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Best Organic Growth Strategies for Instagram

Growth Strategies for Instagram

As social media continues to become an essential part of our daily lives, numerous businesses are building an online presence in order to reap its many benefits. Out of all the different channels available, Instagram is becoming an exceedingly popular marketing tool. 

With over one billion users, it is no surprise that companies are leveraging the platform’s user density to reach their target audience in order to boost sales and revenues. Not just businesses, but also influencers and bloggers, are using Instagram in order to earn good money. 

If you are on Instagram as either a business owner or as an influencer, there are several things you need to consider in order to become successful. One of the most crucial aspects is building a community of followers. Suppose you are running a UK based business, then you may need to buy UK followers to build a strong follower base there. Having other Instagram users follow your account enables you to reach out to a large number of people in order to make your offerings known. 

So how does one build a solid follower base? You can go about it in two ways. You can either buy IG followers, which is considered inorganic growth, or you can invest some time and effort into organically growing a steady community.

Out of the two, we strongly recommend organic growth due to several factors. Let’s talk about the best and latest strategies that will help you increase your Instagram followers. 

Content is king

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In today’s digital world, people are bombarded with millions of bit-sized information every day. To break through the traffic and to remain relevant, your content has to stand out truly. Think about your account’s branding and what message you want to send to the world. Once you have determined the basics, you need to focus on producing high-quality, engaging content that will pique your audience’s interest. 

This is especially relevant if you are a new account attempting to create buzz around your brand. Since Instagram has many different features and types of posts you can put out; you need to use them all. In-feed posts are essential but so are stories, reels, and IGTV videos. So, try developing content for all mediums that is trendy and true to your brand’s story. When users start responding and engaging with your content, they will share it and help you attract more followers. 

Remember to post consistently 

In order to grow your Instagram account, you need your content to reach your audience. This could happen easily if your posts go viral. However, achieving this may be a daunting task and cannot happen every time. The next best alternative is to then increase the frequency of your posts. 

By being consistent with the number of posts you put out each day, you will remain visible in your audience’s feed or in their stories. This will develop their interest in your brand, and they will then look forward to viewing what you put out next. When devising a posting schedule or content calendar, you should also be mindful of the best time to post on Instagram. 

This can be determined by studying your demographic and using various online tools to analyze when your audience is scrolling through the application. For example, they might respond better to late evenings or in the middle of the afternoon. Knowing this will allow you to shoot content frequently and timely in the right window so that you receive maximum engagement. 

Run exciting giveaways and promotions


When creating your content strategy, you need to know what your audiences respond to. No matter what the nature of your audience is, everybody responds positively to certain kinds of posts, for example, contests, giveaways, and promotions. This is a perfect marketing opportunity to draw users in and increase your follower growth. 

Once you have established your account and gained some form of momentum, give your growth a boost by announcing an exciting giveaway exclusively for your followers. You could partner with another brand and offer free products and services in return for audience engagement in the form of likes, shares, and comments. This is one of the best tactics to increase your brand’s presence on Instagram. 

If you make this a frequent enough practice, users will look forward to the next promotion cycle and will continue to follow your account. During this process, many followers typically convert into fans and remain loyal to an account. 


While it may seem tempting to increase your numbers using paid tactics and inorganic means, it is always beneficial in the long run to develop a community of followers organically. Give these strategies a go, and remember to focus on performance analytics to see how your community is responding. Some may fail, but many will work, and through trial and error, you will soon start to notice a boost in your Instagram growth.


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