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Top 10 Skills to Learn in 2020 To Earn Money From Home

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Do you remember the time when Typewriter and Shorthand were important skills to learn? But they don’t exist anymore. We even had Cassettes and card drive shops in every street in India, but they are not anymore existing. Mainframes created a lot of jobs its slow past, not numerous anymore.

So, whether its pandemic or not, things around us… change every day. And it’s important that we modify with them. So, it doesn’t matter if COVID-19 has lowered your Salary otherwise you simply want to seek out new skills to pay some bills… Today, by the highest of this article you’ll know precisely the thanks to use your free time to stay before the gang.

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Because in today’s article, we have gotten to see… 4 type of Skills to learn that’s Technical, Communication, Financial and artistic Skills that you simply simply must learn now to secure your future. we’ll also mention the thanks to learn these skills. And towards the highest, I’ll provide you with a Bonus basketball shot order that you simply understand what it really takes to vary with time! But before that, if you want our work, So here are the 4 types of skills that you simply simply ought to start developing immediately that’ll also assist you steel oneself against the long term.

1. Technical Skills to learn in 2020

The technical skills that you need to learn, depend on what Career you are into right now or what career you want to shift to. For example, … If you want to be a writer or content editor… then write more article! You can practice by replying to questions on Quora, write a page on Wikipedia, write articles on your own blog. If you like movies, you can write movie reviews. And then you can attach all these links to your resume and improve your portfolio.

Similarly, if you are into Graphic Desiging, learn… Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. And to get better at it… design posters and share them on Social Media. Because making a commitment to post regularly will also develop discipline in you to practice every day.

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If you want to become a video editor, learn Adobe After Effects, Premier Pro or even start as simple as Fillmore. And if you are software engineer, learn a new technology… be it, blockchain, cloud computing, or learn a language you’ve always wanted to. like DART, Python or JavaScript.

Listen. these days just 3 years or 4 years of graduation is not enough. You need to be updated with your technical skills to learn. To give you an example… you know that I am a Electrical Engineer by profession, but I also share with you my personal finance experience that I’ve acquired during 4+ years of my corporate career. Even though we do extensive research, I also have enrolled for Investment and Risk Management courses from IIM Bangalore, to learn, so that I can give you credible information in our Finance article. Because you deserve not less nothing less than top-notch quality.

Now, the easiest way to figure out what skills you need to learn… is to look at your resume. I know… resumes are scary and give us anxiety. But look at it… and understand why. What sections are empty? What are the certifications are we missing? What skills you would like to add there? And get those… because those skills will not only boost your employability, but they will also make you stand out from the crowd.

Before we move on to the next skill, I would like you to comment below and tell me what technical skill, you are going to learn next. For example. Let this comment that you are going to make today be your commitment for tomorrow.

2.Communication Skills

The next set of skills you need to develop are…. Communication Skills. And to get better at communication, you need to work on 2 things…

a) Fluency in English language

b) Presentation skills.

The only way to improve fluency, is to use the language as much as we can. So read English books, watch English movies and third is what you are already doing There is no one book or one video that’ll teach you English in one day. It’s a combination of doing multiple things and using English regularly.

After you get fluency under your belt, next comes Presentation Skills. We might be fluent in a language, but presentation skills to learn are about using that language and expressing ourselves clearly. Whether it is while asking a question in a team meeting, giving a speech on stage or just asking someone out on a date! And here are the 3 things you can do to get better at your presentation skills…

  • 1) Get Infront a mirror and start talking to yourself in English. If you don’t know what to talk about, just repeat dialogues of your favorite English TV shows.
  • 2) Open your favorite book and read a chapter from it out loud; better if it’s Infront of a friend or a family member.
  • 3) And third and I swear, this method works like a charm… join a public speaking club, like Toastmasters.

Clubs like these give you an opportunity to speak Infront of an audience and these days, they are even conducting online meetings, where you can just login from home and speak, no matter how good or bad your sentence formation skills are. And the people of the club will only encourage you, because that’s what they are there for too.

As I said earlier, it’s a process. So, start with earliest and one thing at a time. 

3. Financial Skills to Learn

The one thing that we have all learnt during this pandemic is that money is extremely important. On one hand, our parents taught us that money is the root of all evil… forget saving or investing. And on the other hand ‘Fundamental Analysis’ and ‘Stock Market’ articles in our recommended section, which is daunting. 

Here are the 2 baby steps you need to take right now to improve your finances.

  1. Understand what basic investment options are out there. like FDs, RDs, Mutual Funds, Insurances. which tells you, where you can put your money and how much returns you will get from each of the options.
  2. In the second step, you need to learn, how to generate long-term wealth, using the Stock Market. This is the place where your money works for you and makes more money. … Stock Market for Beginners,investing,trading and mutual funds articles.

These 2 articles are for beginners to understand. What is Stock Market? How does it make money? What is trading? How to not lose money while trading?… You can read all 3 of these articles on our blog.

I know that learning Finance sounds like a lot of work! But listen carefully. because nobody here is going to tell you this money making skills. Money doesn’t just make you rich, it makes you financially independent. And only when you are financially independent can you take your own life decisions… like which college to study in, whom to marry, where to settle without having to depend on your parents, siblings or anybody else for money.

I know that ‘Finance’ itself is a complicated topic. but breaking it down into simple tasks. like just watching a video first… will get you closer to your Financial goals. So, start learning.

4. Creative Skills

Creative Skills I think by now, you would’ve realized that life is a struggle, Jevan Sangharsh Hai! Ok, I am exaggerating. But as an adult, we do have to do a lot of things. Keep learning new skills, Apply for Jobs, maintain that job, Reply to Emails, Pay EMI, Do Taxes, Network with people, Invest Money, Pay Insurance, cook every day, Keep the house clean, wash clothes… And all of this, when you don’t even have kids.

You need to do this day in and day out and you can’t let any of this burn you out. So, develop at least one creative skill that makes you shut down for a few mins and forget that there is a to-do waiting. It’s just like how you restart your phone when it gets too hot. Because if you don’t.

To each its own, but some skills that help you shutdown are… Gardening Sketching A Mandala Making an Origami Painting Playing a musical instrument Photography or just. Dance You can practice these skills 2-3 times a week or even for 15 mins every day.

So, take a moment to think and tell me what will be your creative skill? For example. But please, don’t write… I am going to be on phone, scrolling through Instagram as my Creative Skill. Because Social Media only brings anxiety, not relaxation. So, throw your phone away during your pause ritual.

All the skills that I am mentioning today are going to add up and come together beautifully, especially when we discuss, ‘How to Make Money from Home’ in our future articles. We all want to earn some extra bucks, find how what we love can make us money or just help our parents by having a side-income.

Bonus Tip

Now, before I give you the Bonus Tip What matters. is the effort. So, get writing because not only does it improve your sentence formation skills, but who knows, we might even get an opportunity to showcase your comment right here in a article.

Let me tell you a story. Back in 2011, I joined a club called Toastmasters, which was a public speaking club. We had to pay 36$ every 6 months to be a part of it. A friend of mine from college asked me, ‘Taken, why are you wasting 36$ just to. talk?’ But after my office hours, I was doing hard work on Toastmasters, wrote 100’s of scripts and improved my presentation skills. And because of this, years later… I started a content writing website.

The point is… We never ask for free lunches or free clothes. Then why do we ask for free books to read, free classes to join… when we know that these are the things that will make us grow. So, today’s Bonus Tip is this… ‘Invest in yourself’. Join clubs, buy books, do online courses. Because if you can’t invest enough time and money on your self-growth, why will any company invest in you by giving you a job? And if you are preparing to get a job.

Then don’t forget to check out our website, Technofino.tech, where we will soon release the Interview Preparation course. In this course, we have created 14+ articles that show you how to answer the most asked behavioral questions during interviews. like Tell me about yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses? Why should we hire you?

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