performance within 60 days of the first warning.

Sales performance targets are not the only reasons for suspending your Seller Account. Your seller privileges may also be revoked for violating the selling policies and rules relating to prohibited content established by the marketplace.

How to cure it ?

If your Seller Account has been suspended by Amazon, you will be able to appeal the marketplace’s decision by providing an action plan . This will have to propose alternatives to remedy the problems which caused the suspension of your account. To reactivate your privileges, follow the next steps.

1) Identify the source of the problem

You will need to determine if your seller privileges have been revoked for reasons of poor performance or for violating sales policies and rules relating to prohibited content by Amazon.

2) Analyze your sales practices

If the root of the problem is your sales performance, analyze your customer metrics and identify those that are not meeting Amazon’s seller performance goals. In the event of a violation of Amazon’s regulatory framework, assess your sales practices to identify those that may lead to e-shopper dissatisfaction. Also check if your product catalog does not include items that might violate the marketplace’s sales policy.

3) Write your action plan

The purpose of your action plan is to show the marketplace that you have identified the source of the problem in your sales and / or inventory management process and to explain how you will solve it. The more precise your action plan, the greater your chances of reactivation.

For example, if you have a performance issue with a high pre-fulfillment order cancellation rate , then you need to take an interest in your inventory management process. This may highlight too frequent stockouts. So be careful not to sell products without stock. To avoid this type of problem, know that with Lengow it is possible to create automatic rules allowing you to deactivate items with low stock from your product catalog. If you sell your products on different marketing channels, we recommend that you exclude those with less than 5 items in stock.

If your seller account has been suspended due to violations of Amazon policies, then you should assess your selling procedures and inventory to identify if it contains prohibited content or restricted products, and then compare them with the policies of. sale of the marketplace.

Once you have drafted your action plan, send it to the Amazon Seller Performance team attached with your request to reactivate Amazon Seller Account. Amazon will notify you within 48 hours of its decision.

Warning: appealing a suspension does not automatically guarantee the reactivation of your account.

To avoid the occasional or permanent suspension of its Seller Account, Amazon, therefore, encourages e-merchants to regularly check their performance via the customer indicators tool available in their Seller Account to avoid the suspension. This tool provides data on all customer indicators, which makes it easy to see whether the e-merchant is achieving its objectives.

Note: An Amazon Seller Account can be suspended one or more times.


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