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RPA Developer?What is RPA Developer, Jobs, Salary

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RPA Developer are We live in a world where everyone has been talking about automation. And how automation will change the world but to automate tedious tasks we need to design the automation. First right so to do that we need an RPA developer.

Let’s get start with the first topic:

Who is a RPA Developer?

What is rpa developer? Now all of us know that robotic process automation is a technology wherein we have to automate tasks using the RPA tools present in the market. So RPA developers are sophisticate designers of automation tasks with hands-on experience in the top RPA tools of the market.

RPA developers work for enterprises and are responsible for problem-solving and designing the automation based on the clients requirement. Now after the automation is design and is rolled into the production RPA developer also makes sure that you know that design automation is achieving the desired results.

So we can conclude by saying that RPA developers are any professional who has knowledge about robotic process automation. And is inquisitive to automate tasks using various tools. Now the top tools presents in the market are mainly uipath blue prism and automation.

If you just have to understand who is an RPA developer then it’s really simple. And RPA develop is someone who can automate tasks with the help of top tools can also document the requires files. So now that I’ve told you who is an RPI developer.

Job Trends For RPA Developer :

Let me take you through the job trends of an RPA developer. The graph is continuously growing and the job we can see is continuously increasing. Now this is mainly because you know people have heard of the term robotic process automation. But nobody exactly knows how to do it and which tasks can be automated. So this leaves quite a gap for the professionals who know actually what is robotic process automation? and how to automate tasks?

So if I have to explain you with an analogy. Consider you have a group of six people of software developers or maybe relate it to the IT field. If you ask them how many of them know Java definitely most of them will know but if the same question goes to a RPA. And then you ask them how many know how to automate tasks using the tools like ui path, loop ism and automation anywhere. Hardly there will be a few so once you get start with our RPA you’ll automatically see that you know you have a lot of job opportunities for different roles. I would say the job vacancy of our RPA develop is continuously increasing day by day and people are getting good amount of Salaries.

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Statistics For Jobs IN RPA:

Now before I tell you the salary trends of a RPA developer. Let me just quickly give you a stats about the job trends based on the geographic locations. Like in United States the number of jobs are around 5,000. In the United Kingdom the number of jobs around 512 and in India the number of jobs at around 3,000.

So as you can see the numbers are quite good and RP developer career opportunities will only shoot through the roof as both startups and well-establish companies are offering lucrative salaries to the rpa developers.

Skills Required To Become RPA Developer:

So before we move forward with the RPA developer salary trend. Let me talk about the skills required to become an RP 8 developer so the skills required to become an RPA developer.

1. Hands-on experience in the top RPA tools

The first and the most important skill is to have hands-on experience in the top RPA tools. so you cannot become an RPA developer until you’ve had and hands-on experience in top RPA tools and actually know how to automate tasks using these tools.

So if you ask me what are the top three tools then I would say you I pass blue prism and automation anywhere are the top three tools in today’s market so you can go forward and learn about those tools and get hands-on experience in them.

2. Strong problem solving and Analytical skills

Now moving on to the next skill next skill which is require a strong problem solving and analytical skills. Well this is mainly require you know you have to understand the clients requirement. And then you have to analyze whether that particular requirement or the tasks given by the client can be automated or not and after that if you can automate it then you also have to debug the solutions also. Right so for example if there’s an error you have to sit in debug that so an RP developer requires strong problem and analytical skills.

3. Good Communication Skills

Next an RP developer also requires constant good communication skills with other business partners to develop and deploy their ideas. So this basically helps the team to ensure that you know what can be created within what time frame and what are its requirements. So with good communication, I would say all the basic ideology or maybe all the basic requirements are clearly analyzed.

4. Knowledge Of RPA Lifecycle:

After that what is require is good knowledge of the different stages of RPA lifecycle. As because you know and RP developer deals with almost all the stages of RP a lifecycle. Even if there are a lot of teams in an enterprise for each and every stage but an RP a developer is a person who oversees the complete stages of RPA lifecycle.

5. Exposure to SQL Database:

Now moving forward an RP developer must have exposure to sequel databases. So basically any professional who understands sql databases and understands how to access and manipulate data in databases can very well go forward and get into the automation field.

6. Design Technical Specification Document:

Now after that the next skill that is very important is basically that an RP developer must know how to design technical specification document for RP projects. So all the technical specification is require for the project must be clearly specified by an RP developer for further usage also and maybe while they are working on the project.

7. Analysis Design and implementation

The next skill that is require as experience with analysis design and implementation of process. So once the process definition documentation is done and then you know the process is ready to get into the designing stage and RP developer must know how to take forward the design and how to create different steps for the automation.

8. Good Coding Skills:

RPA developer must have good coding skills in .NET, C# and VB scripting. Not generally this is one of the most common confusion that I’ve seen that you know people often see that you know you do not require programming knowledge for RPA developers. I would not say it’s wrong because a person working on our PA works on our PA tools and most of the RP tools are completely based on the drag-and-drop activities.

Right so if you just want to do a for loop or a while loop you don’t have to second write a code for it you can just drag and drop an activity and then do the required actions but I’m saying that you know it’s beneficial to have good programming skills in .NET, C# and we be scripting because most of the RP tools are completely based on these programming languages right so if you have a good understanding of these programming languages you’ll also understand better what’s happening in the background.

9. Lean Six Sigma process methodologies

Basic understanding of the Lean Six Sigma process methodologies and then you’re also certified in certifications like the ITIL, TOGAF, PMP, Corbett and prince 2. So guys these certifications are not mandatory to become an RPA developer they’ll just add on to your skill for team management but yes all the other skills that I’d mentioned before are a requirement to be coming out be a developer.

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Salary Trends For RPA Developers:

Lets take a look at the RPA developers salary trends. So according to indeed.com the average salary of an RP a developer estimated from around 18,000 users employees and past and present job advertisements the salary ranges from around ninety two thousand dollars for a developer to 96 thousand dollars for a senior consultant.

Similarly if you talk about the case in India according to indeed.com. Again the developer salary ranges from around file like rupees to a senior developer salary ranges from around 7.2 lakhs. So that’s a good amount of money right. Now not only talking about any comm. If we take into another research so according to glassdoor the average salary of an RP developer in United States is around 96 thousand dollars and in India it’s around 7 lakh 62,000 rupees.

So that’s a good amount of money that I think. So I think anybody who is going forward to become an RPA developer or is looking forward to change his or her domain to the field of automation then I think you should go forward and upscale yourself in your careers or maybe you can start your carrier and robotic process automation.

Salaries Based On Different Positions:

Guys now an RP developer salary trend also varies based on various factors. It’s not just with this particular profession but I think it’s every other profession also right. Maybe a role which is very popular in India might not be popular in other geographic locations. For your better understanding what I’ve done is I’ve segregated the average salary of an RP developer based on the positions the companies and the geographic locations that is based on these states in the United States and India.

Solution Architect$142,000
Software Testing Manager$117,000
Senior Process Engineer$102014
Senior Consultant$96000
.Net Developer$91597
Process Engineer$87349
Process Manager$75000
Business Process Analyst$73000
Junior Developer$63000

I hope all these stats are really great and I think you can get started from either being a junior developer or maybe if you’re already experienced from around seven to eight years in the RP field then you can go forward and become the solution architect or the app year architect so that was about the scenario in United States.

 Salary for RPA Developer In India

Guys now let’s move forward and look into the scenario of the same positions in India now in India the sadly trend for various positions vary a little bit for example in India.

Solution ArchitectRs.1225000
Software Testing ManagerRs.1111771
Senior Process EngineerRs. 925000
Senior ConsultantRs.754000
.Net DeveloperRs.251000
Process EngineerRs.400000
Process ManagerRs.225000
Business Process AnalystRs.318000
Junior DeveloperRs.208000

So if you observe few roles which were popular in United States are not that popular in India. right so that’s the reason I had segregated the salary is based on different positions and geography locations. so I hope that you know you’ve got an idea about the different salary trends based on the positions.

 RPA developer Salary based on company:

Now let’s move forward and look into the salary trends based on companies. Right now there are a lot of companies hiring for RPA developers. As you know almost all startups to hyper growth companies need to automate tasks to survive in this competition world. Almost everybody wants to automate the tasks that is you know and they want to use the human resource in a better way rather than just doing the tedious tasks.

Company Wise Salary:

So there ways companies offering but from the Lord I’ve just segregated few companies as you can see on my screen so uipath offers around $71,000 automation anywhere offers around fifty seven thousand dollars enzyme again offers around $50,000 for an RP eight developer so you can get started with the developer role in the RP field from any of the top companies by getting the hands-on experience and I’m sure you love skill yourself definitely so that was about the salary trend based on companies.


According to me this is an odd huge amount of money and I can only see that you know RP developers carrier is just shooting up and the salary trends are continuously increasing now before I end this article. I would like to tell you that you know RPA is one such field that anybody can get into right. So even if you are from IT background or maybe non IT background or maybe if you want to upskill yourself then RPA is one of the most interesting fields that you can go forward and upscale yourself because it’s just about automation and nowadays organizations are looking for professionals who know how to automate tasks.

So since organizations are aiming to use the human resource in a better way than doing the man-made tasks professionals who know robotic process automation and have hands-on experience in various tools are in high demand so if you’re someone who’s looking to get into an interesting carrier I think now would be the right time to upscale and take the advantage of the automation carrier opportunities.



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