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Reactjs vs Angularjs?Which Is Best for IoT development?

ReactJS vs AngularJS: Which Is Best for IoT product development?

Innovative technologies have the potential to change society positively. One such technology that has a myriad range of uses and is expect to grow to an astounding $ 418 billion market by 2021 is the IoT (Internet of Things). At present, there are two popular frameworks; ReactJs vs AngularJs in the market for developing newer IoT applications.

As both these frameworks are built on JavaScript and have similar architecture, it is a bit difficult to conclusively prove which one of them is better. In this article, we have tried to describe their strengths so that you can make an informed decision about which one to choose for your unique requirements.

IoT development: AngularJs vs ReactJs

AngularJs and ReactJs are equally popular amongst developers to create IoT applications. While ReactJs is creates by Facebook, AngularJs is develop by Google. Both these frameworks have huge community support and have extensive libraries and features. Let us take a closer look at their features and try to stack one against the other to find out which one is better. And hence Iot Full form(Internet of things)

The advantages of using ReactJs vs AngularJs

ReactJs is a JavaScript library front-end developer. It is creates and maintained by Facebook and has a huge online community. Some of the advantages of using ReactJs for IoT app development are as follows.

It works with individual components

The ReactJs ‘separation of concerns’ design principle allows the developer to process different code blocks and edit them with independently, reusable components without affecting others. This eliminates compound code interactions that result in improved communication between data and IoT centres.

You can create individual components without much fuss

ReactJs allows the use of JSX (JavaScript XML), which is a syntax extension of JavaScript to easily create templates. The JSX recognises HTML citing and its type-safe feature allows the developer to spot errors. Furthermore, when you use JSX, you can render subcomponents easily. This helps in developing custom parts of a highly complex and high-volume application and keeping the React Element Tree error-free. Furthermore, it ensures there is no code infusion in large tree structures.

Streamlines the interaction between application and data changes

In the life cycle of ReactJs there are four major phases; initiation, mounting, updating, and unmounting. Each of these phases runs in different ways that are initiate in a predetermined order when a component is updated. In this order of processing, the components consequently receive data and act on it. As there is no need to access additional data, the speed of rendering and re-rendering is improving significantly. This ensures a flawless and fast interaction with the incoming data from the real-world implementations.

Compositional code organisation

ReactJs allows the use of a compositional organisation that is far better than component inheritance hierarchies. In a compositional organisation, objects in one class can be use as an instance by another class. As coding in ReactJs creates several components, the compositional organisation allows easier use of one snippet across the entire code. This is very useful in complex IoT application development.

Free availability

The ReactJs is an easily accessible, open-source free library. It has a comprehensive ecosystem of tools that include task-specific libraries.

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The advantages of using AngularJs

It is an open-source structural framework that is extremely effective in developing web applications. This framework is very popular because it offers simplicity, gets frequent updates, and offers enormous flexibility to the developers. Furthermore, this hugely popular front-end JavaScript-based framework has the backing of the Google community. Some of the advantages of using AngularJs for developing IOT applications are as follows.

Two-way binding

The term data binding indicates the synchronisation of data between view components and the model. AngularJs offers the projection of models to the application view. This makes the task of the developer easier as a seamless projection is creates without much effort from the developer. Additionally, it also does not need fresh cycles for the viewer, making them more resistant to bugs.

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Ease of testing

For a developer, testing the data and the components are very easy in the AngularJs. All the JavaScript codes in the AngularJs is put through a series of tests. The developer can use it to test every single component of an application rigorously to ensure that it is error-free.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

AngularJs framework is excellent for developing Single Page Applications that are becoming popular in IOT application development due to their amazing responsiveness. As AngularJs uses distributed computing mode, it allows the Single Page Applications to transfer a lot of functionality to the web.

Dependency Injection

This framework has an inbuilt dependency injection subsystem. It allows the developer to ask for dependency by adding service as a parameter. When that developer adds the service as a parameter, the subsystem detects the request and the app provides the service promptly. This feature of AngularJs allows the process of unit testing easier, which in turn helps in faster development of applications.

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We hope that you have understood the advantages of using Angular.js or React.js for your IoT development project. However, if you are still confused about which framework to choose for your IoT project, then refer to this detailed guide on Angular.js Vs React.js[1] .  

Lastly, if you want to create an IOT application, then you must hire highly experienced professional developers of either ReactJs vs Angular Js. You should have a clear idea about both these frameworks to make an informed decision that one of them would be best to meet your business goals and then invest accordingly.

You can also use the rule of thumb to select the right framework. If it is a small project, then selecting the ReactJs to build the application would be the best solution. On the other hand, if you are looking for a highly sophisticating application in both complexity as well as scale, then you should choose the Reactjs vs Angularjs framework.

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